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Sinclair versus Sternenhoch
Tejnorová, Petra ; Šavlíková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Makonj, Karel (referee)
This bachelor work titled Sinclair versus Sternenhoch represents for me an opportunity for recapture, reflect and think about the process of making two performances - John Sinclair and The Suffering of Duke Sternenhoch, which I realized during my three-year bachelor studies of Directing - Dramaturgy of Alternative and Puppet Theatre at DAMU, Prague. Each of the two performances required different approach and both process of genesis went through different procedures of dramaturgy and directing, to start with the work on the scenario, over the rehearsals themselves, to the final shape. This work gives me the opportunity to treat the main points of the process of making a performance in general, but also to compare two particular experiences.
Theatre as Music
Adámek, Jiří ; Makonj, Karel (advisor) ; Rataj, Michal (referee) ; Kovalčuk, Josef (referee)
In my dissertation I deal with a specific branch of contemporary theatre, in which theatrical devices mingle with musical ones, the so-called théâtre musical. With regard to my primary occupation as a theatre director I focus mainly on questions regarding acting in the form of théâtre musical.
Football versus Theatre
Jiráček, Václav ; Makonj, Karel (advisor) ; Krobot, Miroslav (referee)
Theater and football are social performances whose boundaries overlap. Both can be enjoyed as light entertainment but they also have the power to take us above banality of everyday life.
Specific Elements of the Polish Theatre of the New Millennium
Jiřička, Lukáš ; Klíma, Miloslav (advisor) ; Jiřík, Jan (advisor) ; Makonj, Karel (referee)
The thesis is the pick of analysis and descriptions some of sets directed by Polish directors of the last ten years. There are four capitols following different faces and changes of identity and their theatre representation, that author considers significant for modern movement in Polish drama theatre culture. Between analyzing fields are: sexual and social identity, space identity, identity of human psychic and the identity of text, combined with destruction of theatre canon. Individual faces of identity are observed from the analyzing position of theatre studies as well as from social conditionality perspective, historical conditionality or changes in social and art discourse. Between observed directors are creators of almost all generations and stylistics: Jerzy Jarocki, Krystian Lupa, Krzysztof Warlikowski, Grzegorz Jarzyna, Paweł Miśkiewicz, Wojciech Klemm, Jan Klata, Przemysław Wojcieszek, Michał Zadara and Michał Borczuch.
Sources of Inspiration For my Theatrical Observations
Pomoriški, Tamara ; Makonj, Karel (advisor) ; Rajmont, Ivan (referee)
In my essay Sources of Inspiration For my Theatrical Observations, I am answering the question why I do theatre. I am considering my personal non-theatrical experience, write about inspiration from other forms of art (literature, film, psychology, religion) as other possibilities of artistic expression. I am giving answers on questions such as: Why Prague and not Beograd ?, Why the alternative and not the classical theatre?. I am mentioning my hesitation over choosing between the puppet theatre and the alternative theatre. I am speaking about my own work and ordering its poetics. I am also writing about dramaturgic and directional inspiration.
Techniques of Puppetry at the Turn of Millennium
Iurcu, Ion ; Makonj, Karel (advisor) ; Šavlíková, Kateřina (referee)
This work is interested in origin, evolution and changes of the puppets in history, since the ancient times till presence. It tries to decode constantly changing dependecies and relations between the puppet and the man, between the creature and the creator. Explores circumstances of appearance of particular common types of puppets and follows the way of these types through the history of animation. It investigates development of animation and reasons, which make them to develop. On the basis of contemporary trends of evolution asks about puppet´s next look and its social status. Looks for causes of succes or non-succes of these particular types and explores the measure of their adaptability in conditions of free competition for the audience. Compares evolutions of the puppet and the man - animator.
Acting at the movies and at the theatre
Nováková, Kristýna ; Makonj, Karel (advisor) ; Krobot, Miroslav (referee)
In Master Thesis with title Acting at the film and at the theatre, first of all I occupy by acting work at the theatre and at the film. In the first part I devote to development of film. At the first dumb film then film with sound and also beginning of film stars in foreign countries and in our country.Also in this part I devote to common definition of acting and which three moments influence actors. In second part I devote to acing more thorough mainly I try compare different acting work at the theatre and in front of camera through my experience. In the end I finish this topic by summarize main differences this two acting events.
Genesis of performance Člověče, zkus to
Bohadlo, Martin ; Havelka, Jiří (advisor) ; Makonj, Karel (referee)
Summary In this thesis, I am attempting to look into the genesis of the author performance Člověče, zkus to from the beginning to its realization. I am interested in resources and methods used during the production of the play. As an actor I am analyzing the different work process and trying to discover new actor dimension. I also want to show the performance as an organic and living unit.
Vašíček, Jakub ; Šavlíková, Kateřina (advisor) ; Makonj, Karel (referee)
Abstract This work relates to inscenation Tleskac. Author, who is also director, describes by diary form process of origin this inscenation from chosing model, through searching theme, rise visual form, to rehealsing with actors in space and continued to the premiere.
The Methode of Jacques Lecoq and the Theatre School of Vendelin Budil
Bayerová, Marie ; Makonj, Karel (advisor) ; Jobertová, Daniela (referee)
The thema of my bachelor work is The Methode of Jacques Lecoq and The Theatre School of Vendelin Budil. Methode of Jacques Lecoq is a methode abroad well known and used for educating not just actors, but for dramatical artists as well. Because of their specific focus at theatre and dramatic creation helped students of these methode to progress many genres of theatre ? claunerie, new circus, dance theatre etc. The Theatre School of Vendelin Budil is a first school in the Czech republic decided to educate their students according The Methode of Jacques Lecoq and thats intresting alternative for classical theatre education in our republic.

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