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Winery Sekt Jan Petrák
Manakova, Anastassiya ; Myslín, Jiří (referee) ; Dýr, Petr (advisor) ; Kalousek, Miloš (advisor)
The objective of this Bachelor Thesis is the design of the Sekt Jan Petrak winery in Kobylí. The Bachelor Thesis expands and specifies an architectural study which was drafted as AG33 subject during the summer semester of the second year (i.e.up to the level of Documentation for Planning Permission and Documentation for Execution of the Project). The considered area lies in the territory of Kobylí and with its slightly rolling landscape is used for agricultural purposes. The building ploat is located down the surrounding buildings. The aim of the bachelor thesis was creating the project of building that will serve its users for quality accomodation for investor and long-term residence for guests as well as for production, presentation and tasting of sparkling wine. Designed object consists of three parts: sale and presentation of sparkling wine, housing for owners and visitors, production. And the main goal was to connect all of the functions so they can complement each other. The Object presents three masses – two main and one subsidiary, which are distinguished by the shape of te roof and the structure of the fasade. The nearest to the access road is a building of a family house, which consists of a publicly accessible two-storey winery, which connects to two large apartments for visitors, and private part - investor apartments. The investor's apartment is illuminated from two sides - southwest and northwest. The living room has a large window opening, which provides beautiful views of the private outdoor terrace and area green. The attic of the family house is designed for accommodation of visitors and tasting of sparkling wine. Through the passage public communication is linked with the production of sparkling wine.

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