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The role of Munich agreement in Czechoslovakia in the period 1945 to 1948
Kučerová, Alice ; Stellner, František (advisor) ; Soběhart, Radek (referee)
This thesis analyzes the consequences of the Munich Agreement for Czechoslovakia in the period 1945 to 1948 taking into account the years 1938 to 1944. In the introductory theoretical chapter is analyzed collective and individual memory and created construction of collective identity. In the subsequent chapters with the recollection and memory is then presented Munich impact on society created by the press as well as by political leaders headed by President Benes. Till the end of 1945, in the spirit of "Atonement" Munich, were performed the majority of changes essential especially for the state and society and they are the subject of investigation based on press, speeches and memoirs.
Nationalization processes in Czechoslovakia 1945-1946
Kučerová, Alice ; Stellner, František (advisor) ; Szobi, Pavel (referee)
In my bachelor work I shall address the situation of Czechoslovakia in the years of 1945 -- 1948 with focus on nationalization processes. In the first part I will outline the difficult political situation in the post-war time, the rise of National Front and the the slow accession of communists to the power, culminating in February 1948. I shall also point out the reasons which reorientated czechoslovakian foreign policy towards the SSSR. In the second part I focused on Beneš decrees, especially nationalization decrees. I shall also metion those that led to the punishment of Germans, Hungarians, traitors and collaborators. Furthermore, I will analyze decrees that led to nationalization of key industry, joint-stock banks and insurance companies. I will focus not only on their statutory texts and their discussion by the government, but also their economic and social effects. The aim of this work is to analyze nationalization decrees to the reader,since they are documents that influenced course of events in Czechoslovakia for the next fifty years.

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