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The Civilian and Stage Spontaneity
Křenková, Eliška ; MAKONJ, Karel (advisor) ; KUKUČKA, Martin (referee)
I dedicate the first part of my master thesis, entitled The Civilian and Stage Spontaneity, primarily to my Disk season and experience with spontaneity on the stage and to the topic of the way to freedom conduct in the individual productions. The second part of the thesis is dedicated to the history of film acting and I return again to my own experiences and to the comparison of the acting in the film and in the theater in the last section of the thesis. I conclude the topic with the summary of the differences in the spontaneity of both disciplines and of the civilian life.
Movements of Doubts
Bednář, Michal ; MAKONJ, Karel (advisor) ; TRPIŠOVSKÝ, Lukáš (referee)
This diploma thesis named Movements of doubts has no academic ambition. It's only a reflection and summary of authors personal thoughts and themes which has very close connection with doubts. Doubts are valuable and necesarry for those who study acting. There would be no performing arts without the doubts. Doubts has an assurance function. Doubts keep the artist on the right track while creating a piece. This work had been created from emerging doubts and thats why it contradicts itself in so many ways!
Josephová, Anne-Françoise ; MIKEŠ, Vladimír (advisor) ; MAKONJ, Karel (referee)
This thesis explores the parallels of actor´s training in everyday life. The first part works with individual domains on a general level (perceptivness, breath, voice, movement), the second part is focused more specifically on the field of theatre improvisation. The work names the prerequisites of an open-minded approach towards creation, that help a living and fulfilling process come alive. Based on the idea, that our common life is a result of creation just like a work of art, the work reflects these prerequisites and their impact on the field of everyday actions and on the attitude to life in general.
Road-show theatre yesterday and today
Těšínská, Tereza ; PETIŠKOVÁ, Ladislava (advisor) ; MAKONJ, Karel (referee)
This work is concentrated on the road-show theatre in Czech lands since half of the 19th century till nowadays. In it I compare the experiences of chosen original road-show companies with my experience from realisation of ?Putování? project, two-months road-show travelling in Czech regions during summer 2012. Its results should be telling, in what is road-show travelling today similar and in what different from original companies.
Vondruška, Prokop ; ŽIŽKA, Tomáš (advisor) ; MAKONJ, Karel (referee)
The thesis deals with the perception of space as in theater and in public. It is trying to find a way how to work with the perception of space and how to bring life to the space with activators. It also explains the term "pohledovost" - (visual perfection ? set-up view) and its impact on the work in expanse. All this is explained from the feedbacks from projects, that arose during the studies from 2010 to 2013. The thesis is divided into seven parts. The goal of this dissertation work and its impulses are explained in the first part. The second part clarifies the processes of thoughts leading to the perception of space. The third section describes the development of considerations to an activator. The fourth section describes the production, application and transformation of the activator. The fifth section deals with the perception of theatrical space and with the visual perfection. The sixth section summarizes my findings. The final chapter contains the list of used sources.
Nomadic Theatre
Spišák, Šimon ; MAKONJ, Karel (advisor) ; KLÍMA, Miloslav (referee)
This work is focused on possibilities of theatre in these days. Technical, sociable, political and so on. Based on thinking about these possibilities it is trying to find out the fundament of theatre and through it think about its import for today.
(Un)Thinking Actor
Vokůrka, Richard ; MAKONJ, Karel (advisor) ; TEJNOROVÁ, Petra (referee)
This thesis is concerned with author's acting experiences. The aim is not to create a generally valid analysis but to give a personal statement, which is perceived in a broader context. The author basses this on the fact that he is a Thinking Actor who is constantly searching for his limits. He deals with the advantages and disadvantages of this regarding himself. The chapters are focused on different qualities which are essential for fine acting and the author compares these qualities with his mentioned abilities. Special attention has been paid to naturalness, truthfulness and the authenticity of acting.
Alternative at Department of Alternative and Puppet Theatre
Vydarený, Petr ; HAVELKA, Jiří (advisor) ; MAKONJ, Karel (referee)
This thesis about Alternative at Department of alternative and puppet theatre is reflecting my personal experience during my studies at the Academy of performing arts. For this purpose I chose several important moments, mainly performences in the Disk theater. The text is devided into chapters where each one is an independent consideration.
Krstić, Marija ; MAKONJ, Karel (advisor) ; KROFTA, Josef (referee)
This thesis conserns the process of preparation of the performance ?The Jungle Book?, based on the original contemporary adaptation of the stories by Rudiard Kipling for childrens' puppet theatre. The curiosity of this process relies on specific conditions in the post-yugoslav Balkan countries, more precisely in Zagreb, Croatia, where the performance will be presented at the beginning of 2013. In order to realise the project at the institutional theatre, it was neccesary to apply for an international grant that supports cooperation projects with Balkan countries. The questions of tolerance of differencies and inclusion of the underrepresented social groups have become the key topics of the project. On the basis of personal experience with specific prejudices of the Balkan folks I've worked out the directing concept for the puppet theatre performance with the elements of contemporary circus. In the atractive manner it introduces the healthy social values to children 5 - 11 years old. This thesis presents the reaction to the situation in the contemporary puppetry in the Balkans, explains the process of creative decision making and reflects the struggle for the financial support for the project.
Staging Sarajevo
Gonda, Peter ; TOMÁNEK, Karel, Frant. (advisor) ; MAKONJ, Karel (referee)
Known to a wider audience is the work of the German theatre theoretician Hans Thies Lehmann. A consistent theme in his seminal work, the book Postdramatic Theatre, is the notion of a heterogenous and adramatic theatre praxis spread across Europe, which serves as a preliminary map of a theatre landscape for the 21st. Century. Key concepts to understand whilst grasping the Postdramatic Theatre theory are the concepts of paralaxis, plethora, simultaneity, musicalization and many others. In this thesis the author expresses his affiliation with, and knowledge of post-dramatic theatre practices. Nevertheless, his thesis he mainly documents the process of initial creation, writing and rehearsal of the theatre plays Endgame and Sarajevo, in the case of the latter facing difficult questions about warrelated topics embedded in the nature of war movies and theatre, as well as stemming from a difficult and diverse historical discourse of the Balkans. Knowing this, the author examines the siege of Sarajevo, through the prism of many diffferent sources, that range from a real-world diary of the 11 years old Zlata Filipovič, to the articles and interviews written and conducted by the only Czech journalist on the ground, Jan Urban. Other topics include: fragmentarisation of narrative, non-chronology, and non-psychological acting.

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