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Chomutov Grammar school after 1948-An exploration of the Ethnic and social conditions at the Czech school in the border area
Fricová, Anna ; Kasper, Tomáš (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
(in English): The work captures the issue of the social context of high school studies in Chomutov in the period from 1948 to the present. It focuses on the social and national aspects of Czech-German relations in education, thematically following on from the bachelor's thesis "National Relations at the Chomutov Gymnasium in the years 1918-1948". Based on all contemporary sources and sources, they try to clarify the local specifics, approximate national differences and point to the social peculiarities of certain historical stages. It represents in great detail a well-recognized secondary school with a historical tradition, reminiscent of the historical gymnasium, founded in 1591 and the only one of its kind in Central Europe at the time. The work also mentions the problematic displacement of the German population and the resulting slow settlement of the Chomutov region. These factors both significantly impacted the school's running in the first years after the war. It clarifies some burning social and national issues of 1945, brings statistical data on the states and numbers of students and teachers and notes the historical changes of the gymnasium, especially in 1968 and 1989. Detailing these important facts also enriches the reader with authentic memories of many witnesses and interesting photos...
Possibilities and limits of inclusion from teacher's point of view
Zachová, Jolana ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Skutil, Martin (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Possibilities and limits of inclusion from teacher's point of view" deals with inclusion in Czech schools. It defines the concept of inclusion education and examines the possibilities and limits of teachers profession performance. Thesis examines pupil inclusion rate with special educational needs in basic teaching. Thesis deals with avaliable support system for special educational needs pupil. Another part of this bachelor thesis is research "Teacher's view of inclusion". Through this research we find out teacher's point of view. The questionnaries reveal the opportunities that inclusive education opens up. On the other hand it puts some obstacles for teachers in educational process. Keywords inclusion, integration, special educational needs, inklusive pedagogy, pedagogue, school education
Perception of teacher's authority by secondary school pupils
Tajčmanová, Kateřina ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Kasper, Tomáš (referee)
Bachelor thesis is the theoretical-empirical. Theoretical content deals with what authority is in general and how it is viewed. It also focuses on teachers. What a personality should teachers have, what is the authority of the teacher and what types of authority we know. The research part is realized using a questionnaire survey. It focuses on how the pupils of the Secondary Education School view the authority of the teacher, what they imagine under this term and what behavior supports or reduces the authority of teachers. Key words: authority, teacher, pupil, secondary school, education
Utilizing the Potential of Gifted Pupils for the Benefit of the School Community and Themselves
Urbanová, Kateřina ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
This Master's diploma thesis discusses utilizing the potential of gifted students for the benefit of the school community and themselves. The author's intention is to find out how schools work with the potential of gifted students. The main goal of this thesis is to discover the opportunities provided by schools to gifted students so that they can enrich their school, wider community and also themselves. The thesis focuses specifically on the development of social and emotional skills of gifted students, which could represent limits to realizing their potential. Also, the forms and methods that are used in selected schools to realize the potential of gifted students. The theoretical part of the thesis provides basic information that forms the initial framework of the given issue. The empirical part presents the conclusions of qualitative research, which included four schools from different regions of the Czech Republic. Data were obtained through a semi- structured interview and analyzed using via interpretive phenomenological analysis. The results of the research allow look into the deeper contexts on the development of gifted students' potential. They convey the lived experience of research participants and provide an insight into how selected schools work with gifted students in practice....
Educational approaches in institute of preventive detention Praha Pankrác
Šípková, Sabrina ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Komárková, Tereza (referee)
The topic of this thesis is Educational Approaches in the Institute of Preventive Detention Praha Pankrác. The main aim of the thesis is to bring closer look at the court-ordered measure of preventive detention and the possibilities of educational approaches in the institute of preventive detention, specifically those pertaining to the institute situated in the Praha Pankrác Remand Prison. The thesis is divided into theoretical and empirical parts. The theoretical part consists of four chapters. The first chapter focuses on the characteristics of the court-ordered measure of security detention. The second chapter details the typology of detainees according to established psychiatric diagnoses. The specific educational approaches used in the Institute of Preventive Detention Praha Pankrác are then mentioned in chapters three and four. The empirical part aims at collecting insights from special educators on educational approaches, their experience, and the necessity of having an individualized structuralized programme for every detainee. The data collection was conducted qualitatively using interviews with the special educators working at the Institute of Preventive Detention in Prague. Keywords: institute of preventive detention, detainee, educational approaches, treatment program
Laksarová, Eliška ; Komárková, Tereza (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
(in English): The Master's thesis deals with the influence of dysfunctional families on the emergence of pathological behaviour in children and youth. The aim of this paper is to assess whether children's out-of-norm behaviour is the result of growing up in a family that fails to fulfil all its functions. At the same time, it seeks to highlight the family environment that can be threatening to the child and the various authorities and institutions that can work to change the situation of individuals who behave pathologically. The theoretical part defines basic concepts such as family, dysfunctional family, pathological behaviour, delinquency and factors influencing their emergence. It also contains various divisions and typologies that further specify and illustrate the subject. Specific examples of the pathology that occurs in groups of children and young people can be found here. Theoretical knowledge is expanded by various studies and research carried out both in the Czech Republic and abroad in recent years. The practical part is based on qualitative research. The sample consists of eight respondents from among children and young people who are or have been under the authority of a child protection agency. The reason for their inclusion is a long-standing problematic behaviour that the family...
