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The Principles of the Presbyterial-Synodical Ecclesiastical Polity
Csukás, Adam ; Tretera, Jiří Rajmund (advisor) ; Horák, Záboj (referee)
The Principles of Synodical-Presbyterial Church Government This work reflects the principles of the synodical-presbyterial church government, which are referred to in the church constitutions of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren and the Reformed Christian Church in Slovakia. The author draws attention to the importance of the principles of church polity in ecclesial life, pointing to their occasional inadequate reflection. In this context, the author points out the introduction of the Führerprinzip in the German Evangelical Church in the 1930s. In addition, he highlights examples of churches that have been able to clearly formulate the principles of church polity, and some of them have even incorporated them into their church law. The author goes on to clarify the basic terminology used in his work, focusing on the naming of Protestant churches in different languages. He deals with the division of churches into families according to the categorization used by the World Council of Churches, paying special attention to the family of United and Uniting churches. He describes five types of these churches, and considering the need to introduce another, a sixth type of United and Uniting churches. Next, he deals with the basic characteristics of Reformed, Presbyterian and Evangelical Lutheran churches. The...
The US Supreme Court, its, formation and first key decisions
Červinková, Zuzana ; Seltenreich, Radim (advisor) ; Horák, Záboj (referee)
These days, the Supreme Court of the United States represents a very important and irreplaceable role in its home land: protection of constitutionality, explanation of federal laws, as well as appellate court of last resort within the framework of American courts. Today there is no doubt about its jurisdiction, but there were doubts. In the beginning of its existence no one was sure if the Court could overcome the initial obstacles which were in the way. This diploma thesis deals with the initial existence of the Supreme Court of the United States, its role within the framework of the US federal power system, and its progressive integration as equal with the legislative branch and executive power - The United States Congress and the President, respectively. The main objective of this thesis is to introduce the federal judiciary of the United States, show its differences from the continental system, and accentuate the importance of precedents. First, I focus on the history of the United States; colonization by British citizens, the American War for Independence, The Declaration of Independence, and the formation of American statehood in the 1780s, which resulted in the acceptance of one of the longest- lasting written constitutions in the world. After the historical excurse, the thesis focuses on...
Constitutional development in American colonies
Lazár, Tomáš ; Seltenreich, Radim (advisor) ; Horák, Záboj (referee)
Constitutional Development in American Colonies (Summary) This thesis pertains to constitutional development in North American Colonies in the respective historical context. The thesis is structured chronologically, commencing with the early attempts of British colonization in the 16th century, and follows through the 17th century to the adoption of the Constitution of the United States of America in 1789. Moreover, the thesis also reflects the geographical aspect, focusing first at New England Colonies, then at Mid Atlantic colonies, and finally at Southern Colonies, proceeding in the usual way from the North to the South. The beginning of the thesis (the second chapter) indicates the English colonization attempts in the 16th century and the Royal Patents issued by the King, which authorized their holders to take over and colonize new territories.The third chapter deals with the beginnings of New England Colonies and the continuous development of their central administration bodies, pointing at the content of selected significant constitutional documents of this period. In the fourth chapter, the thesis focuses at the constitutional development of New England Colonies in the second half of the 17th century, which was completed by the creation of unified administration of all colonies in this area in the...
Human locomotion after total hip replacement
Horáková, Alena ; Vilímek, Miloslav (advisor) ; Horák, Zdeněk (referee)
Title: Human locomotion after total hip replacement Objectives: The aim of this thesis is to perform a gait analysis of patients after total hip replacement and to find out, how chosen temporo-spatial, kinetic and kinematic parameters change during the first half a year after the surgery. The deviations found in gait stereotypes of individual patients are further compared with results of international studies. Methods: The thesis is theoretical-empirical, with small number of patients. 3D kinematic gait analysis was performed by Qualisys system and ground reaction forces by two Kistler force plates. The following parameters are being monitored: length of step, stance phase duration, cadence, walking speed, lateral shift of the pelvis and trunk in standing phase, contralateral pelvic drop in standing phase of the leg, maximum range of motion of the hip joint in sagital plain, maximum of vertical and medio-lateral component of the ground reaction forces in the standing phase. Results: The highest side deviations between legs were found in 3 months after the surgery and remained until 6,5 months after the surgery. In this time period a lower value of the length of step, stance phase duration, maximum range of motion of the hip joint in sagital plain and also a higher lateral shift of the pelvis was...
