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Hudečková, Hana ; Kučera, Radim (advisor) ; Holas, Ondřej (referee)
Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Králové, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis Nanofiltration Diploma thesis Candidate: Hana Heidrová Supervisor: doc. PharmDr. Radim Kučera, Ph.D. Consultant: PharmDr. Tomáš Holas, Ph.D. Nanofiltration is a pressure-driven membrane process which is characterized by using semipermeable membranes with approximately 1 nm pores. This method is used abundantly for the separation of substances with low molecular weight. It is used for example in the process of product isolation in pharmaceutical industry. This diploma thesis is focused on the description of the behaviour of three commercially produced nanofiltration membranes and also on testing of their potential use in the production of ergot alkaloids. The theoretical part is focused especially on the description of pressure-driven membrane processes, the use of nanofiltration in various areas and also on current and historical use of ergot alkaloids in therapy and on the description of their properties. The practical part is oriented particularly on examination of effect of various experimental parameters on the retention of selected ergot alkaloids (primarily of lysergic and isolysergic acid). The results are compared and critically analysed. Keywords: pressure-driven...
Czech in Selected Periodicals in the Protectorate
Hudečková, Hana ; Dittmann, Robert (advisor) ; Andrlová Fidlerová, Alena (referee)
This diploma thesis describes instruments of totalitarian language, it summarizes existing research about language during the protectorate of the official journals. Inforamtion was processed on the created corpus. This corpus war created on base two ofiicial journals Arijský boj and Národní politika. Information was acquired by some available instruments of 3.3 and software K-words, which one is available online from <>. This diploma thesis includes ortography, word- forming sphere, lexical-semantic sphere and morfological sphere. Ortography includes capital letter and puncutation, word-forming sphere includes abbreviations. Lexical- semantic sphere includes representation of Jews, Keywords and Germanism in czech texts. Morfological sphere includes inflection of Germanism, specifically of toponyms. We discovered inconsistency of treatment with capital letter of some words, any words had been evolved during protecorate and any words was written with capital letter from the beginning of the protectorate. We noted to frequent appearance of ironic quotes. We discovered increased frequency of abbrevation in created corpus. Further we discovered rettence Národní politika as to representation of Jews in contrast with Arijský boj, but in both of them was anti-Semitic rhetoric...
Zdeněk Lahoda's novels within the context of Czech mystery fiction of the 1960s to 1990s
Hudečková, Hana ; Janáček, Pavel (advisor) ; Menclová, Věra (referee)
The goal of this work was to develop a biographical characteristics of the writers and translators Zdeněk Lahoda, characterize his works of fiction with regard to his efforts to the translation and its integration into the development detective fiction genre in the context of criminal czech literature since the 60 to 90 of the 20 century. The work seeks to define a genre thriller. This paper summarizes the work of Zdeněk Lahoda soothe and compares his own work, and his translation work. Greater efforts to Zdeněk Lahoda dedicated his translation activities, often translated socrealistic ideological literature, detective stories, adventure tales and stories. His own work has not fit into the context of 90th Years, and therefore do not issue his work again.

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3 Hudečková, Helena
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