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Bee phylogeny (Hymenoptera, Anthophila)
Jindrová, Lenka ; Straka, Jakub (advisor) ; Astapenková, Alena (referee)
As a result of a new methods and a mount and availability of molecular data, we changed our understanding of phylogeny of many groups, of course the phylogeny of bees too. In the past, only the morphological data were used to find out the relationships between taxa. Today, we use molecular data, which can be combined with morphological knowledges. Because of using the molecular biology methods, we can solve the relationships among taxa more precisely. This work summarizes present view on phylogeny bees with a look at history of bee classification and evolution of some characters, for example host plant specialization and more. The position of bees in the superfamily Apoidea is also described in this work
Circle Time in Kindergarten
This bachelor thesis deals the community circle in the kindergaten. Theoretical part deals with curent preschool child and organization of the day in the kindergaten. Community circle is normal part of the day. The next part says about community circle, his function and techniques. The end the theoretical part is the development the preschool child. The child development in the motor development, cognitive and speech. The practical part is devoted to research. During the investigation were monitored the children's behavior in the community circle. There has been used the method of observation and analysis of videotapes of the kindergarten environment.The information obtained testify indicate the group of children aged 3-5 years.
Layout proposal for joinery workshop including store for its products and materials, Ledenice, district of České Budějovice
Scope of this diploma work is layout proposal for joinery workshop including store for its products and materials. Building design has been done in two variants. Chosen variant has been finished into documentation required for issue of building permission. Attention is paid to dimensions and location of manufacturing areas, sanitary facilities and salesroom so that all regulations are accomplished, accessibility and manipulation with material are optimized. Building is drawn up for real estate in area of Ledenice town, which is according to development plan allocated to industrial areas. In diploma work are mentioned all important requirements, which have to be kept during project planning, requirements for documentation and also are discussed particular activities prior to construction itself.

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