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Inovativní přístupy k výuce moderních dějin na ZŠ s využitím orální historie
MAREŠOVÁ, Kateřina
This bachelor thesis deals with innovative approaches and methods of modern history teaching at the upper primary school. In the theoretical part the author explains the problematics of teaching modern history and analyses its condition at schools in The Czech Republic. Thereafter she aims on exploring the options of using the oral history method (mainly in form of narrating the story by a witness or by interviewing him/her) or heuristic methods in teaching the history of the second half of the 20th century, as well as the options of the inclusion of audiovisual techniques (photography, video, documentary film). The practical part is based on a qualitative research focused on the work of a group of pupils involved in the project of the non-profit organization Post Bellum called "Příběhy našich sousedů"(Stories of our neighbours). The aim of the project is for the pupils to meet local elderly people and to get acquainted with their life story. The pupils also search for more historical materials relevant to the stories told by the witnesses and finally the witness' story is processed into an output (of various forms such as written reportage or video documentary). This pupil's team work is later on presented to the public. The author combines the technique of attended observation of pupils' work and interviews with them, focusing in particular on whether and how the participation in the project affects pupils themselves.
Post-abortion syndrome as a possible consequence of abortion
Marešová, Kateřina ; Horáková Hoskovcová, Simona (advisor) ; Šulová, Lenka (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of spontaneous abortion as well as induced termination of pregnancy and its potential negative impacts on woman's mental and physical health. The theoretical part summarizes the findings about particular kinds of pregnancy loss and defines the possibilities of psychological adaptation to this loss. The author paid the close attention to Post-abortion syndrome (PAS), which is regarded as a special form of Post- Traumatic Stress Disorder. The thesis is further focused on the emotional, social, psychological and physical effects following abortion, the most threatened group of women with a higher probability of having PAS and finally the way of medical treatment. In the empirical part, the main symptoms of PAS were detected by means of the Helpline database analysis. Detection of these syndromes enabled to compile the questionnaire related to pregnancy loss. The main task was to discover the perceived changes in a woman's life after the pregnancy loss. In the final part of the work, the questionnaire regarding pregnancy loss had been tested and finally the main benefits together with limits had been critically evaluated.
Techniques and symbolism of decorating of court clothing focusing on women's clothing of Choson period
Marešová, Kateřina ; Ferklová, Blanka (advisor) ; Mazaná, Vladislava (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with techniques and history of traditional women's court clothes' decorating during the Choseon dynasty, and at the same time it deals with symbolism of motifs portrayed on these clothes with the use of these techniques. Simultaneously, it's aim is to analyze selected preserved garments of that time and illustrate the mentioned techniques and motifs on them.
The influence of the for reflex therapy for better body movement system
Marešová Marcinkiewiczová, Kateřina ; Vařeková, Jitka (advisor) ; Vilikus, Zdeněk (referee)
Title: The influence of the reflex therapy for better body movement system. Aim: The aim of the thesis was a research of manual body cure method. The name is synergie reflex therapy (SRT) written by orthopeadist and chiropractor Dr. Pfaffenrot. The theoretical part was aimed at the description of the whole method. ln he practical part I described the method utilization for problems with the movement system and brain motoric disorders. Method: The thesis was written as a metodological study. The theoretical part includes a description of the SRT method, the used techniques, methods and the ways of manual techniques client application. ln the next part I mentioned the examination procedures at vertebrogenic disorders, including Dr. Pfaffenrot SRT examination. ln the practical part there is a description of the seventeen clients monitoring, who were treated by SRT. The testing was realized by spine moving examination. There were a few therapies and examination questionaires. I prepared three different casuistics there. I also made a structurized interview and the entering and outgoing examination. Results: The cauistics and also the results of questionnaire research showed possible positive contribution of the SRT method for physiotherapeutist, also for home curing. The reason is the improvement of the...
The development and function of traditional Korean women's clothing from the early 19th century to the present
Marešová, Kateřina ; Ferklová, Blanka (advisor) ; Zemánek, Marek (referee)
This thesis analyses the development of traditional Korean women's clothing from the early 19th century to the present. It briefly describes the different kinds of female hanbok by corresponding occasions or by the status of its owner. It also concerns the themes of symbolism of colours and embroidery. The main objective of the thesis is the characteristics of the changing form and function of traditional female clothing with regard to the developing Korean society. The work is divided into chapters chronologically and covers the period from the late Choseon up to the 21st century.
Violin Instructive Literature With Specialization on Etudes
Marešová, Kateřina ; Perglerová, Marka (advisor) ; Tomášek, Jiří (referee)
The work creates a concise survey of the violin instructive literature, especially considering the most important etude collections and their authors. This survey is a starting point for following comprehensive selection of particular etudes ordered according to their difficulty and techniques they are focused on, in the span from the early violin years to a conceivable accession to the conservatory. Individual etudes are followed by a description of the proposed effective training. In the crucial chapter,a draft for creating a curriculum of a prospective elementary music school for exceptionally gifted pupils.
Analysis of Mountfield Company and opportunities to expand abroad
Marešová, Kateřina ; Průša, Přemysl (advisor) ; Nováček, Jakub (referee)
Final thesis deals with an analysis of a Czech firm Mountfield which business activity lies in selling of garden equipment, swimming pools and hobby products. Based on this analysis a country is chosen, which is suitable for a future expansion. Consequently, the chosen market is segmented together with creating a targeting and positioning of Mountfield products on this market. Marketing mix for the market and customers in question is created in the last part of this thesis.
Attendance analysis of football club FK Pelhřimov
Pavouková, Adéla ; Marešová, Kateřina (advisor) ; Brožová, Dagmar (referee)
In this work I investigated the influence of selected explanatory variables on attendance of the football club FK Pelhřimov during seasons 2001/02 -- 2010/11. Obtained data were subjected to econometric analysis and linear regression model revealed factors, which most influence the attendance. Key factors include regional rivalry, derby matches attract about 70 % more spectators. Other important factors include match day, ticket price and position in the competition. Positive relationship was found between attendance and ticket price. Influence of other variables (number of goals, number of wins, competition, opening match, temperature, rain and field) wasn't found important or the relationship was small.
Children obesity prevention policies
Juřenčáková, Michaela ; Houdek, Petr (advisor) ; Marešová, Kateřina (referee)
In 2015 there will be approximately 2.3 billion overweight individuals and more than 700 million people will suffer from obesity. Children obesity prevention is becoming a significant activity within various institutions and organisations. Firstly, the thesis introduces factors that are responsible for obesity and comes up with an overview of prevention programs that take place in the Czech Republic. Effectiveness and positive impacts of prevention in childhood are proved by simple comparison of costs of prevetion programs and health care costs that has to be provide to obese adult. Thesis finally detect a lack of exact data that would show the extent of programs effectiveness and changes in prevalence after the realization.

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