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The role of communication and company culture in construction engineering
Zeráková, Kateřina ; Jež, Roman (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
This thesis discusses the role of communication and corporate culture in the construction industry. The theoretical part deals with a clarification of concepts that are related to the topic. The practical part of examining the situation in construction companies on the territory of the Czech Republic. In the final part of the designed measures and recommendations to improve the working conditions in the company.
Some specifics of communication in construction company
Pětroš, Ondřej ; Mazur, Jan (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The topic of the thesis is "Some specifics of communication in the construction business." In the first theoretical part is defined the specified topic in management and briefly described the concept of communication, types of communication, listening, feedback, synergy, work in teams, management and communication management. All these concepts were related to the issue of the construction industry. The second part, is devoted to empirical research. At the beginning hypothesis are set. These hypotheses are verified by questionnaire and structured interview. After evaluating the survey is used to verify the correctness of hypotheses and draw partial conclusions and recommendations. The recommendations are elaborated into concrete actions.
Forms and methods of personnel motivation in construction company
Eimann, Kamil ; Tošovský, Lukáš (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
This thesis deals with forms and methods of motivation in the construction company. In the theoretical part are specified basic concepts of building industry and motivation. The practical part is based on a questionnaire in construction companies, and one particular construction company. In the final phase of the research the results are evaluated and there are recommended methods of motivation for successful work with people in the construction company.
Leadership and management of employees in the construction company
Kráčmarová, Martina ; Malá, Stanislava (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
Abstract The subject of this Bachelor Thesis is "Leadership and staff management in the construction business." In the theoretical part there is briefly described the concept of management, construction management, as well as employee management and leadership, particularly in terms of communication, listening and teamwork synergies associated with that. I was looking into a personal nature of a manager, which is an important aspect influencing the management work, reflected in all managers’ activities. In the empirical part, besides working hypotheses, there is a questionnaire utilized to form the whole issue of the empirical investigation and its evaluation. In the conclusion and in the recommendations we can find trends and experience that result from the research, as an inspiration for the practice of a construction enterprise.
Teamwork and the application of equal opportunities in construction engineering
Beránek, Jan ; Jun, Josef (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The Bachelor thesis is concerned with the team collaboration and with the equality of the jobs in the construction industry. In the first part of the theory is described the limitation of the basic concepts. In the second part of the Bachelor thesis I am working with the help of hypotheses that I have reviewed the construction companies with the help of questionnaires. In the questionnaires I have dealt with the problems, such as team work functions and the equality of the jobs in construction companies. Finally, I perform an assessment of the theoretical and practical elements and the derivation of the conclusion of the Bachelor thesis.
Time management in managerial work in the construction company
Adámková, Nikola ; Velecký, Filip (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The bachelor thesis examines the awareness and application of Time Management for managers working in construction companies in the Czech Republic. The first part focuses on theoretical explanations of concepts and approaches the issue of planning, the subsequent time management, setting goals and priorities that are necessary to achieve them. In the second part the author examines and analyzes the current status of the use methodology of Time management for managers working in practice. The survey questionnaire is based on research and controlled CAWI interview with the manager working in the construction business. Outcome of this work is to evaluate the current situation using Time management at work managers working in construction. The author offers a solution to work more efficiently with time.
Requirements for construction company executive in the knowledge economy period
Vostrčil, Michal ; Myšák, Ing Jaroslav (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
This work "Requirements for construction company executive in the knowledge economy" in the theoretical part focused on who is the manager, what should have manager attributes, knowledge, skills and competence. It also features what the manager to perform and what role must hold. In the practical part of the bachelor hypotheses have been set, which I verified the survey in construction companies, design offices, studios, as well as managers themselves. The survey found out requirements that are now placed on managers in construction.
Coaching as a method of managerial work in construction company
Kolomazníková, Alžběta ; Bártů, Dominik (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
This bachelor's thesis is dedicated to coaching as a method of managerial work in construction company. It is trying to find out if coaching is using in construction companies and if not, what is the cause. The research used a questionnaire and guided interview. In this thesis are conclusions and recommendations which resulted from research.
Motivation of employers in construction company
Martincová, Tereza ; Hawlová, Jarmila (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (advisor)
The thesis deals with employee motivation in construction company. The aim of the thesis is to improve the current concept of firm motivation in a selected company. The theoretical part introduces the basic terms and theories related to the topic. Based on a questionnaire survey, the practical part assesses the current system of motivation in the particular company in order to recommend prospective changes to its incentive system. The proposal to improve the system of employee motivation can contribute to customer satisfaction and loyalty of the employees who will work efficiently and responsibly.
Personnel Management Economisation in the Building Industry
Bušina, Filip ; Němec, Otakar (advisor) ; Dvořáček, Jiří (referee) ; Horňák, Pavol (referee) ; Linkeschová, Dana (referee)
The building industry economic situation has shown a continuous descending tendency starting from 2008 in the field of efficiency and future development. Individual building companies have to undertake previously banned optimisation processes that affected both the company itself and its employees. Moreover, when assessing the role of the state and its involvement in the stabilisation of the current "bitter" situation, we cannot but state that such an involvement is zero. Therefore, this paper has two core objectives: the first one is to "define methods of the economisation of the personnel management in the building industry" and to "identify the economic policy of the state relative to building organisations and to determine the impacts of such policy on the behaviour of building organisations".

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