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The arteterapy of people with mental illnes. The casuistry of client
MACH, Jiří
The aim of this thesis is to present in the general part of the thesis in the context of other mental disorders of schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder and related problems of dual diagnosis. The arteteraphy section will present the artistic expression of people with the above-mentioned mental disorders. The possibilities of artetherapeutic approach to these target groups will be described, based in particular on Eva Syřišťová's texts. Conclusion of the theoretical part is devoted to the demands of the personality of a therapist working with people with mental disorder. In the practical part are presented two case reports of clients, where different arteterapeutical approaches were applied and their own therapeutic practice was reflected.
Analysis of the Taxi Services in Prague
Dušek, Šimon ; Mervart, Michal (advisor) ; Mach, Jiří (referee)
The bachelor thesis focuses on the comparison of the Prague taxi service with the alternative service Uber. The theoretical part is devoted to defining the basic terms which are used in this branch. Subsequently the branch of taxi service is defined, together with all the conditions associated with its operation, with a look back on history. Another part contents brief description of main subjects in the field of classic and alternative taxis. In the practical part, the work first focuses on introducing the Uber company, operating conditions within its services and services itself. The analysis of taxi and Uber driver's input costs follows. The last chapter deals with the development of taxis for the future.
Comparison of BPM Suites and Their Application in Enterprise Architecture
Mach, Jiří ; Nečaský, Martin (advisor) ; Richta, Karel (referee)
The evolution of services oriented architecture and the centralization of services enable the expansion of business process management tools. The centralized solution for BPM brings more flexibility, and it also helps to build high-quality architecture. Currently there exist several solutions that support the BPM, and the selection of the proper tool can be difficult. Simultaneously, it is a rapidly growing industry which also brings several standards and principals. The main goal of my thesis is to help IT and business specialist with the selection and application of BPM into enterprise architecture.
The business plan - Establishment of Power Plate studio
Munduchová, Petra ; Procházka, Jan (advisor) ; Mach, Jiří (referee)
Title: The business plan - Establishment of Power Plate studio Objectives: The main objective of this thesis is to elaborate a complete business plan to start and open a new Power Plate studio in Prague 3, concretely in Sport Centre Olšanka. Determine whether the implementation of the business plan feasible and whether the studio can be competitive. A sub-goal is a financial plan and determine recovery of investment. Methods: In undertalking this thesis I used a varienty of techniques. These included the researching of specialized publications, data analysis method, there subsequent deduction, observation method and the method of controlled interview. The first part of this work, theoretical basis, deals with the explanation of basic concepts related to creating a business plan. It uses available analytical methods for the creation and analysis of the business plan. Secondly, the analysis of the business environment is applied by analytical procedures for the analysis of company environment, analysis of internal company factors, analysis of internal resources and capabilities of the company. In the third part, the custom solutions business plan, is applied using elementary method of financial analysis. It also proposes a marketing plan, which will be applied in the formation and activities of...
An information system for sport schools
Mach, Jiří ; Štanclová, Jana (referee) ; Bednárek, David (advisor)
The most important part of this work is to implement an information system so that it meets all the basic needs for the management of sports schools. The system shall contain the catalogues of students, lecturers, facilities, arranged courses and applications. Three groups of users: administrators, teachers and pupils have an access to the entire program. For this reason, the work is created as a web application. This text contains especially an user guide and a programmer documentation.
Economic analysis of selected company
Oravcová, Monika ; Mach, Jiří (advisor) ; Kateřina, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis Economic analysis of a chosen company presents economic performance of the trading company ROTAREX PRAHA, group Inc. in years 2008 to 2015. The datas for elaboration were taken from financial statements. The thesis is divided in two basic parts. The first part is theoretical, where are described methods for individual indicators. The second part is practical, which contain characteristic and organization of company structure. This part is followed by the absolute analysis and the analysis of differential values, analysis of ratio indicators, which are indicators of profitability, activity, indebtedness and liquidity. In next part is described Spider analysis and PEST analysis. In thesis conclusion results are evaluated and provide recommendation for future development.
