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Hydrological regime of the upper Lužnice river
Svoboda, Pavel ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Šobr, Miroslav (referee)
The aim of this paper is evaluation of hydrological regime of the upper part of Lužnice River basin. Upper stream of the Lužnice river represents low intensity of modification. Larger part of the river is a meandering stream with many ponds and pools in the floodplain where the safe retention of water during floods is possible. First part of this paper focus on detailed area hydrography description. The main part concentrates to hydrological regime. The methodology of this research is based on statistical evaluation of the longtime data series from the Pilař station. Flood events and dry periods are analyzed during the past 46 years. Detailed discharge measurements (realized in this area by Faculty of Science, Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology) are used for recent flood evaluations. Higher occurrence of floods and dry periods was identified in the past 10 years.
Runoff regime in the basin of Hamerský brook with respect on pH reaction in selected flood episodes
Prokš, Milan ; Bubeníčková, Libuše (referee) ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor)
Odtokový režim v povodí Hamerského potoka se zaměřením na reakci pH vody ve vybraných povodňových Abstrakt Práce se zabývá analýzou odtokového režimu v povodí Hamerského potoka. Zájem je soustředěn především na posouzení vlivu Hamerského potoka na tok řeky Vydry v souvislosti s odpojením Vchýnicko-tetovského kanálu. Problémem spojeným s touto problematikou je dodržování minimálních zůstatkových průtoků v korytě Vydry po tomto odpojení. V práci je dále posuzována reakce pH vody na změnu průtoků při vybraných povodňových epizodách. Tento vztah naznačuje možnost hodnocení hydrologické funkce rašelinišť právě pomocí parametru pH vody. Klíčová slova: minimální zůstatkové průtoky, pH vody, rašelinišťě, Hamerský potok, Vydra, Šumava Runoff regime in the basin of Hamerský brook with a view to pH reaction on selected flood episodes Abstract This paper deals with an analysis runoff regime in the basin of Hamerský brook. Interest is primarily focused on assessment of the impact Hamerský brook of the Vydra river. There is a connection with the disconnection of Vchynicko-tetovský water port. An associated problem with this issue is keeping the minimum residual flow in Vydra river after the disconnection of water port. The work is further considering response of water pH reaction to change flows at selected flood...
Changes of rainfall-runoff regime in the Stropnice river-basin
Volková, Alena ; Janský, Bohumír (referee) ; Šobr, Miroslav (advisor)
This paper deals with the rainfall-runoff regime in the Stropnice river-basin and its development. The aim of this paper is to answer the question of‚were there any changes in the runoff regime during the period 1945 - 2009, and if so, were these changes conditioned by climate or were they caused by human interventions' (e. g. river network modification, changes of the land cover, drainage systems development etc.). The single-mass and double- mass curves were used as the primary methodology. The homogeneity of the time series of mean discharge, precipitation and air temperature were statistically tested using Mann-Whitney-Pettit test and Mann-Whitney test. The Mann-Whitney-Pettit test was performed using the programme AnClim (v5.012), which is freely available online, the Mann-Whitney test was performed using SPSS 15.0. Non-parametric Mann-Kendall test was used for the trend detection, performed in MULTMK/PARTMK by C. Libiseller and A. Grimvall, also freely available online. Some changes in the runoff regime were uncovered in the early 80s', when the runoff decreased, which also happened after 1988. During these periods almost no annual flood occured. The first decrease of the runoff was caused by a drier season in the 80s'. The second decrease after 1988 was probably caused by a build-up of the...
Hydrological regime of the Mladotice Lake
Čuřík, Jan ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Česák, Julius (referee)
diploma thesis called "Hydrological regime of Mladotice Lake" deals with the hydrological function of the lake in terms of flood waves transformation and retardation. The author focuses on the influence of causal rainfall on Mladotický Stream water level fluctuation as well as on the ability of the lake to retain or transform peak flows. Relationships between rainfall episodes and corresponding Mladotický Stream peak flows together with flood waves shape and delay presented on hydrograms represent main outcomes and results of this thesis. Furthermore, Mladotický Stream hydrological data, which are used for the purpose of runoff regime analysis, are extrapolated by means of calculated convertible index. Powered by TCPDF (
Runoff regime in the Vydra River headstream area with respect to flood episodes assessment
Čurda, Jakub ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Kocum, Jan (referee)
This diploma thesis summarizes knowledges about the Vydra river headstream area runoff regime with special respect to formation and course of flood situations. The main focus is concentrated on explanation of runoff extremity relation to physical-geographic conditions of each catchment. Special emphasis is in this term adverted to peatbog hydrological function assessment. Thesis is based on data acquired during more than three years field survey which was realized in this area by the Faculty of Science, Department of Physical Geography and Geoecology. Powered by TCPDF (
Anthropogenic impact upon the Vydra River basin runoff regime
Ševčíková, Lenka ; Kocum, Jan (advisor) ; Janský, Bohumír (referee)
Submitted diploma thesis deals with an assessment of historical and present anthropogenic loading in the Vydra River basin and with an evaluation of human impact on its runoff regime. Further to the brief characterization of natural conditions, runoff regime in the studied basin is assessed using different statistical methods. Complex evaluation of each anthropogenic impact is supported by concrete case studies. Thesis is completed by the outline of future possible routing with respect to water retention in the Otava River headstream area. Powered by TCPDF (

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