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Evaluation of the Financial Situation in the Firm and Proposals to its Improvement
Lacková, Ivana ; Kučerová, Adéla (referee) ; Strnadová, Michala (advisor)
This bachelor thesis is focused on analysing the financial situation of the company Pasohlávská rekreační s.r.o. The thesis is divided into three parts. The first part deals with the theory of selected indicators of the financial analysis. In the second part, these methods are applied on the selected company and measures for improving the current situation of the company are proposed afterwards.
Risks Related to Marketing Tools Management
Kučerová, Adéla ; Bílková, Kateřina (referee) ; Doskočil, Radek (advisor)
The dissertation "Risks Related to Marketing Tools Management" deals with analysis of marketing tools in the company Sonnentor s. r. o. The main target of this dissertation is to propose changes in marketing tools of a particular business entity that will lead to a reduction of risks and to the improvement of marketing in the company. First part of the dissertation, which contains theoretical knowledge, is followed by second part, which is focused on analysis of the current state. Last part of this dissertation contains risk analysis and suggestions and recommendations, which should lead to overall improvement in marketing of the business and minimalization of determined risks.
Evaluation of the Economy of the Selected Organization of Public Sector
Kučerová, Adéla ; Grmolcová, Anežka (referee) ; Lajtkepová, Eva (advisor)
Bachelor thesis elaborates an evaluation of the management of contributory organization named Elementary school T. G. Masaryks' and kindergarten. On the first part, comprising theoretical knowledge, followed by a second part which is focuses on the assessment of economics. The third part contains suggestions and recommendations, which should improve economy and financial situation of this organisation.
Influnce of VO2 max on recovery during sport climbing
Kučerová, Adéla ; Bunc, Václav (referee) ; Baláš, Jiří (advisor)
The aim of the study was to assess the influence of aerobic fitness on the recovery speed during climbing. Methods: Fourteen climbers took part in the study. Maximal VO2 test was performed on a treadmill. Two climbing tests (with/without revovery during climbing) were performed on a climbing wall to analyze the speed of recovery. The climbers were divided in three groups according their climbing ability. The decrease of heart rate and the differences in climbing performance with/without recovery were evaluated by Pearson correlation coefficient and analysis of variance. Results The actual level of climbing performance had significant effect on the recovery speed. The aerobic fitness did not have any effet.
Electronic Registration of Sales
Kučerová, Adéla ; Boháč, Radim (advisor) ; Vybíral, Roman (referee)
This thesis deals with the electronic registration of sales that has recently been introduced to Czech law in order to increase the revenues of public budgets, reduce the shadow economy and to safeguard a fair competitive environment for all businesses. This thesis is divided into two essential parts. The first part hereof deals with general issues of registration of sales whereas the second part analyses particular aspects of the new legislation. In the first chapter, general matters of the registration of sales are discussed. The main objectives of the registration of sales as well as possible means of such registration are introduced. Moreover, one part of this chapter is dedicated to the recordkeeping obligation as it is to be found in Czech law. The second chapter deals with the Act No. 112/2016 Coll., on Registration of Sales. Firstly, the Act is introduced in general terms and its place in the Czech legal order as well as the legislative process is discussed. Secondly, it analyses some provisions of the Act, in particular those relating to the entities that have the obligation to register their sales under the Act and those covering the subject-matter, i.e. the registered sale as such. The aim of the said analysis is to answer the question whether the new legislation may theoretically cause...
The marketing study of company Aquasvět Chomutov
Kučerová, Adéla ; Pánek, Pavel (advisor) ; Lukáš, Lukáš (referee)
The diploma thesis brings the marketing study of company Aquasvět Chomutov. The own thesis is about the theory that gave a basic data for used methods and processes. Includes basic terms of marketing used in thesis. In practical part there is an introduction of the subject of thesis Aquasvět Chomutov. There are analyses made for main analysis SWOT, for its use. These are financial analysis and the competition analysis and the analysis of surroundings. Thanks to given data from used analysis it was possible to make SWOT analysis that showed weak and strong points of the company. There was also the marketing research made to show the meaning of customers and the way how they look at the company. At the end of the thesis there are suggested actions for improving the customer meaning and the attendance of the studied subject and the conclusion of given data.
Evaluation of Marketing Communication
Kučerová, Adéla ; Balcarová, Tereza (advisor) ; Jana, Jana (referee)
The theme of this thesis is to evaluate marketing communications, specifically with a focus on personal selling of the selected company. The theoretical knowledge which concern this issues are contained in the first part of this work. Communication activity called personal selling is futher analyzed in this thesis. The second part is devoted to the characteristics of Bohemia energy including its marketing communications, with a closer focus on personal selling as well. This part also contains evaluation of questionnaire survey, which was attended by 667 respondents. This survey was created to determine the level of quality of services provided by the sales representatives of this company. The results of the survey pointed to deficiencies in this communication activity and it also confirmed unfair behavior and practices of sales representatives. On the basis of evaluation of the questionnaire survey was proposed a few suggestions which could prevent already mentioned situations. Taking audio recordings with the customer´s consent or prearranged appointments could reduced the probability communicating of false information and at the same time improve the quality of the provided services.

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