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Population juniper (\kur{Juniperus communis}) in the selected area
The paper maps the community of Common Juniper (Juniperus Communis) encountered at Konrac, a site included in the Česká Kanada Nature Preserve. The site itself, or rather the common juniper growing there, does not have the benefit of special legal protection; consequently, no targeted steps have been taken to maintain the juniper community intact in the Konrac landscape - still, the site allowed to monitor the natural development of the community in conditions typical of the current methods of farming. The locality is described to encompass four main types of habitats: stony islands amid meadows; unplowed strips of land around former small fields; peripheries of open stands; and peripheries of close stands. The acquired (and subsequently processed) data point to the conclusion that the habitat at the unplowed margins of fields suits the common juniper communities quite well, even without any human intervention in the farming practices beyond what is implemented on the site now.
Madagascar stem succulents, protected by CITES, in collections in the Czech Republic
The bachelor thesis focused on review of representation of Madagascar-based stalk succulent plants as one of the main groups of collection plants under protection of CITES in the selected collections in the Czech Republic. The collections under monitoring were Botanic Garden of Natural Science Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno, Botanic Garden Libverda Děčín, Botanic Garden Liberec, Zoological and Botanic Garden of Plzeň City, Botanic Garden of Prague Capital City, Botanic Garden Teplice and a selected private collection. Data about representation of monitored herbal species were taken based on personal visit and provided lists. Florius registration programme was used for completion of data. Review of the species diversity based on representation of families showed dominant representation of Euphorbiaceae family followed by important representations of Apocynaceae and Didiereaceae families. The species of Madagascar-based stalk succulent plants registered in Appendix I and II of the latest CITES list were represented in approximately equal proportion in majority of the collections. The exceptions were two collections (Botanic Garden Liberec and private collection) with higher representation of species from Appendix I. From the point of species composition, the collections of Zoological and Botanic Garden of Plzeň City, Botanic Garden of Prague Capital City, and the private collections significantly differentiated from the other collections.

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1 Koupal, Vlastimil