Comparison of certain aspects of legal regulation of slavery and its abolition in the USA and in Great Britain
Brilová, Alžběta ; Seltenreich, Radim (advisor) ; Horák, Záboj (referee)
1 COMPARISON OF CERTAIN ASPECTS OF LEGAL REGULATION OF SLAVERY AND ITS ABOLITION IN THE USA AND IN GREAT BRITAIN Resumé This thesis deals with legal regulation of slavery in Great Britain and the United states of America and also with its abolition. The first part of the thesis is theoretical. At the beginning, it describes the concepts of "slavery", "slave society" and "abolition". This is followed by the brief history of slavery, from the ancient society, through the Middle Ages, to slavery in North America. The end of this chapter briefly discusses the legal aspects of slavery in general, and the influence of the Enlightenment and Christianity on the perception of slavery. The second part focuses on situation in various geographic regions and some legal phenomena relating to slavery. The regions covered include England, specific for fact that slavery was abandoned there as early as in the 12th century and has never had any legislative background, together with India and the Caribbean as two examples of the opposite ends of the spectrum - while in the Caribbean slavery still constitutes a determining social element, in India the effects of slavery are surprisingly "negligible". The next section deals with other Britain's colonies and the characteristics of North American continent, and situation in the...
The legal position of the Federation of Jewish Communities in the Czech Republic
Crofony, Timea ; Tretera, Jiří Rajmund (advisor) ; Horák, Záboj (referee)
Resumé This thesis concerns itself with legal position and operation of The Federation of Jewish Communities in Czech Republic. It brings the perspective on fundamental legal regulations which form a base for operation of The Federation of Jewish Communities and which the Federation is obliged to conform to. The thesis also includes historical insight and cultural background of Jewish religion and its relevant particularities. The aim of my thesis was to put the operation and standing of The Federation of Jewish Communities into Czech legal framework, to describe a specific linkage of legal regulations with religious practice and Jewish religious observances and to use real-life examples to demonstrate the impact and reflection of legal regulations in life of members of Jewish communities and associated organizations. This thesis is divided into four chapters (apart from Preamble and Conclusion), most of which is then further divided into subchapters and other sections. First chapter concerns itself with general definition of religious freedom in the context of Czech legal system, with basic overview of legal sources of Czech state ecclesiastical law and with assessment of Federation's position in the context of Legal Act Nr. 3/2002 Coll. on freedom of religious confession and the position of churches and...
Legal status of diocesan vicariate and parish councils in Roman-Catholic dioceses in Czech Lands
Nejdl, Oldřich ; Horák, Záboj (advisor) ; Tretera, Jiří Rajmund (referee)
A superior in the Catholic Church at times needs the consent or counsel of certain consultative body in order to place a juridic act validly. Legal status of such colleges or groups of persons is regulated by the Code of Canon Law (CIC/1983) and by the statutes approved by the diocesan bishops. This thesis inquires into legal status of the consultative bodies in Roman Catholic diocesis, vicariates and parishes in Czech Lands. Within the diocese the presbyteral council, the college of consultors and the diocesan finance council are required, establishment of the diocesan