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Porovnání reprodukčních biotechnik využitelných v chovu skotu a faremním chovu jelenů
Kaiserová, Veronika
The bachelor thesis “Comparison of reproductive biotechnology in cattle breeding and deer farms” deals with comparison of biotechnologies used in cattle breeding and deer farms. In the last few years, there has been a growing interest in biotechnology on deer farms and therefore, this work focuses on artificial insemination and embryo transfer. There is a detailed description of methods of heat detection and its synchronization, dia-gnostics of pregnancy, methods of insemination, embryo transfer. In first part there is basic information about female sex organs of the breeding female and hind. Methods of heat detection and their potential use are described as well. The second part is dedicated to insemination, and there are methods which can be used only for one category or both. The third part is devoted to embryo transfer, which is highly developed also in deer. There is a comparison of synchronization protocols for cattle and a comparison of methods of embryo transfer in hind.
Use of RNAi and CRISPR systems in genetic modifications of parasitic protists
Kaiserová, Veronika ; Votýpka, Jan (advisor) ; Stojanovová, Darja (referee)
In organisms, RNA interference serves as a defence mechanism against foreign nucleic acids. RNAi has a negative effect on translation, via the binding of small non-coding molecules to the complementary region of mRNA, resulting in its degradation. CRISPR, a new method of genetic engineering, is based upon modulating genetic expression via creating double-stranded breaks in target DNA, aided by a ribonucleoprotein complex, consisting of the prokaryotic endonuclease Cas9 and sgRNA. Both of the aforementioned methods can be utilised in functional analysis of proteins and the characterisation of metabolic pathways in organisms of interest. This work summarises the current state of knowledge regarding RNAi and CRISPR and their use in genome editing of parasitic protists.

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1 Kaiserová, Vlasta
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