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Heart rate and physical activities by 2-4 years old
Košťálová, Martina ; Dvořáková, Hana (advisor) ; Janošková, Hana (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with intensity of physical activities of two and three years old children, who attend kindergarten, The goal of the thesis was compare the intensity of physical aktivity during the rest and during controlled aktivity inside and outside, and during spontaneouns aktivity as well. The theoretical part of the thesis is focused on the specifics of the children's development in this age, which are important to consider. Simultaneously, it deals with physical activities, stamina and intensity of physical activities related to stamina. The practical part consist of charts, obtained from the measurements during the rest, controlled aktivity inside and outside and spontaneous aktivity of children tthat participated in the research. Also it contains charts, which compare average data from all measurements. The measurement was using Polar team 2 sensors. 12 childrens have participated in the measurement. The results show, that the intensity of physical aktivity is influenced by the choice of the aktivity, space and the way i tis controlled. The resulting data also conclude, that during the aktivity with longer time period, the highesr intensity curves were recorded for spontaneous activity.
Teaching methods in movement activities by twoo years old children
Košťálová, Martina ; Dvořáková, Hana (advisor) ; Kainová, Lucie (referee)
This bachelor's thesis deals with the factors, which influence the effectiveness of the teaching methods regarding the movement activities with two years old children. In the theoretical part of the thesis, the developmental specifics of the two years old children are discussed as they need to be accounted for. Also, the movement activities and specifics of the teaching methods for this group of children have been presented. The theoretical background is then applied in the practical part of the thesis, which deals with the realization of the motion activities in two kindergartens. Specific adjustments have been proposed, the activities have been re-realized with the adjustments and the feedback has been discussed. Additionally, a survey with the teachers who work with this specific group of children was realized. Lastly, as a part of the research, a structured interview with a teacher has been conducted, who has recently started working with the two years old children without any previous experience. In the management of movement activities there have been found poor factord in organisation skills and lack of proper demonstration

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