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Onomatopoiec Words in Albanian
Křížková, Anna ; Backus Borshi, Orkida (advisor) ; Otčenášek, Jaroslav (referee)
The bachelor thesis deals with onomatopoeia in Albanian. The theoretical part is devoted to a thorough explanation of the concept of onomatopoeia and individual areas in which onomatopoeia can be encountered both in spoken and written form. Due to the lack of materials on Albanian onomatopoeia, we worked mainly with Czech or foreign materials, whose theories can be applied across languages. We also deal with a chapter on music, which we consider to be one of the most crucial areas of onomatopoeia and which explained us many facts. The aim of the bachelor's thesis was to create a sample of a hundred words of sound-painting character in Albanian, which we subsequently analyzed in the practical part. Our sample is also supplemented by Czech equivalents, which may not always be sound-painting. But it was crucial for us to find sound-painting words in Albanian. We approached the selection of words in our sample of words by the method of random selection from the Czech-Albanian dictionary, but also from the Albanian explanatory dictionary, which served as a replacement for the non-existent Albanian corpus. At the beginning of our work, we hypothesized that we will probably find the most onomatopoeic words in the group of interjections, which we then refuted in the practical part, and we consider this...
Company name
Křížková, Anna ; Patěk, Daniel (advisor) ; Černá, Stanislava (referee)
Company name Abstract This diploma thesis analyzes the current legal regulation of company law and evaluates the quality of this regulation in terms of sufficiency and unambiguity. The thesis is divided into four main chapters. The first chapter contains an analysis of basic theoretical questions of company law - it specifies the concept and legal nature of the company, its basic functions and the basic principles of company law in the creation and use of the company. The second chapter deals with the analysis of ownership of the company, taking into account the new legal nature of the company name as a thing in the legal sense. The use of the so-called old firm and the analysis of § 427 is then contained in chapter three. The last chapter describes the protection of a company name according to the current legal regulation, including the analysis of specific claims arising from this protection. At the end of the thesis the results from the analysis and assessment of the legal regulation of company law are summarized. The evaluation takes into account the changes introduced by the new legal regulation contained in the Civil Code as compared to the original regulation in the Commercial Code. As a positive, the following issues are assessed: the change in the legal nature of a company name where the company is...
Christianity in the programs of the parties represented in EP
Křížková, Anna ; Kratochvíl, Petr (advisor) ; Druláková, Radka (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the analysis of the current relationship of Christianity and the European Union, namely the positions of political fractions in the European Parliament to the values derived from the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. In the work there are analyzed the political programs of the four major parties of the European Parliament (EPP, S&D, ALDE, Greens)and examined level of representation of Christian values. The work is divided into five main chapters. The first chapter is a theoretical part, which forms the theoretical basis, in which the whole work is further conceived. In the second chapter, there are characterized the relations between Christianity and the European Union, respectively, the influence of Christianity on the formation of the European Union. The third chapter delas with the cooperation between the Roman Catholic Church and the European Union. The fourth chapter deals with the determination of Christian values. There are defined and characterized the basic Christian values as contained in the Compendium of the social doctrine of the Church. In the final chapter there ate analyzed the actual political programs four largest parties of the European Parliament. Programs are analyzed in terms of their relation to the defined Christian values.

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