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Ethical dilemma in working with people with Asperger's syndrome
This diploma thesis deals with theme of Ethical dilemma of social workers when deciding whether to create a collaborative plan based on the wishes of an adolescent with Asperger syndrome or a parent. The goal was to find out how social workers decide to interview, what factors influence their decisions. The topic is discussed both in the field of developmental psychology and theoretical knowledge about Asperger's syndrome, but this work also mentions theoretical knowledge of ethics in the field of decision-making. Qualitative research was focused not only on interviews with five social workers, but also on the view of adolescents with Asperger's syndrome and their parents on the given issue. In the research results, I emphasize the importance of elaborated internal regulations, which describe the procedure of working with the client, and which can help to solve the ethical dilemma.
Autism spectrum disorder and social work
This bachelor thesis deals with autism. Firstly, it characterizes this disorder, introduces the diagnosing and deals with the methods and therapies that can be used in the treatment of people with autism. Secondly, it focuses on the family situation and options of social work. Finally, it presents organizations which work with people with autism spectrum disorder in Tábor, the town in South Bohemia.
Work with life story of homeless people
Diploma work deal with problems of work with life stories of homeless. The aim of the research is analysis of life stories of homeless and analysis of changes in homeless lifes after some time. The data collection was obtained by individual interview and the respondents were searching in the shelters. From the analysis was found some life periods of homelesses lifes and their attitudes and opinions on their situation. Then was found the changes, which came in thein lifes after five months. Then was analyse the question of responsibility of homeless.
ABSTRACT This bachelor`s thesis deals with the significance and the impact of the animated fairy tale in the preschool education. The goal of the integration of the animated fairy tale is to have a positive influence on the preschool age group. The work also points out significance of the choice of the animated fairy tale in view of the age, the level of difficulty and ability of children in the preschool education. The work is divided into a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part contains several significant chapters. It specifies the very essence of the fairy tale. Then it illustrates the animated fairy tale through the eyes of various authors and from the historical view. It shows the diversity related to the authors of animated fairy tales and its classification. It also aims to reveal the complexity of the production of the animated fairy tales at the present time and presents a range of relating vocations. It emphasizes especially the chapters titled ``The significance of the fairy tales{\crqq} and ``Bedtime story{\crqq}. The practical part engages in the research project that was carried out in two different preschools, in Písek and in České Budějovice. It was accomplished in the way of the drawing and a moderated dialogue. The research at FAMO (The Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček) in Písek was very important. Many discussions took place with the authors and current students. The purpose of the thesis was to determine the influence that an animated fairy tale has upon children in a preschool establishment and to find out the importance it has for them. Besides that it aimed to detect whether it would be possible to regulate the discovered influence. The research results have been processed and evaluated on the basis of the audio and video recordings and drawings.

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