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Binary and multi-component homogeneous nucleation in aqueous systems: A process or a thermophysical property?
Hrubý, Jan ; Maršík, František
We present a detailed treatise of selected parts of the binary nucleation theory, focussing on the problems arising for aqueous systems. Although nucleation depends, in general, on the history of the process, in most cases it can be approximated as quasi-stationary and the nucleation rate should be considered a thermophysical property. Even in fully transient cases, nucleation is predictable based on a set of thermophysical data.
Návrh nového zařízení pro přípravu směsi za účelem měření nukleační rychlosti v systémech agresivních par s použitím rázové trubice
Krejčí, A. Petr ; Hrubý, Jan ; Haartsen, J.
Binary homogeneous nucleation of sulphuric acid-water droplets is traditionally considered as a model of secondary aerosol particle formation in the atmosphere.
Modifikovaná klasická nukleační teorie: Translační objemové měřítko, založené na fenomenologických kritériích
Hrubý, Jan
A new translational volume scale is devised for the so-called stationary cluster, whose work of formation is estimated using phenomenological approaches. The new volume scale is compared to previous expressions, in particular to the theory of Reiss, Kegel, and Katz. The new volume scale is based on a comparison of translational energy of a cluster with its surface excess energy. It can be used without modification for mixtures and for various combinations of new and old phases
Visualizace a numerické modelování stísněného koaxiálního proudu
Trávníček, Zdeněk ; Hrubý, Jan ; Vogel, J.
This study deals with the limiting geometry of confined coaxial jets when the outer diameter of the annular jet is identical with that of the confining round duct. The visualization was made in air, the numerical simulation used software FLUENT. The study focused on laminar flows, and on the stability loss of the inner round jet. To portrayal three-dimensional and helical structures, a stereoscopic technique was employed. The passing frequency was evaluated stroboscopically.
The marketing plan and it´s execution for ATLANTIK FT, a. s.
Hrubý, Jan ; Procházková, Markéta (advisor) ; Matoušková, Magdalena (referee)
Nowadays, marketing tools are the key factors to enforce the market as well as to seek new customers. Therefore, marketing planning should be the integral part of any enterprise that wants to succeed in markets. The aim of this Diploma Thesis is to point out the practical aspects of how to process the marketing plan of a particular product. On this basis, it will be able to find the result of the real compliance between theoretical methods how to prepare a marketing plan, generally described in literature, and the real practice. The theoretical part describes general information about the marketing plan and its particular parts, as well as their preparation, implementation and verification. The rest of the Thesis is focused on the description of the real preparation of the new product called eATLANTIK within a company ATLANTIK FT, a. s.. It consists of initial impulse based on the long-term strategic goals, through the preparation of specific parts of the marketing plan. The following methodological tools were utilized in the Thesis: observation, description, deduction, comparison, and other applications.
Economy of the municipal waste
Hrubý, Jan ; Dvořák, Antonín (advisor) ; Kopecký, Alois (referee)
This thesis deals with economy of treating with municipal waste. The municipal waste, which is generated by citizens makes burden not only on public and private budgets, but also on environment. Importance of this burden rise regarding to continuous growth of volume of the municipal waste. This fact implicates need to set up cost efficient and permanent achievable solution. Nowadays there is a suggestion, prepaderd by the Ministry of environment, which suggest using returnable PET bottles, which are important part of the municipal waste. Potentional implementation of returnable PET bottles doesnt have influance only on yield of this type of waste, but it is connected with other parts of the municipal waste such as biological degradable municipal waste and mixed waste. Content of this thesis is presentation of the economic analysis of alternation for treating with three most important parts of the municipal waste on backround of fullfiling conditons set up by European union.
Comparison of the development of graphical user interface in Swing and wxWidgets
Hrubý, Jan ; Pavlíčková, Jarmila (advisor) ; Kureš, Richard (referee)
Thesis deals with comparison of two popular programming libraries for the creating the graphical user interface. First is Swing where it is used Java language and the second is wxWidgets in C++. The main goal of my thesis is objectively compare strong and weak points of these two libraries concerning about factors like rapidity of development, platform independent, rapidity of user interface, facility of globalization, development of new components and creation of distribution programme. This comparison can make easier the choice of library for specific project and thank to using simple and practical examples, it is easier to understand and adopt mechanism of these libraries. Thesis is divided into Swing part and wxWidgets part. Each part starts with description of a way how the library is used. I will demonstrate implementation of simple application and creation of new user interface components. At the end I will write general comparison of both libraries according to established criteria.

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