How Teachers' Authority Appears to Lower Secondary School Students
Jankovská, Tereza ; Strouhal, Martin (advisor) ; Koťa, Jaroslav (referee)
This thesis deals with the issue of teacher authority from the perspective of lower secondary school students. The aim of this work was to find out what characteristics in the eyes of the students determine the level of teacher authority and which ones weaken it. At the same time, the aim was to find out how students imagine an ideal teacher. The theoretical section includes chapters on authority, authority in education, teacher authority, and the contemporary perceptions of authority. The practical section of the thesis consists of a comparison of three primary schools and their students' perceptions of teacher authority. It includes information gathered from interviews with the headmasters of the schools, as well as an analysis of a questionnaire survey conducted among their pupils. Key words: authority, upbringing, education, school, teacher, student, teacher authority
Modern non-substance addictions and their influence on juvenile education
Kovářová, Markéta ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Strouhal, Martin (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the issue of non-substance addictions among juveniles. For understanding and better orientation in the issue, the terms of social pathology and other terms related to the topic of the work are explained in the theoretical part. The theoretical part mainly focuses on the addictive behavior of teenagers on the Internet and social networks. It examines the specific effects of this phenomenon in relation to adolescents and their upbringing. The work also deals with the possibilities of prevention and treatment. The practical part examines the influence and impact of the Internet and social networks on adolescents and their upbringing. The aim of the diploma thesis is to analyze the issue of non-substance addictions among adolescents and the influence on their education. A questionnaire survey was chosen as the research method. Keywords: netholism, non-substance addiction, prevention, education
Support for career choice at ŠKODA AUTO
Šíma, Petr ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Valášková Vincejová, Eva (referee)
The topic of the diploma thesis is pedagogical and psychological support for choosing a career in the ŠKODA AUTO Company. The aim of the thesis is to describe, verify and evaluate the effectiveness of the system of marketing actions to support the choice of profession implemented through the ŠKODA Academy and the ŠKODA AUTO Secondary Vocational School of Engineering, from recruitment campaigns to obtaining applicants to the placement of graduates. The work has a theoretical-empirical character and is divided into two parts. In the theoretical part, it introduces the corporate system of preparing school pupils for future occupations, describes individual forms of support for choosing a profession with an emphasis on their specifics. The practical part of the work assesses the contribution of individual marketing actions to the applicants' decision-making about the choice of profession through a questionnaire survey conducted among students of the 1st and 2nd year of SOUs. Through research conducted among 3rd and 4th year students of SOUs, it verifies how the professional practice of students in a company and the involvement of the company's professional departments in teaching affect the quality of education and to what extent the company's placement policy for graduates is reflected in their choice...
The Concept of General Education
Potoček, Petr ; Koťa, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Strouhal, Martin (referee)
The thesis is based on an analysis of the term general education, aiming at its specific conception. It provides an overview of historical conceptions of general education, distinguishing between the perspective of educational institutions, which is primarily focused on the minimum basis of education, common to all members of a particular society, and the idea of the term, pointing to the omnitude of knowledge and orienting the ways of apprehending it. It regards general education as a network of interconnections and relations between findings and examines its significance as opposed to vocational education, its influence on the holistic formation of a person, its importance for personal development and the formation of a person's particular life during the course of life. It deals with general education in the perspective of educational content, individual and social needs and draws attention to the importance of general education in the framework of contemporary pedagogical discourse and reform modifications. Key words General education, omnitude of knowledge, knowledge structure, educational content, curriculum selection, curriculum organization, findings, personal development, educational institutions, academic pedagogical discourse, reform pedagogical discourse, reform of education

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