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III/29920 Kuks - Stanovice, road reconstruction
Herynek, Jiří ; Kučera, Miroslav (referee) ; Smělý, Martin (advisor)
The subject of this thesis is the reconstruction of the road III/29920 in the village Kuks and Stanovice, from the junction with the road I/37 to the bridge e.č. 29920-1, 1.5 km in length.
Effects of multistress ageing on the insulating materials properties
Kučera, Miroslav ; Frk, Martin (referee) ; Rozsívalová, Zdenka (advisor)
This bachelor´s thesis treat of influence of relative moisture environment and electrical and combined stress on the dielectric properties of the slotted isolation ISONOM NMN. Under examination are above all both components of the complex permittivity in dependencies on frequency and in dependencies on temperature with method dielectric relaxation spectroscopy.
Modern energy and decreasing the energy intensiveness of buildings
Kučera, Miroslav ; Popelka, Josef (referee) ; Havlík, Roman (advisor)
This diploma thesis deals with possible energy-savings in the municipal buildings of Spytihněv. Moreover, it discusses the possible improvements of heating features and making use of renewable resources. This is meant to be achieved by a wrapper which is less demanding on energy consumption than those which have been used until now. Attention is also paid to a more efficient system of energy distribution. Both energetic and financial points of view are taken into consideration. The thesis consists of a few parts. Introduction, the first part, deals with renewable resources issues on a theoretical level. The second part is divided according to each individual analysed premise/building. At this point energy-saving proposal, choice of a heating system, a heating pump, a solar collector as well as energy-saving and financial calculation are included.
A Comparasion of Banking and Non-Banking Loan Products for SME under Conditions of the Financial Market in the Czech Republic
Kučera, Miroslav ; Slezáková, Tatjana (referee) ; Zinecker, Marek (advisor)
The diploma thesis solves the optimization of operating funding for Sanexport, s. r. o. This theory closely specifies individual credit products on the financial market in the Czech republic, which are provided by banking and nonbanking providers. On a practical level the diploma evaluates current situation of operating funding of the company with focusing on criterion of cost. It contains suggestions of solution optimization of operating funding based on the analysis of the representative products banking and nonbanking institutions.
Analysis of multistress ageing on dielectric spectras of materials
Kučera, Miroslav ; Frk, Martin (referee) ; Rozsívalová, Zdenka (advisor)
Diploma thesis treat of effect of thermal, electrical and combined (thermal electrical) stress on electrical characteristics of insulation material ISONOM NMN which is used as a slot insulation in electric motors. To monitor the stress is used the method of dielectric relaxation spectroscopy. Under examinations are the resultant dielectric spectra which constitute the frequency dependencies of components of complex permitivity. Compared are the effects of particular stresses on dielectric spectra of surveyed insulative material.
The KANBAN Optimalization of Inventory
Ševčíková, Jitka ; Kučera, Miroslav (referee) ; Jurová, Marie (advisor)
This thesis deals with implementation of another supplier to the Kanban system in the company Lexmark International s.r.o. The first part of the thesis is concerned with a theoretical finding from literature concerning inventory, types of supplies, level of inventory, calculation of supplies and, in addition, the Kanban and JIT system. The operative part is dedicated to analyses of the current status of the company using of the Porter´s, SWOT and SLEPTE analyses and, more over, the process of supplies by the method of PUSH and PULL – Kanban system in the company. The following chapter compiles the project on optimalization and decreasing of inventory by implementation of the Kanban system by Asian suppliers whose inventory coveres a substantial part of the company´s value. The objective of this thesis is to find whether the implementation of Kanban reduces level of inventory and whether their costs can be reduced in comparison with the last years and last but not least whether the implementation can be useful.
The Supreme Administrative Court of Czechoslovakia - its formation and development
Kučera, Miroslav ; Kuklík, Jan (advisor) ; Skřejpková, Petra (referee)
This thesis deals with the formation and development of the Supreme Administrative Court of the Republic of Czechoslovakia. Given that this institution in our country was built on similar principles as the previous administrative court in Vienna, there is a part of the work given to the development of Supreme Administrative Court in Vienna and also briefly discusses the development of directions of administrative judiciary in Europe, because only in mutual relations you can understand why after an establihment of the independent Republic of Czechoslovakia, the concept of the Supreme Administrative Court in Vienna used in our conditions as well. In particular, thanks to this and the legislative framework, the Supreme Administrative Court of Republic of Czechoslovakia could be constitued in a very short time after the establishment of the Republic of Czechoslovakia. The following is gradual evolution of the court changes its powers and jurisdiction, including amendments to the Act made about him. In addition, this work also addresses the issue of the seat of the Supreme Administrative Court, staffing its decision-making.
Luminescence spectroscopy of impurities in fast oxide scintillators
Kučerková, Romana ; Kučera, Miroslav (advisor) ; Mareš, Jiří A. (referee)
In the present work we studied the dependence on concentration gallium ion in single crystal LGAG: Pr a LuAG: Pr, prepared by ,,micro-pulling down,, method (-PD) at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan. -PD method allows growing a single crystal using small amount of row material, typically less than 1 g, in time period of one day because of very high growth speed up to 20mm/min. Scintillation materials are necessary for a number of applications (e.g. medicine), in which high spatial resolution is required. The aim of this work was to measure luminescence and scintillation characteristics of the Pr3+ doped -PD grown Lu3Al5O12 single crystal host. The absorption, photo- and radioluminescence spectra and both photoluminescence and scintillation decay curves were measured. The photoluminescence decay curves was single-exponetial characterized by a lifetime around 17ns. Slow components were present in the scintillation decay curves. This is a consequence of retrapping of the charge carriers on electron traps connected with the anti-site defects, which are generally present in Czochralski od -PD grown aluminium garnets. On the other hand, they are completely supressed in the liquid-phase-epitaxy grown single crystalline films due to lower growth temperature. Excitation spectra of the 5d-4f luminescence completely...
Deviation of the axis of the spine in hereditary motoric and sensitive neuropathy
Horáček, Ondřej ; Kučera, Miroslav (advisor) ; Druga, Rastislav (referee) ; Bojar, Martin (referee) ; Kittnar, Otomar (referee)
Deviation of the axis of the spine in hereditary motoric and sensitive neuropathy Powered by TCPDF (
Novel thin scintillation films for 2D imaging screens
Hanuš, Martin ; Kučera, Miroslav (advisor) ; Mareš, Jiří A. (referee)
In this work we studied properties of Ce doped garnet scintillator layers (CexLu3-xAl5O12, CexY3-xAl5O12). They were prepared by liquid phase epitaxy. Studied materials show fast response, high quantum efficiency and good chemical and mechanical stability. Thus they are ideal for use in devices for 2D imaging. We measured absorption, excitation and emission spectra and kinetics of luminescence. Aim was to compare properties of grown layers with properties of single crystals grown by Czochralski method. We looked for the impact of melt compounds to measured layer properties. We also tried to determine optimal amount of Ce in layer. We used flux PbO - B2O3 and flux BaO - BaF2 - B2O3. In those fluxes we succeeded to grow garnet layers at temperatures as low as 1000řC. This lead to less intrinsic defects in crystalic lattice of layer in comparison to single crystals grown by Czochralski method (1900řC). Our layers were from 1 to 30 mm thick with higher concentration of Ce than singlecrystal. Due to higher concentration of impurities in layers grown from PbO - B2O3 flux we grown layers from BaO - BaF2 - B2O3 flux too. Flux BaO - BaF2 - B2O3 leaves less impurities in layers.

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