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Reconstruction of the railway tunnel
Nekl, Jiří ; Horák, Vlastimil (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The diploma thesis engages in the reconstruction of railway tunnel Domasovsky that is situated at the track section Olomouc – Krnov. It illustrates the current state of the construction and the geotechnical conditons of the area of interest, it also presents the potencial solutions. The design is verified by stuructural analysis, the design documentation and technical report are also enclosed.
Parametric study of behavior of the structure of the wine cellar
Hajn, Jakub ; Janků, Hynek (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
In traditional wine village Bořetice recently occurred to serious disturbances on structures of wine cellars. These failures were caused by, among other things, changes in the properties of the rock environment. This work focuses on the implementation of parametric studies in terms of changing the properties of rock (soil) from the viewpoint of structural arrangement of the wine cellar.
Evaluation of the construction of sewer in Pardubice-city microtunnelling method. Assessing the possibilities of further use of this technology in pedestrian areas of the Pardubice-city.
Maršálek, Jan ; Franczyk,, Karel (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
Diploma thesis deals with using microtunneling method in Pardubice-city. Evaluate construction of sewer and assessing the posibilities of furthert use of this technology. The work include static assessment of jacking pipes. Mathematical modeling is used in software Plaxis 8.2.
The impact assessment of a new deep foundation for the structure of the primary service tunnel
Lipka, Miroslav ; Horák, Vlastimil (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The purpose of the diploma thesis is assess the impact of piles on primary collector lining. Using a mathematical model has been calculated interaction between pile ond collector lining. The main task is to decide the length dependence of the pile deformations and internal forces that are the concrete lining of the collector.
The underground garage in Brno-City
Nováková, Zuzana ; Rupp, David (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The thesis focuses on the design of the underground garage in the centre of Brno under the Petrov hill. The main target of the thesis is to design spatial arrangement of the underground space and its feasibility study. In the following parts the design of the structural solution and its check calculation is carried out.
Reconstruction of sewer in Brno-City
Folovská, Kateřina ; Just, Tomáš (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The master thesis deals with the reconstruction of the sewerage in Brno-city, between the streets Roosveltova and Solniční. Due to the location of sewer in build-up area, the reconstruction will be performed by tunnelling technology – shield excavation. The thesis is mainly dedicate with design and structual design of sewer lining. The mathematical model is created in software Plaxis 8.2 2D.
The providing of decontamiantion pit for the environmental purposes
Bůžková, Eliška ; Lokos, Jan (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
As the trend in environmental care grows, the emphasis on removing the old environmental burdens is bigger. This thesis is dedicated to the case when the soil was contaminated by products of gas industry in the area of Jihomoravská plynárenská, a.s. in Brno - Zábrdovice . The aim of this work is to select the appropriate remediation technology and shoring remediation pit in mentioned locality. Diploma thesis also includes design and assessment of selected construction sheeting calculated by the method of dependent pressures, technology design and implementation of construction drawings.
Remediation of Landslide on the Road II/492, Luhačovice
Malá, Markéta ; Horák, Vladislav (referee) ; Glisníková, Věra (advisor)
Bachelor thesis called Remediation of landslide on the road II/492, Luhačovice deals with the distribution and description of the types of landslides, methods of their solutions and ways to secure further landslides. One part of this thesis are practical solutions of remediation landslide with anchored pile wall.
The methods of implementation structures of the shallow underground structures
Vrána, Tomáš ; Černý, Vít (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
In the first theoretical part, the bachelor thesis deals with the basic overview of the implementation methods of the shallow underground structures. It also mentions the most important elements used in the actual implementation. In the second practical part, the bachelor thesis deals with the case study.
The assesment stability of the cliff
Bíba, Tomáš ; Lossmann, Jaroslav (referee) ; Horák, Vladislav (advisor)
The stability of rock walls and slopes are an integral part of professional geotechnical assessment wherever there is a breach of natural or rock mass. Assessment always depends on the expertise and experience in particular industries that report preparation. Performed mostly analytical calculation (classic or using software) or numerically. The best way is to use both methods and compare them. The aim is always best to estimate the behavior of rock mass and to ensure its safety.

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