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Europeanization of selected non-governmental organizations dealing with integration policy
Kučerová, Aneta ; Šlosarčík, Ivo (advisor) ; Kasáková, Zuzana (referee)
This diploma thesis examines the Europeanization of selected Czech non-governmental organizations that are dealing with integration policy. The issue of non-state actors and their Europeanisation requires special attention in view of the fact that it is linked to the participation of civil society in the European area, which offers non-governmental organizations new opportunities and resources that can further shape them. The thesis examines Europeanization in three types of cooperation - in financial resources, the involvement of organizations in European networks and in expert resources. The core of this research was the question of the extent to which we can talk about the Europeanization of financial resources and/or the internationalization of expertise among the surveyed actors. At both of these levels, the European Union has proved to be an important source of funding as well as a political arena where new ties can be established between like-minded actors. However, contrary to the financial cooperation, cooperation in sharing expertise was not found in all organizations that were examined. The internationalization of expertise, and thus the sharing of information and know-how between Czech and European organizations, is more widespread among those entities that deal with European affairs...
The impact of the migration crisis on the relations between Italy and Austria
Kučerová, Aneta ; Konrád, Ota (advisor) ; Dimitrov, Michal (referee)
This bachelor thesis examines Italy's reaction to Austrian migration policy during the refugee crisis in 2015 - 2016. During this period the Italian-Austrian relations have experienced a number of disagreements that are presented in this thesis. The main goal of this thesis is to analyze the Italian response to Austrian migrant policy and explain its causes. The first chapter describes the context of the refugee crisis in the case of Italy and Austria and the domestic political development in Italy during the crisis. The second part examines the Italian reaction to the Dublin regulation, the basis of the European Union asylum policy. The third chapter is devoted to Italy's response to the Austrian plan of the introduction of border controls at the Brenner Pass. The last chapter deals with possible Italian and Austrian proposals on the modification of the non-functioning EU asylum policy. The goal of this chapter is to explore possible parallels between the Italian and Austrian approaches to the reform of European asylum policy. The work concludes that Italy, as a result of its national interests, has responded critically to the majority of Austrian migration policy. The Italian Prime Minister has pressured the EU and Austria for the reform of the asylum policy because of his concerns about the rise...
Possibilities of Financing the Acquisition of Fixed Assets
Kučerová, Aneta ; Brach, Pavel (referee) ; Zemánková, Lenka (advisor)
My bachelor thesis is focused on the choice of suitable possibilities of financing fixed assets. In the theoretical part, fixed assets, their classification, and possible sources of financing to acquire fixed assets are depicted. In the analytical part, possibilities of financing vehicle fleet are evaluated in a particular company on the basis of evaluating its financial state. In the final part of the work, the optimal possibility of financing is suggested to the particular company.
Social work within the psychosocial crisis assistance and cooperation
Sozialarbeit im Rahmen der psychosozialen Krisenhilfe und Zusammenarbeit konzentriert sich auf die Definition und Beschreibung der Tätigkeit der psychosozialen Krisenhilfe und Zusammenarbeit und Sozialarbeit, zu der sie gehört. Es widmet sich der konkreten Bereiche der psychosozialen Krisenhilfe und Zusammenarbeit, die die Standards der psychosozialen Krisenhilfe und Zusammenarbeit sind, ihre Ziele und ihre Vollstrecker. Danach wird das integrierte Rettungssystem der Tschechischen Republik vorgestellt, die die Hauptsäule der Nothilfe in der Tschechischen Republik ist. Ein eigenes Kapitel bildet Erklärung des Begriffs der Sozialen Arbeit und ihrer Funktionsweise. Ein wesentlicher Bestandteil der Bakkalaureatsarbeit ist die Begrenzung der psychosozialen Krisenhilfe und Zusammenarbeit im Kontext der Diskussion über die Sozialarbeit in der Tschechischen Republik.

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