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Possibilities for utilization of selected vegetable oils in foodstuffs.
Krátká, Milena ; Vránová, Dana (referee) ; Zemanová, Jana (advisor)
The aim of this work was to find out and compare the composition of the chosen vegetable oils with regards to both the chemical composition and the pharmacological effects as the supplementary nutrition. All the oils selected contain large amount of the essential fatty acids, which has the positive effect on human health. Evening Primrose oil, borage oil and black currant seeds oil contain the large amount of the gama-linolenoic acid (GLA), which has the positive influence on the curing of the diabetes, menstrual syndrome, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, viral infections and skin disorders. Flax and hemp oil are excellent sources of the essential fatty acids in optimal ratio and are rich in other important substances, like phytoestrogenes and phytosterols. The lipids containing the high amount of the unsaturated fatty acids are predisposed to the oxidation during the storage. The oxidized essential fatty acids have the antimetabolic effect, which is working against the positive effect of original essential fatty acid. It is thus important and recommended to accompany the consumption of the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA) with the antioxidants. In this work the effects of the antioxidants were also taken into account. From the oils selected the highest amount of the antioxidants can be found in Sea buckthorn oil, which contains the antioxidants like vitamin E, carotenoids etc. This work was also aimed at the literature review of the stabilization of the unsaturated fatty acids, technological production processes, reactions taking place in oils during their storage and the analytical methods used for the characterization of the oils.

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