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Princip nákladové přiměřenosti v právních předpisech EU v oblasti životního prostředí: ponaučení z implementace ochrany vod a ovzduší
Brabec, Jan ; Jílková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Knápek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Slavíková, Lenka (referee)
Environmental legislation in the European Union recognizes the principle of proportionality as a tool that helps identify cases that require spending of disproportionate resources to achieve environmental targets. If economic costs of achieving a certain target are significantly higher than associated benefits, an exemption may be granted to prevent wasting resources on measures with only a negligible effect on the environment. The principle is well established in water protection by means of the Water Framework Directive (2000/60/EC) and in air protection through the Industrial Emissions Directive (2010/75/EU). In theory, such setting should ensure more efficient and robust water and air protection. However, with no unified methodology and a high level of discretion given to individual member states, the process of assessing proportionality has become very heterogenous. As a result, methodologies used across Europe often differ from each other significantly, possibly distorting the original idea of equal treatment of European water bodies and sources of air pollution. The goal of this thesis is to determine whether the use of the proportionality principle in water and air protection contributes to more efficient environmental protection in the EU and whether the principle is used consistently in...
Aplikace nástrojů hospodářské politiky v oblasti managementu přírodních zdrojů se zvláštním zaměřením na koncept ekosystémových služeb
Louda, Jiří ; Jílková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Geuss, Erik (referee) ; van Koten, Silvester (referee)
The dissertation deals with application of economic approaches and instruments in natural resource management. The paper puts a special emphasis on the developing concept of ecosystem services (mainly abroad) and its application in the Czech Republic's context. The objective of the thesis is to cultivate academic discussion of the importance of methods employed in environmental economics for application of economic policy tools in natural resource management in the Czech Republic's context and, among other things, to clarify whether (and if so, how) the concept of ecosystem services may contribute to the formulation of these tools. The paper also discusses possible limitations of using purely quantitative econometric methods in environmental policy. The dissertation is designed as a cumulative paper. The results of five scholarly articles presented document that application of economic approaches (such as valuation of environmental goods and services) may contribute to efficient meeting of environmental policy goals and that the ecosystem service concept brings new capabilities for application of economic theories in practical natural resource management. One of the new instruments grounded in this concept is the payments for ecosystem services, increasingly implemented abroad. However, the research results also point out the fact that isolated application of outcomes from quantitative environmental goods and services/ecosystems assessment methods has its limitations and may lead to design of measures and tools that will not have the desired effect. The recommendation is therefore to combine outcomes from quantitative methods with qualitative approaches (such as institutional analysis or stakeholder analysis).
Cost-effectiveness of energy efficiency investments in the Czech Republic
Stárek, Michal ; Vojáček, Ondřej (advisor) ; Jílková, Jiřina (referee)
The aim of the thesis is to determine why there are set wrong conditions of public expenditure programs to improve energy efficiency in the Czech Republic. The thesis analyzes conditions of funding and planning of specific projects funded by the Operational Environment program. The main criterion for evaluating projects is the consideration of energy efficiency. Methodologically, the research is based on an analysis of secondary data and the concept of cost-effectiveness. Based on the analysis, recommendations are made for changes in processes and parameterization of public expenditure programs in order to take account of higher energy efficiency criteria in the design and selection of supported projects, and thus be the energy efficiency target for 2020 by 20% could be achieved.
Analysis of regulatory impact assesment on specific environmental legislative act proposal
Kopřiva, Martin ; Geuss, Erik (advisor) ; Jílková, Jiřina (referee)
This thesis is comparing impacts defined by Regulatory impact assessment (RIA) with real impacts discovered with online survey related to the specific Czech environmental legislative act. There is described RIA, experience with RIA in Czech and comparison of development and experience of RIA in EU and USA. As a result, comparison of the impacts within RIA and the ones identified by the survey is that real impacts are different from the predicted ones within RIA. The summary of this thesis is that process RIA is alright but accuracy of predicted impacts is dependent on RIA processor, rigorousness and complexity of RIA.
Strategic Benchmarking related to the Planning of Tourism Development
Luštický, Martin ; Peková, Jitka (advisor) ; Žárska, Elena (referee) ; Jílková, Jiřina (referee) ; Abrhám, Josef (referee)
The presented dissertation thesis deals with a set of problems related to the strategic planning of tourism development in the context of tourism policy. By making full use of the strategic benchmarking method, the thesis tries to make a certain contribution to the improvement of strategic planning in tourism which represents an important factor of tourism destination competitiveness. The objective of the presented dissertation thesis is to postulate and in practice verify a methodology related to strategic benchmarking, aimed at regional tourism development strategies and at selected aspects of the process of their formation. The dissertation thesis postulates a complex procedure thus making it possible to evaluate and compare the tourism developing strategies of the Czech, Slovak and British regions on the basis of stipulated criteria and fuzzy scales. This procedure is implemented into an on-line evaluating application, which can be used by key regional actors for the evaluation of the particular developing strategies. The evaluation results are used for benchmarking gap analysis and for selection of suitable benchmarking partners by means of fuzzy TOPSIS method. Consequently, selected partners are submitted to an external benchmarking investigation focused on methods of how to create strategies, and managerial approaches to planning. The acquired information is used for an identification of good practices for a regional planning of tourism development.
