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Ethnicity in China - Who are the Hui and who are the Dungan?
Horálek, Adam ; Šatava, Leoš (advisor) ; Uher, David (referee) ; Wicherkiewicz, Tomasz (referee)
Ethnicity in China - Who are the Hui and Who are the Dungan? The thesis has three main objectives: (1) to develop a concept appropriate for the comparison of different ethnicities, (2) to use this concept to identify differences of ethnicity in China, and (3) to analyse these differences in the cases of the Huis and the Dungans. The second section postulates the concept of ethnicity as a secondary identity, and this becomes the main theoretical and methodological frame of the work. Six primary identities and dimensions, that together form the components of ethnicity, are discussed. Policy, which is interpreted as a context of ethnicity, and (ethno)culture, understood as an expression of ethnicity, are not seen as components. The concept enables the comparison of distinct perceptions (emic) and qualitative atributes (etic) of ethnicity from six main perspectives. The third chapter is focused on ethnicity and the ethnic policies of China. The central objective is to define a Chinese official category minzu, its position in the context of European concepts of ethnicity and nation, and its comparison with the concept of nation in the Soviet tradition, which represents minzu's template. Minzu is interpreted, unlike most other concepts, as an ethnic group rather than a nation, and is seen as a political...
Shanghai versus Hong Kong: Global Economic and Transport Competition
Ďurica, Michal ; Horálek, Adam (advisor) ; Tomeš, Jiří (referee)
Shanghai versus Hong Kong: Global economic and transport competition Abstract The main objective of the work is to compare global position of two chinese cities Shanghai and Hong Kong. The first part compares financial position of the cities, which comes out from the historical background of the cities and actual economic situation. The global transport competition in ship and air transport is compared in the second part of the work. Final analysis summarises the results and comes out with the statement of stronger city. There is a maximal effort of an actual information and a visual presentation via maps and graphs. Keywords: Shanghai, Hong Kong, China, global position, competition, finance, transport
A comparison of Czech villages Saint Helena and Rovensko in Romanian region of Banat: in areas of availability of transport, community facilities and spatial relationships of local residents
Kresl, Zdeněk ; Freidingerová, Tereza (advisor) ; Horálek, Adam (referee)
Saint Helena and Rovensko are two of six purely Czech municipalities on the Romanian side of Banat. Not very large Czech community has lived there for more than 200 years. Despite the long period of time and surrounding by other ethnics, mostly Romanians and Serbians, Banat Czechs have kept their language, traditions and connection to the Czech nation. After the year 1990, many Banat Czechs moved to Czechoslovakia and this migration flow continues to these days. Depopulation of the villages brings worries about the future. The first part of the paper is focused on history of Banat Czechs in the region and forms of aid from the Czech Republic. In the second part, there is described the current situation in both villages, which have been the objects of the research, regarding transport accessibility, local facilities and spatial relationships of local citizens. The second part stems from the research itself that includes also testimonials of local citizens. The comparison of results of the field research is in the conclusion.
The Development of the Czech Minority in the U.S. between 1850 and 2006
Housková, Štěpánka ; Horálek, Adam (advisor) ; Schovánková, Soňa (referee)
This thesis is focused on the Czech minority living in the U.S., which is currently the largest and certainly the most important Czech expatriate minority abroad. There is the historical view of the development of emigration to the U.S. from 1850 to present. The focus constitutes periods which are characterized as another reason for emigration as well as other numerical strength of emigrants. There is then discussed the issue of changes in the number of Czechs in the U.S. and changes in their distribution in various U.S. states. It explains why there are changes in the distribution. The main reason is the shift from agriculturally oriented migrants to immigrants seeking work in factories and finally more intellectual emigrants in the years after World War II. Furthermore, it is focused on three U.S. states (California, Illinois and Texas) which were chosen because of their specificity in relation to the Czech minority in the U.S. There is described in detail the history and current situation of the Czech minority and the current distribution of the Czechs in these states. Also it discusses some demographic and socio-cultural characteristics of the Czech minority in case of the three selected states.
Population (and) national policy of the People's Republic of China towards ethnic minorities
Horálek, Adam ; Šatava, Leoš (advisor) ; Pargač, Jan (referee)
This study deals with relations between ethnic issue of China on the one hand and the population (and) national policy on the other. The essen-tial issue is whether the ethnic categories are exactly based on ethnic consciousness or if they are more of a politically modified construct. This study does not aspire to judge whether or not it is such case, but rather to put forward many arguments for and against this statement. The important thing that must be discussed is terminology concerning the essential concept- minzu. To correlate minzu with any in-Europe- practiced ethnological terminology is disputable, especially because of the diametric distinctions between both regions. Although the tempo-rarily used terminology has its roots in Stalinist conception of "natsion-alnost", different components must also be pointed out. The results of the research on Sino-Tibetan borderland and its ethnic minorities are used to support the documentation of the issue as applied on the whole People's Republic of China (PRC). Nonetheless, this work is out of any micro regional analysis, due to its more theoretical focus. In accordance with this theme, it was necessary to work in interdiscipli-nary point of view based mostly (except for ethnology, of course) on geography, demography, sinology and cartography. Due to this...

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