Economic analysis of selected company
Minczérová, Markéta ; Mach, Jiří (advisor) ; Kateřina, Kateřina (referee)
The main objective of this thesis is to develop on the basis of financial statements financial analysis of the Family Brewery BERNARD Inc. for the period 2012 to 2014. Theoretical part consists of literature research, financial analysis, its objectives, sources and users. Elementary methods and interpretation of each individual indicators are in detail expalined there. The practical part contains basic characteristics of the selected company, definition for the subject of business activity and the assessment of the economic situation for the period 2012 to 2014. Then follows analysis of the macro environment, differential quantity, ratio analysis, indicators of indebtedness, activity, profitability and liquidity.. The brewery was compared with a selected competitor and the industry, among which was also made financial ratio analysis for the year 2014. Last part of the thesis is an analysis of aggregate indices ratings financially economic situation and business performance in one number, then draft recommendations for improving of current situation.
Draft investment plan households in the Czech Republic
Hlavsová, Eliška ; Hálová, Pavlína (advisor) ; Mach, Jiří (referee)
This thesis titled Draft Investment Plan Czech households is dedicated to the diversification of funds into investment instruments based on observed monthly net income and mandatory spending. The work is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. The theoretical part describes the investment and savings tools and methodology for the calculation of the final amount of the saved and evaluated. The methodology of calculations, in the same part describes the procedure for calculating values achieved. In the practical part of the proposed plan of allocation of financial resources of households, which differ in the amount of monthly income and choice of investment strategy, but the structure is identical requirements. The aim is to design the appropriate tools that within this timeframe will assess household deposits in requested amounts.
Economic analysis of selected company
Fránová, Šárka ; Mach, Jiří (advisor) ; Kateřina, Kateřina (referee)
The thesis deals with the economic analysis of company Frátherm, s. r. o., in the period 2010-2014. The work is divided into theoretical and practical parts, each of which is broken down into other chapters and subchapters. The theoretical part summarizes theoretical knowledge of economic analysis, their indicators and other analyzes internal and external environment of the company. These theoretical findings are used in the practical part, where are applied to our selected company. The company is also compared with the values of the sector in which it operates. The results of the practical part are summarized in the discussion. In conclusion, the proposed recommendations to improve the current state of the company, which is based on the analytical part. As a basis for the diploma were used particularly outrageous publications, financial statements of the company and the summary data for the entire industry.
Ekonomická analýza vybraného podniku
Nájemníková, Lucie ; Mach, Jiří (advisor)
Jako téma své diplomové práce jsem si vybrala Ekonomickou analýzu společnosti Unipetrol, a. s. Společnost Unipetrol, a. s. je předním českým producentem v oblasti rafinérských, petrochemických a agrochemických surovin. Vyrábí především motorová paliva, topné oleje, aromáty, agrochemikálie, saze a sorbenty a polyolefiny (vysokohustotní polyetylén, polypropylén). S ohledem na produkci uvedených komodit zajišťuje i jejich přepravu ke koncovému zákazníkovi, ať již velkoobchodnímu či maloobchodnímu. Cíl diplomové práce bude, na základě vybraných metod, posouzení ekonomické situace společnosti, zhodnocení hospodaření. Dále jsem si jako cíl práce zvolila analýzu okolí podniku (dodavatelů, odběratelů), analyzovat důsledky vzniklé mimořádné události na hospodaření podniku a předložit návrhy a opatření pro zlepšení a stabilizaci ekonomické situace společnosti. Diplomovou práci rozdělím na dvě části. V první je zpracována teoretická část charakterizující obecnou problematiku ekonomické analýzy. Jednotlivé analýzy se týkají finančního zdraví společnosti a vnějšího a vnitřního prostředí. Ve druhé části chci charakterizovat společnost Unipetrol, a. s., popsat historii společnosti, odvětví a vypočtené ukazatele a rozbory analýz včetně jejich interpretace, srovnání situace před a po vzniklé mimořádné události

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