Impact of taxation of electricity, natural gas and solid fuels on sectors of NACE in the Czech Republic
Zimmermannová - Ottová, Jarmila ; Jílková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Šauer, Petr (referee)
The main target of the thesis is analysing of short-term indirect cross-sectoral impacts of taxation of electricity, solid fuels and natural gas on particular sectors of NACE in the Czech Republic, especially impacts on production prices. The key instrument for the analysis is the short-term price model for the Czech Republic, created as a component of the thesis. A secondary target is focused on the analysis of direct impacts, especially impacts on prices and expenditures of particular sectors of NACE. Within the scope of the main target, there are five different variants of taxation. For each of them the impact of taxation of particular commodities on changes in production prices of particular sectors of NACE is simulated. Than two different variants, both of them including taxation of all commodities, are compared. The thesis includes also two hypotheses, which are going to be confirmed or disproved on the basis of obtained results. For achieving the main target the methodology of Leontief input – output analysis was chosen (Leontief, 1966). This is the key instrument for creating short-term price model for the Czech Republic. This method is suitable especially for analysing short-term cross-sectoral impacts, however under necessary condition of no changes in current technologies, agreements and cross-sectoral relations. This condition represents strict limitation for the price model created for the thesis. Regarding scientific contribution, the main asset of this thesis is creation of macroeconomic short-term price model for the Czech Republic, which is based on methodology of Leontief input – output analysis. The additional contribution is calculation of the short-term impacts of new environmental taxation on production prices of particular sectors of NACE. Considering available information, environmental taxes in the Czech Republic have not been analysed by Leontief input - output methodology yet. There is not also sufficient analysis of environmental taxes impacts on particular sectors of NACE in the Czech Republic. The thesis is divided to seven chapters. The first chapter focuses on introduction to environmental tax regulation issue. The second chapter presents theories and concepts of taxation impact analysis. The third chapter focuses on models and empirical research in environmental taxation area. The fourth chapter is dealing with basic practical aspects of introduction of new energy taxation in the Czech republic and presents data useful for the following analysis. The fifth chapter consists of describing of applied methodology and describing of creation of the price model. The sixth chapter summarises results of simulation of direct impact of taxation on average prices for companies and on expenditures of particular sectors of NACE. The seventh chapter presents results of cross-sectoral analysis of indirect macroeconomic impacts for all variants; the chapter includes also testing of hypotheses and comments of final results.
Efficiency of regulation of minor stationary pollution sources
Blažková, Pavla ; Jílková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Vejchodská, Eliška (referee)
Despite the fact that most of developed countries are succesful in reducing emissions of pollutants, the problem in many places is still deteriorating air quality situation. Air pollution is a problem also for the Czech Republic, where some regions are more affected than others. Therefore was in this thesis chosen one of them, the area of northern Bohemia and specifically the area of Teplice. The work focuses on pollution caused by local heating device because this pollution is not currently regulated. The aim of this work is to determine the behavior of households for heating by local heating device through a questionnaire survey. Especially was monitored the reaction for potential regulatory tool- the motivational subsidy. From these data was in more detail examined the dependence between the amount of subsidies and net monthly income using the Pearson and Spearman correlation coefficient. Research showed no major statistical context, however, for the first time was held an investigation of multispecies heating in households thanks to which it can be better analyzed the reasons for frequent heating with solid fuels.
Efficiency of regulation of minor stationary pollution sources
Mešková, Alena ; Jílková, Jiřina (advisor) ; Vojáček, Ondřej (referee)
Local air pollution significantly affects human health. Among its major polluters are households which are, however, difficult to regulate. This essay describes the tools of regulation of small pollution resources already implemented in existing legislation and also the instruments under consideration by the Ministry of the Environment, focusing on subsidies. The questionnaire survey monitored the feedback of households towards subsidies for heating change and consequently three hypotheses were specified. The first one assumes that the subsidies will be utilized just by households with lower incomes. The second one assumes that the subsidy will be chozen by elderly people. According to the last hypothesis this choice will be preffered by households with higher heating costs. Any of the hypotheses was not rejected. Subsidies will stimulate households to use more environmentally friendly methods of heating.

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