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Water scarcity in the Czech Republic and its implementation in highschools
Kalinová, Petra ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Šobr, Miroslav (referee)
Water scarcity is one of the current issues not only in the Czech Republic. Given the fact that drought has hit the territory of the Czech Republic several times recently and also climate change, it is essential for our country to be able to prepare for repeated drought periods. Possibilities for dealing with the drought in the Czech Republic, including examples of concrete measures, as well as other basic information regarding drought in the Czech Republic, are presented in this bachelor's thesis. However, the main goal of this bachelor's thesis is to create a project day on the topic of Water scarcity in the Czech Republic. The creation of the project day is part of the PERUN project, which is focused on climate change and drought and its impact on the territory of the Czech Republic. The project day was verified in practice in the form of a pretest-posttest design, thus confirming its effectiveness and testing the quality of the materials used. In the vast majority of cases, positive trend of increasing correct answers amongst students is visible, and thus the participating students deepened their knowledge regarding this issue. Key Words: water scarcity, Czechia, high schools, tuition
Development of surface water quality in selected rural areas of the Elbe River basin
Mrkva, Luboš ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Pechar, Libor (referee) ; Kodeš, Vít (referee)
Development of surface water quality in selected rural areas of the Elbe River basin Water quality is an enduring issue in water management and has global importance. This work deals with surface water quality in the Elbe River basin, focusing on river basins in agricultural and rural areas where surface water quality remains a significant ecological problem. As part of this work, two watersheds with a significant representation of agriculturally used areas were chosen: the Mastník River catchment, which flows into the Vltava River, and the Šlapanka River catchment, which flows into the Sázava River. In the case of the Mastník stream, the work deals with the basin itself and changes in water quality in the Mastník bay, which is part of the Slapy reservoir located on the Vltava River. Water quality was analysed using the concentration of selected parameters through long-term field research supplemented with data from the State Enterprise of the Vltava River basin. In this part, it was proved that constructing new wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) gradually improves the overall water quality. However, the parameter chlorophyll-α and the lack of dissolved oxygen remain problematic. The finding of high concentrations of chlorophyll in the stream is followed by an assessment of the changes in water quality in...
Risk analysis methods of natural catastrophic processes in high mountain areas
Falátková, Kristýna ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Engel, Zbyněk (referee)
Glacial hazards such as ice or rock avalanches, debris flows, jökulhlaups or glacial lake outburst floods threaten lives and livelihoods of people. They may grow to unexpected magnitude, travel very long distances and afflict vast areas. To prevent loss of life and human installation damage, risk analyses need to be assessed for hazardous regions. There are various methods to gain information on slope stability, geology of moraine dam or loose debris availability. They can be divided into those used during terrain on-site research and methods of remote sensing. Based on processed data a risk analysis is created and mitigation measures are carried out if necessary.
Water retention in the Úhlavka catchment area
Lukášová, Karolína ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Matějček, Tomáš (referee)
Water retention in the landscape is a very current topic these days. Thanks to a warming climate, we have to deal with hydrological extremes, erosion, or accelerated water runoff. If we choose to improve the retention capacity of the landscape, we can help transform flood waves, slow down runoff, and mitigate soil water erosion. In the agricultural landscape, we solve the mentioned problems by combining near natural measures and technical measures. This master thesis focuses on water retention in the Úhlavka basin, which is located in western Bohemia and forms a tributary of the Mže River. In the theoretical part, the physical-geographic properties of the area of interest and the rainfall-runoff process are characterized. A literature research is also carried out regarding retention, its components, and the factors influencing it. Furthermore, the individual types of measures that can be used to improve the state of retention in the landscape are also listed. The practical part offers a process of choosing a specific area for proposals in the Úhlavka basin. The Olešná basin was chosen, where the majority of the land cover is agricultural and, thanks to its geomorphological properties, it was also included in the list of critical areas. Three grassed strips, a swale, and strips of crops rotation...