pastoral council is optional. Mission of the presbyteral council is to assist the diocesan bishop in the governance of the diocese to promote as much as possible the pastoral good of the portion of the people of God entrusted to him. The diocesan bishop is to hear it in affairs of greater importance. Consultation of the presbyteral council is compulsory for example in case of establishment, or supression of parishes, decision to build new church or relegation of a church to profane use. The diocesan bishop needs the consent of the college of consultors especially to place acts of extraordinary administration or to alienate some goods. If the see is impeded, the college is to elect a diocesan administrator. The diocesan finance...
Analysis of muscle activity during steering wheel movement
Dostálová, Veronika ; Vilímek, Miloslav (advisor) ; Horák, Zdeněk (referee)
❆❜str❛❝t ❚✐t❧❡✿ ❆♥❛❧②s✐s ♦❢ ♠✉s❝❧❡ ❛❝t✐✈✐t② ❞✉r✐♥❣ st❡❡r✐♥❣ ✇❤❡❡❧ ♠♦✈❡♠❡♥t ❖❜❥❡❝t✐✈❡s✿ ❚❤❡ ❛✐♠ ♦❢ t❤✐s t❤❡s✐s ✐s t♦ ♣r♦❝❡ss ❛♥ ❛✉t♦♠♦t✐✈❡ ❡r❣♦♥♦♠② ✐ss✉❡✳ ❋✉t❤❡r♠♦r❡✱ t♦ ❛♥❛❧②s❡ ✉♣♣❡r ❡①tr❡♠✐t② ♠♦✈❡♠❡♥t ❛♥❞ ❡❧❡❝tr✐❝❛❧ ❛❝t✐✈✐t② ♦❢ s♣❡✲ ❝✐✜❡❞ s❤♦✉❧❞❡r ♠✉s❝❧❡s ❞✉r✐♥❣ st❡❡r✐♥❣ ✇❤❡❡❧ ♠♦✈❡♠❡♥t ✇✐t❤ ❛ ❞✐✛❡r❡♥t ❤❛♥❞ ♣❧❛❝❡♠❡♥t✳ ❆♥♦t❤❡r ❛✐♠ ✐s t♦ ❝♦♠♣❛r❡ ♠❡❛s✉rr❡❞ ❡❧❡❝tr♦♠②♦❣r❛♣❤✐❝ ❞❛t❛ ✇✐t❤ ❛♥ ♦♣t✐♠❛❧ r❛♥❣❡ ♦❢ ♠✉s❝❧❡ ❛❝t✐✈✐t② ❞✉r✐♥❣ r❡♣❡t✐t✐✈❡ t❛s❦s✳ ▼❡t❤♦❞s✿ ❚❤❡ t❤❡s✐s ❤❛s ❛ ❝❤❛r❛❝t❡r ♦❢ ❛ ♣✐❧♦t st✉❞②✳ ❚❡♦r❡t✐❝❛❧ ❜❛s✐s ❤❛s ❜❡❡♥ ♦❜t❛✐♥❡❞ ❜② ❛ r❡✈✐❡✇ ♦❢ ❧✐t❡r❛t✉r❡ ❞❡❛❧ ✇✐t❤ s✐♠✐❧❛r q✉❡st✐♦♥s✳ ❊①♣❡r✐♠❡♥t❛❧ ♣❛rt ❤❛s ❜❡❡♥ ❝♦♥❝❡r♥❡❞ ✇✐t❤ ❡❧❡❝tr✐❝❛❧ ❛❝t✐✈✐t② ♦❢ s♣❡❝✐✜❡❞ s❤♦✉❧❞❡r ♠✉s❝❧❡s ❛♥❞ ♠♦t✐✲ ♦♥ ❛♥❛❧②s✐s ♦❢ ✉♣♣❡r ❡①tr❡♠✐t② ❞✉r✐♥❣ ❝♦♥tr❛❧❛t❡r❛❧ ❛♥❞ ✐♣s✐❧❛t❡r❛❧ st❡❡r✐♥❣ ✇❤❡❡❧ ♠♦✈❡♠❡♥t ✇✐t❤ ❛ ❞✐✛❡r❡♥t ❤❛♥❞ ♣❧❛❝❡♠❡♥t✳ ❖♥❧② t✇♦ s✉❜❥❡❝ts ❤❛s ❜❡❡♥ ❝❤♦s❡♥ ❞✉❡ t♦ ❛ t❡❝❤♥✐❝❛❧ ❞✐✣❝✉❧t② ♦❢ ❡①♣❡r✐♠❡♥t✳ ❚❤❡ ❡❧❡❝tr✐❝❛❧ ❛❝t✐✈✐t② ♦❢ ♠✉s❝❧❡s ❤❛s ❜❡❡♥ ❛♥❛❧②s❡❞ ✇✐t❤ s✉r❢❛❝❡ ❡❧❡❝tr♦♠②♦❣r❛♣❤②✳ ❚❤❡r❡ ❤❛s ❜❡❡♥ ♠❡❛s✉r❡❞ ❢♦❧❧♦✇✐♥❣ ♠✉s❝❧❡s✿ ♠✳ ❞❡❧t♦✐❞❡✉s ♣❛rs ❛♥t❡r✐♦r✱ ♠✳ ❞❡❧t♦✐❞❡✉s ♣❛rs ♠❡❞✐❛❧✐s✱ ♠✳ ♣❡❝t♦r❛❧✐s ♠❛❥♦r ♣❛rs ❝❧❛✈✐❝✉❧❛r✐s ❛ ♠✳ tr✐❝❡♣s ❜r❛❝❤✐✐ ❝❛♣✉t ❧♦♥❣✉♠✱ ♠✳ ♣❡❝t♦r❛❧✐s ♠❛❥♦r ♣❛rs st❡r♥♦❝♦st❛❧✐s✱ ♠✳ ❜✐❝❡♣s ❜r❛❝❤✐✐✱ ♠✳ ❞❡❧t♦✐❞❡✉s ♣❛rs ♣♦st❡r✐♦r✱ ♠✳ ✐♥❢r❛s♣✐✲ ♥❛t✉s ❛ ♠✳ tr✐❝❡♣s ❜r❛❝❤✐✐ ❝❛♣✉t ❧❛t❡r❛❧❡✳ ❚❤❡ ❡❧❡❝tr✐❝❛❧ ❛❝t✐✈✐t② ♦❢...
The Development of Concordat Law between 1964 and 2013
Gazárek, Jakub ; Tretera, Jiří Rajmund (advisor) ; Horák, Záboj (referee)
The development of concordatarian law from the year 1964 onward The goal of this thesis is the analysis and comparisson of concordatarian law in few select countries. This thesis is mainly focused on the countries of Central Europe (Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Republic of Poland, Federal Republic of Germany). In order to expand the scope of this thesis, two other countries were chosen. The first one is the Kingdom of Spain, which represents a unique example of a gradual change between the so called traditional concordatarian system and the new and modern system developed after the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council. The second country, that was chosen is the Republic of Colombia as a non-European country with long and interesting history of concordatarian tradition. The thesis itself is divided into two main parts. The first part (composed of the first two chapters) aims to define the basic terms, which are used throughout the entire thesis. Such basic terms as concordat, the subjects of concordatarian agreements, the Holy See and others are defined in the first chapter. Also the international legal personality of the Holy See and its historical development is examined in the same chapter as well. The Second Vatican Council and its teachings had a profound impact on the concordatarian...

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