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Sensitivity of Czech provenances of European common ash and narrow-leaved ash to invasive pathogen Hymenoscyphus fraxineus
Kraus, Marek ; Pešková, Vítězslava (advisor) ; Čížková, Dana (referee)
This thesis deals with a survey of provenance areas and assessment of attacking Fraxinus excelsior L. and Fraxinus angustifolia by the pathogen Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. The aim of the thesis is to map the incidence of infected trees in these areas and to evaluate the sensitivity of the sites to the pathogen Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. The theoretical part deals with processing of data collected during field work on selected provenance areas Koneprusy and Veltruby. Amongst the evaluated parameters there were: trunk diameter at measuring height, tree height, and especially canopy drying caused by Hymenoscyphus fraxineus. As the outcome of the survey photographs were taken and records were collected for individual trees in the provenance areas. Each of the trees has its own unique label that has accurately defined its location to prevent potential errors in data processing. The processed data was then evaluated in NCSS 8.0 software and cluster analysis was performed in order to compare the provenances. This analysis only compares the provenances, which are located in both provenance areas. The results show that no provenance without the pathogen Hymenoscyphus fraxineus attack appeared in the provenances Koneprusy and Veltruby. Subjects in 4 ŠLP Kostelec nad Černými Lesy - Svojšice and 24 LS Czech Krumlov Chvalšiny proved to be more resistant than others. Although the increase in the tree height and the trunk thickness is the largest on those areas the defoliation rate is high. It is probable that the population of these provenances will gradually die. Due to growing abbility of some individuals located in other provenances it is obvious that habitat conditions and individual resilience are key factors.
Separation of human seminal plasma proteins by selected chromatographic and electrophoretic methods
Kraus, Marek ; Tichá, M. ; Jonáková, Věra
We concentrated on proteins related to boar spermadhesins, which have not been identified, yet in human seminal plasma. We studied the cross-reactivity of antibodies against AQN and AWN boar spermadhesins with human seminal proteins.
An approach for isolation of human seminal plasma proteins
Kraus, Marek ; Tichá, M. ; Jonáková, Věra
Human seminal plasma contains various type of protein. For their isolation were used these methods: affinity chromatography, gel chromatography, HPLC etc. The cross-reactivity of antibodies against boar seprmadhesing AQN and AWN was studied with human seminal proteins.
Interaction of sperm surface proteins in the reproduction process
Jonáková, Věra ; Kraus, Marek ; Maňásková, Pavla ; Liberda, J. ; Tichá, M.
Mammalian fertilization includes highly regulated biochemical interactions between complementary molecules located on the surfaces of both gametes as well as those present in the natural environment of the gametes. Boar seminal plasma proteins AQN, AWN spermadhesins and DQH protein that are bound to the sperm at ejaculation play important role in the reproduction process. Binding of sperm to epithelial cells, recognition of gametes and binding of sperm to glycoprotein of zona pellucida are mediated by protein-saccharide interaction, lektin-type interaction. Another type of interaction (protein-protein) participates in the formation of aggregated forms, which seem to be the natural functional forms of seminal plasma proteins. Protein aggregates form the sperm coating layers and their re-modeling in the female reproductive tract is imporatnt for the sperm capacitation and for the primary binding of spermto the ovum.

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