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Reconstruction of the Hradisko Small Water Reservoir in the Radslavice Cadastral Area
Mrázová, Iva ; Kostelecký, Jiří (referee) ; Paseka, Stanislav (advisor)
This diploma thesis, called „Reconstruction of the small water reservoir Hradisko in the cadastral area of Radslavice“, focuses on the complex process of a reconstruction of the small water reservoir Hradisko. This work follows up on the bachelor’s thesis, in which the current state of the Hradisko reservoir was described in detail. Based on the survey of the dam and the flood using a GPS device, detailed project documentation was prepared. Within the solution for the reconstruction of Hradisko reservoir, a repair of the dam and the increase of the crown of the dam is proposed, new functional objects are dimensioned, the bottom is cleared of mud, including modifications in the flood, and other necessary steps for proper functioning of the crumbling no longer compliant reservoir are described. Functional objects are processed for two variants of the solution. The first option consists of the design of a bottom outlet and a safety spillway, and the second alternative involves the design of a combined functional block. In the end, the total costs of both options are quantified and compared on the basis of an indicative item budget.
Twenty Years of Operation of the TUBO Station at EPN
Bureš, Jiří ; Kostelecký, Jakub ; Švábenský, Otakar ; Weigel, Josef
In September 2001, the permanent GNSS station TUBO, which is located on the building of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Brno University of Technology, was connected to the European EUREF Permanent Network (EPN). The paper recalls the establishment of this station and its twenty years of operation and use of their data not only in the EPN network.
Numerical modelling of flow over auxiliary spillways
Kostelecký, Jiří ; Golík,, Pavel (referee) ; Zachoval, Zbyněk (advisor)
The thesis deals with possibilities of numerical modelling of an overflow over selected types of auxiliary spillways and then the possibilities are verified in particular localities. In thesis, there is carried out the determination of capacity of selected spillways by using several methods: the calculation of the overflow equation, one-dimensional and two-dimensional numerical models and physical model. The author created parametric analysis to each single method. Parametric analysis represent various hydraulic conditions. Subsequently, there is possible to express the effect of parametric analysis. The author makes a comparison of water levels received by mentioned methods set out under the specific hydraulic conditions by calibration of each model with the physical model. Finally, author recommends values of all coefficients which have an impact on results of numerical modelling of the flow over selected types of weirs mostly using like auxiliary spillways.
Flood protection of City Chrudim
Kostelecký, Jiří ; Půža, Pavel (referee) ; Veselý, Jaroslav (advisor)
The bachelor thesis is focused on flood protection of Chrudim city. In the beginning the work is dedicated to documentation of the current condition of the watercourse Chrudimka and to flood control methods used on the river. The following part is dealing with records about floods in given area from history to present days. In the paper work is explained how to behave during the flood and which signals are there to inform. The last part is devoted to sediments in the Chrudimka River and to their impact on clogging of the watercourse of that river and to overall impact on the Elbe River.
Variation in the geoid height detected by the mission GRACE
Kostelecký, J. ; Bezděk, Aleš ; Klokočník, Jaroslav
Time variability of the gravity field, provided by the GRACE mission since 2002, presented here is based on the transformation of monthly gravity field models to the geoid. We show the changes caused by the global water cycle and land hydrology.
Odhady přesnosti modelů tíhového pole pomocí nezávislé družicové diferenciální altimetrie
Klokočník, Jaroslav ; Wagner, C. A. ; Kostelecký, J.
A continuous progress in the Earth gravity field modeling requires some refinements in their accuracy assessments. The method based on latitude lumped coefficients, which makes use of satellite crossover altimetry data (independent of the tested gravity models) has been developed in years 1992 - 2000. It was applied on various gravity models, recently on EIGEN IS, which already includes data from the CHAMP mission. For the first time, EIGEN IS model has degree-dependent calibration factors and we tested and confirm that their choice is a right one.
Aktivity ČR spojené s činností EUREF v období 2006-7. Národní zpráva
Douša, J. ; Filler, V. ; Kostelecký Jr., J. ; Kostelecký, J. ; Palinkáš, V. ; Šimek, J. ; Řezníček, J. ; Schenk, Vladimír ; Mantlík, František ; Schenková, Zdeňka
Implementation of EUREF in the CR, EPN stations in the CR, Czech National Positioning Systém CZEPOS, permanent GNSS networks GEONAS, VESOG and TOPNET, Vertical Reference and Gravity Reference Frames in the CR.
Výzkumné centrum dynamiky Země (CEDR) - pět let aktivity
Kostelecký, J. ; Vondrák, Jan ; Zeman, A. ; Kalvoda, J. ; Schenk, Vladimír
Five years of activities of the Center of Earth Dynamics Research is described.

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