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Grapple saw for wheel loader
Kučera, Michal ; Malášek, Jiří (referee) ; Kašpárek, Jaroslav (advisor)
This bachalor's thesis deals with proposal and fortification calculation of Grapple saw, which are intended as a supplementary device for wheel loaders. Equipment is used for handling of timber. According to the selected loader, size and dimensions of individual parts of wellings are designed. Cross-sections design and strength verification of wallings parts - wallings's forks, moveable parts of wallings, pins connecting the different wallings's parts, were done. The work also includes drawings documentation of Grapple saw.
Pilgrimages tourism as part of the tourism product in the selected area
KUČERA, Michal
The aim of this thesis is to find possibilities of pilgrimage tourism in the tourist region of South Bohemia. Due to analyzes reveal problems and definition in the area of pilgrimage tourism. Subsequently the work outlines solutions of the problems. The part of the work states database of the most important pilgrimage sites in the tourist region of South Bohemia. Found problems solved proposals and measures. Outcome of this work is two developing projects of pilgrimage tourism in the study area.
The Role of Co-operative Business Activities in Market Economy
Kučera, Michal ; Hesková, Marie (advisor) ; Vávrová, Vladimíra (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to analyze the current state of co-operatives in the Czech Republic and the role of co-operative enterprise in the market economy. This work describes the position of co-operatives in selected EU countries, the world and their influence in selected economies. It also describes the specifics of the cooperative enterprise and its possible prospects, especially in the social economy. The practical part outlines the status of the European co-operative (SCE), its legal framework and it presents a model for the establishment of a new European co-operative (SCE) based in the Czech Republic.
Analyses of a communication campaign of Billa
Kučera, Michal ; Postler, Milan (advisor) ; Tichý, Miloslav (referee)
the first chapter deals with the theoretical background as a base for this thesis. It defines the terms marketing communication and commercial communication. In the second half it deals with market research. The second chapter introduces Billa as a part of REWE Group and an important player on the czech market. A Big part of this chapter deals with Billa's communication campaigns. The last chapter introduces one particular campaign and analyses it, using data that were provided by Billa for this purpous.
Comparison of the Czech and Canadian Automobile Insurance System
Kučera, Michal ; Ducháčková, Eva (advisor) ; Daňhel, Jaroslav (referee)
The thesis compares automobile insurance system in the Czech Republic with that of the province of Alberta, Canada. Automobile insurance system represents the framework consisting of third party liability coverage and first party coverages regardless of how many policies in total it is required to arrange. The first part of the thesis introduces the readers into automobile insurance system in the Czech Republic, the second part deals with the system being in existence in Alberta, Canada. The primary conclusion coming out of the thesis is the definition and explanation of the distinctions between the two systems, the consideration of implementing some components of the Canadian system into the Czech system (and conversely) is discussed afterwards.
A usage of the pond Štilec and its facilities for tourism
KUČERA, Michal
Undergraduate thesis is focused on monitoring the use of pond Štilec for tourism. The analysis unveiled weaknesses in the area and offer the untapped potential of the reference area. Based on field survey identified the preferences of visitors. According to these findings, the proposed measures and proposals.
Flooding Risk and Ways to Eliminate Its Consequences
Kučera, Michal ; Ducháčková, Eva (advisor)
The first part of the paper focuses on the global warming effects on the extreme weather events frequency. The second part tries to specify the role of the critical institutions managing the flooding risk in the Czech Republic. The following chapters are all aimed at the fundamental questions of the paper: Insurability conditions, position of the individual insurance companies, necessity of the insurers - reinsurers cooperation and alternative risk transfer (ART) methods endeavouring to deepen the capacity of the traditional reinsurance markets.
Customer loyalty of a retail company - Billa
Kučera, Michal ; Postler, Milan (advisor) ; Černá, Magdaléna (referee)
The first chapter enlightens the meaning of the term "customer loyalty", and explains its importance for firms in today's competitive surrounding. The second chapter focuses on market research and acts as a theoretical base and starting point for the research, which is a part of this thesis. The third chapter introduces the company BILLA spol. s.r.o. ČR and its loyalty programme, which is described very closely. The last chapter is concerned with the market research, which has been made for purpose of this thesis. It refers to the foreknowledge about benefits, which the Billa Club offers to its members.

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