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Analýza možností hodnocení škod na přirozené obnově na LS Buchlovice
Mach, Jakub
This thesis deals with the analysis assess the damage to natural regeneration. For assessment used data from monitoring and comparative areas (hereinafter KSP), to him were evaluated plots (hereinafter ZP), in which the fenced area was always located in oplocence, which was zaplocena natural regeneration. When evaluating those areas were always compared. Were evaluated only areas located in natural regeneration. They assessed the four trees, and most represented beech Fagus sylvatica, further sessile oak Quercus petraea, hornbeam Carpinus betulus and larch Larix decidua. Total evaluated KSP 7 and 7 ZP, all these areas are forest management Buchlovice, district Koryčany, Buchlovice, Staré Hutě, Kostelany and Kvasice.
Importance and species composition of non-fish prey in the diet of fish-eating predators
Mach, Jakub ; Čech, Martin (advisor) ; Vejřík, Lukáš (referee)
Piscivorous birds are usually considered to be exclusive fish eaters which are responsible for signifiant numerical and economical losses to fish populations. With a method of literary research the importace and species composition of non-fish prey is determine in the diet of selected fifteen species of piscivorous birds. The aim of this work is to determine the extent of non-fish part of the diet of particular piscivorous predators and categorize them on the grounds of differences between size of this part in their diet. Another goal is to determine any effects which can influence amount and species composition of non-fish part of nourishment, and also factors, which can influence obtained results based on the chosen method of analysis. According to the data found, diet of five bird species was composed almost exclusively with fish. Eight other bird species also showed preference for fish prey, but in most of these cases was present also important part of non-fish prey. Two bird species seems to be very oportunistic in case of composition their diet. As factors that can affect the extent of non-fish part in the diet was established especially the prey availability in environment, used method for diet composition analysis, insufficient attention for parts of prey other than fish, or also less...

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