Water scarcity in the world and in the Czechia
Krištof, Petr ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Matějček, Tomáš (referee)
I used mainly research and compilation methods in the theoretical part of the bachelor thesis. The water scarcity is very actual issue in the era of climate change. Unfortunately, in my opinion it doesn't get that much attention in public space. The first part of thesis summarizes the causes and consequences of water scarcity, there are examples of bad water usage including ways of solution. The goal is popularize the topic of drought and water scarcity and help to implement these attractive topics to the school curriculum. The chapter about water scarcity in the Czechia is mainly focused on drought and measures to eliminate it. We have to realize, that our water comfort is not eternal. Episodes of drought are occured more frequently also in central Europe now. The practical part of thesis contains one-day lesson programme about water scarcity and hydrometeorological extremes for 8th - 9th grade of primary school. Key words: climate change, water scarcity in the world, water consumption, consequences of water scarcity, water scarcity in the Czechia, drought, measures
Hydrological study of potential restoration of a defunct small water reservoir in the Ploučnice River basin within the elimination of hydrological drought impacts
Kočíb, Jiří ; Kocum, Jan (advisor) ; Janský, Bohumír (referee)
This diploma thesis is focused on the study of the potential restoration of small water reservoirs within the framework of eliminating the effects of hydrological drought. In the theoretical part of the thesis, it summarizes the current knowledge about small water reservoirs and ongoing climate changes. It also focuses on the possibilities of their revitalization as part of the contribution of this renewal to the landscape. At the same time, the work also provides insight into the detailed physical-geographic characteristics and focuses primarily on the hydrological and climatological view of the issue of revitalization. These introductory findings are transferred to the practical part of the work in which the author deals with a case study that should lead to concrete steps to successfully complete the work plan. A comparison of the methods of measuring the contents and shorelines of individual reservoirs is also published in the results passage. The results of the work recommend the restoration of all reservoirs at selected locations and indicate possible further steps to deal with this result. Key words: climate change, water retention, small water reservoir, hydrological drought, Ploučnice river.
Lima - The Problems of Metropolitan Growth
Rataj, Martin ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Ouředníček, Martin (referee) ; Kouba, Karel (referee)
The dissertation deals with the situation of the suburban settlements (barriadas or pueblos jóvenes) on the periphery of the Peruvian capital Lima in context with the growth of the metropolis, accompanied by a number of chronic problems including a high crime rate, unsatisfactory conditions of living and weak public administration. By means of a sociological survey, the dissertation seeks answers to the questions related to individual aspects of the life in barriadas, and subsequently interprets them with regard to the development in the recent decades and the available relevant literature. It tries to seek points of intersection between various phenomena and find their common context by bridging the specific viewpoints of sociology, urbanism, history and ecology. At the same time, it ponders - also with regard to the experience from other cities in the region - about the future prospects.
Runoff régime focusing on hydrological drought in the catchment area of Liboc river
Juha, Ondřej ; Janský, Bohumír (advisor) ; Burian, Alois (referee)
Drought has been a hot topic for several years. Hydrological drought occurs primarily after the previous lack of rainfall. The basin of the Liboc River suffers from significant drought, mainly due to its location in the rain shadow of the Ore Mountains. The first part of the bachelor's thesis deals with literature research, which summarizes the physical-geographical characteristics of the area of interest. This is followed by a comprehensive research of current knowledge about drought and its types, causes and impacts. Furthermore, the precipitation-runoff process focused on local climatic conditions is described. The practical part consists of the own analysis of the obtained data using average daily flows. The dry days method and the insufficient volumes method were applied here. The period 2018-2020, when the drought was most pronounced, was selected for detailed analysis. Key words: runoff régime; hydrological drought; indicators of drought; deficit volumes; threshold limit method; impacts of hydrological drought; Liboc river
Hydrological regime of selected lakes in the High Tatra Mts.
Sankotová, Tereza ; Šobr, Miroslav (advisor) ; Janský, Bohumír (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with morphometric analysis and hydrological regime of Skalnaté pleso lake and Hincové Oká lakes, especially the lake level fluctuation, during the period 2011 - 2014. One of the tasks was the bathymetric mapping of observed locations. For Hincové Oká lakes was it the first mapping of bathymetry at all. The hydrological regime and lake level fluctuation regime of observed locations shows interesting differences from the other Tatra lakes whose hydrological regime is controlled by precipitation amounts. The annual culmination of Hincové Oká lakes (the largest lake) is shifted into the spring caused by melting snowpack. When there is no rainfall for a couple of days Skalnaté pleso lake often dries up, even during summer months, when levels of most Tatra lakes reach their maximum values. However summer drying is shortterm. Lake level fluctuation regime is very dynamic. After a strong rainfall event its level rises very steeply, up to 0,14 m per hour. Powered by TCPDF (

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