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Methods of Robust Econometrics with Applications to Economic Data
Michalíková, Eva ; Víšek, Jan Ámos (advisor) ; Egger, Peter (referee) ; Lachout, Petr (referee) ; Grendár, Marian (referee)
This thesis if focused on the application of methods of robust econometrics to real economic data. We focuse on the issuies of international trade in Czech Republic and the problem of employment and growth of small businesses in Europe. We also focues on estimation of panel data by classical approaches (least squares, fixed effects, GMM) and bzy robust techniques. The first part of dissertation focuses on analyzing determinants of FDI in Czech manufacturing industry. The aim is to estimate a model where the stock of FDI is expressed as a function of several economic factors (K/L, profit per worker, R&D, Balassa index and others). We estimate these models by OLS, fixed effects and GMM. With regard to ambiguous results we used least trimmed squares as a diagnostic tool for detection of outliers. Elimination of two polluting industries out of the data set brings certain improvement in significance of some factors. The second part of dissertation we focus on an estimation of models of employment and net production in 28 European countries for small businesses as a function of economic and institutional variables by special technique of estimation. We describe robust version of within group fixed effects estimation. The aim of paper is to estimate a set of models and to test the properties of estimator. With...
Analysis of Economic Data Using Statistical Methods for Viden Plus, a. s.
Procházka, Martin ; Pala, Lubomír (referee) ; Michalíková, Eva (advisor)
This thesis aims to analyze the accounting and financial indicators of selected firms, Viden plus, a. s., and their subsequent interpretation. In this work was used in addition to financial statements and their analysis also time-series and regression analysis, which are included tools in statistical methods. In the work is theoretical basis for various types of analysis, time series, regression analysis and the classic financial analysis. Then, this work deals with the application of a theoretical part on the financial statements of the company and subsequently addressing any suggestions for improvements in future years of operation and development of the company.
Economic Analysis of the Village of Kobylnice Using Statistical Methods
Ulbrich, Michael ; Staněk, Rudolf (referee) ; Michalíková, Eva (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is the economy analysis of the village Kobylnice. In the first theoretical part will be describe the basic facts about municipalities, economy of the municipalities, financial analysis and statistics methods. In the practical part will be analyzed economic of the village Kobylnice, especially with statistic methods – time series and regression analysis. The last part deals with suggestions to improve economic of village.
Analysis of Economic Indicators of Limited Lability Company Using Statistical Methods
Petrová, Veronika ; Purket, Milan (referee) ; Michalíková, Eva (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with ranging of the financial situation of the selected company with limited liability using financial analysis and its use statistical methods. Thesis is separated into theoretical part, in which attention is paid to economic indicators and time series. In analysis part is done implementation of a theoretical part and all the calculations. Propose part which solves and proposes future doing of comany to improve its present situation.
Usage of Information and Communication Technologies in Companies in Czech Republic
Vidrnáková, Simona ; Turoň, Michal (referee) ; Michalíková, Eva (advisor)
This thesis deals with analysis of information technologies usage in companies based in Czech Republic. Theoretical part of the thesis deals with description of time series and regression analysis. Practical part of this document is dedicated to analysis of real data results gained from surveys of Czech statistic office. Prognosis of future usage of information and communication technologies is made with help of statistical indicators.
Analysis of Economic Data Using Statistical Methods for NAVOS, a.s.
Netopilová, Hana ; Foltýn, Milan (referee) ; Michalíková, Eva (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis deals with analysis of economic data using statistical methods for company NAVOS, a.s. Thesis is devided on three part - theoretical part, practical part and appreciation and proposals for solutions. The first part describe statistical methods and analysis of ecomonic data. The second part deals analysis of situation the company on the basis of economic data, compared to the indicator of the competitive company and determination prognosis for next years. In the third part is assessed the current state of and the suggestions for improvement will be provided and the company's solution to the problem.
Assessing the Financial Efficiency of a Company Using Time Series Analysis
Raiskubová, Lucie ; Michalíková, Eva (referee) ; Doubravský, Karel (advisor)
The subject of this bachelor‘s thesis is the evaluation of financial situation of a company DADKA VRACOV Ltd. using selected financial analysis indicators. Evaluation is performed on the basis of financial statements for the past six years. This thesis also include the subsequent predictions of the future development using time series and regression analysis. Evaluation of the situation of a company and suggestions for its improvement are in the conclusion.
Economic Data Analysis Using Statistical Methods for Bosch Diesel s.r.o
Chromý, Filip ; Doubravský, Karel (referee) ; Michalíková, Eva (advisor)
Bachelor's thesis focuses on the analysis of financial and accounting indicators of the selected company. Thesis is using financial statements and also characteristics of time series, which are the tools of statistical methods. In thesis are theoretical basis of the individual characteristics of time series and financial analysis. In another part thesis is focused on the application of this theory to analyze the situation of the company in the period and then examined possible solutions and proposals for improving the situation of the company in future years.
Analysys of Demographic Trends in the City Police
Janoušek, Lukáš ; Doubravský, Karel (referee) ; Michalíková, Eva (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on demographic development analysis in the village Police. It includes time series statistical metods and usage of their characteristics. The regression analysis is used for determination of the prognosis. The main goal are the development of selected indicators and determining the prognosis of future development of the village.
Analysis of economic indicators of a joint-stock company using statistical methods
Reslová, Monika ; CS,, Jitka Burdychová - hlavní ekonomka společnosti Agro (referee) ; Michalíková, Eva (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis deals with rating of financial situation of selected joint-stock company using financial analysis and its use in statistical methods. Thesis is separated to theoretical part where we focus on economics indicators and time lines. Analytics part where is done implementation of theoretical part and all calculations. And the propose part which solves and proposes future doing of company to improve its present situation and includes an introduction with program created for needs of this bachelor's thesis and its next use by the company.

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