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Virtual TableTop for playing the Dungeons and Dragons board game
Horák, Vladimír ; Polášek, Tomáš (referee) ; Čadík, Martin (advisor)
The goal of this work is to create an open-source 2D virtual tabletop for the board game Dungeons and Dragons and similar TTRPG games, which implement some bonus features, leading to better gaming experience. The main improvement is in extending the toolbox of other virtual tabletops by adding support of multiple layers, improved inventory support and automation of some time-consuming elements like area of effect spells. In addition the game will run directly on local devices, improving performance and removing limits of storage capacity and file size, which are common among cloud based virtual tabletops.
Electro-Magneto-Hydrodynamic Model for Electron Microscopy
Mačák, Martin ; Horák, Vladimír (referee) ; Uruba, Václav (referee) ; Vyroubal, Petr (advisor)
This dissertation thesis deals with the description and development of an electromagneto-hydrodynamic model intended for electron microscopy. The basis of the work lies in the description of characteristic phenomena taking place in electron microscopes with a focus on environmental electron microscopy. The work dealt with a description of the electromagnetic field, supersonic flow of rarefied gas and a motion of relativistic charged particles in a gaseous environment. An electromagnetic model based on the definition of electric and magnetic vector potential was presented and was used for a simulation of an electromagnetic coil. The supersonic flow of a rarefied gas was defined by Navier-Stokes equations. In order to extend their application to low pressures, the boundary conditions for velocity and temperature were modified. Viscosity and thermal conductivity were subsequently introduced as functions of gas pressure. These adjustments were able to describe the effects of lower collision frequency of gas particles. The presented model was used for the analysis of a flow through a separate aperture and a differentially pumped chamber. Furthermore, the model and necessary adjustments for the description of relativistically moving particles were presented. The model was used for the simulation of electron optics. Separate attention was paid to the interaction of charged particles with a gaseous environment. These interactions had a stochastic character and the presented model described both elastic and inelastic collisions. The presented multiphysics model enables the simultaneous simulation of different physical areas and the interactions between them, which leads to a possibility of a more detailed description of processes and to the improvement of environmental electron microscope design.
Underground as a political phenomenon
Denčevová, Ivana ; Junek, Marek (advisor) ; Horák, Vladimír Jaromír (referee)
Czech underground and underground movements in other states share some common characteristics. In communistic Czechoslovakia, underground became an exceptional and unique phenomenon in spite of its typical non-political character - it served as a base for the establishment of the Charta 77 opposition movement. It hereby became a political phenomenon and an integral part of political opposition life before November 1989. In my research I have focused on an approximately five-year period of this fundamental epoch of the Czech underground development. I have used evidences provided by contemporary witnesses, worked with archive materials and studied works available in this field.
Periods of Globalization and chosen issues
Horák, Vladimír ; Sirůček, Pavel (advisor) ; Džbánková, Zuzana (referee)
Globalization is a phenomenon that has been influencing human existence for a long time. However, processes of globalization as well as its periods have not been unified yet. This paper seeks to describe basic milestones of globalization as well as its historical reflexion. The description is put in the context of the World Bank's approach to economic history. Globalization is inherent to many problems. Nevertheless, many authors point out positive effects of globalization. It is substantial to be aware of what the benefits of globalization are and to know why to support it. It is also important to monitor its negative impacts showing us warnings for the future and indicating what we should avoid in the present. The goal of this paper is to point out the influence of globalization within nowadays information and from the economic point of view. Present financial crisis which effects the whole world is closely associated with globalization. Therefore, one section of the paper is dedicated to this topic.

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