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Alternative directions in nutrition
The society is led to a healthy lifestyle. Currently, it is highly trendy. A balanced diet is emphasized everywhere and every time. It is also strongly promoted by media the Internet, TV, printed publications and leaflets. Supporters of the alternative nutrition make an effort to push the healthy lifestyle ahead, all across the society.This thesis aims at mapping nutrition customs and practices, as well as the lifestyle of the alternative nutrition supporters and users. Our research has been focusing on the following research questions to be answered: 1. What is the main reason why people change their nutrition style from the common style to the alternative one? 2. What are the limits of the everyday alternative nutrition lifestyle? 3. Has the alternative nutrition lifestyle provoked any changes in the social status of users? If so, what changes? A qualitative research and in-depth interviews were used by the researchers. Vegetarians and vegans were mostly asked during the interviews. There were 13 interviews conducted in order to answer the above-mentioned questions. Eight interviewees preferred vegetarian food, five interviewees preferred vegan food. Theinterviewees were addressed with a snowball method. All the interviews were recorded and rewritten literally. All the interviews were conducted in České Budějovice. The interviewees were mostly asked about the reasons of their changes from the common to the alternative nutrition lifestyle. Information about their nutrition lifestyle was collected. They were also asked to describe all the changes in their health (after the nutrition change), if there were any. Another questions were as follows: if they were satisfied with the alternative nutrition, if the alternative nutrition was more expensive than the common nutrition, if the alternative nutrition is available in the Czech Republic (in shops, at work, at schools, etc.) in a satisfactory amount. Changes in their social status this was the last issue handled during the interviews. The interviewees were asked to describe all the changes among their friends, families, etc., if there were any. The interviewees were also asked to express their feelings and opinions on acceptance rate of the alternative nutrition by the major society. We also asked questions about geography, age, gender and education of the interviewees. A method of paper and pencil was used during the interviews. We divided the answers into several categories in order to analyse the data well and easily: General information gathered from the alternative nutrition users, Limits of the alternative nutrition and Changes in the social status of users. These three categories were divided into more sub-categories. The most significant data had their own codes there. Colourful schemes contained all these codes of the most significant information. Such a system helped us to put everything and all the gathered data in order.

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