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Analysis of the Location Impact and the Technical State on the Market Value of Selected Houses in and around Valašské Meziříčí
Horák, Vít ; Hlavinková, Vítězslava (referee) ; Hrubanová, Michaela (advisor)
This diploma thesis is describing extent of impact of location on real estate placed in town Valašské Meziříčí and comparing it with other real estates located near town Valašské Meziříčí. This diploma thesis is also solving question if is area of town Valašské Meziříčí so much significant that can balance better technical conditions or other positive technical distinctions of compared real estates. For solving this question will be evaluated five real estates. For the evaluations will be used these ways of evaluation: evaluation based on costs, comparing of real estates based on valid price regulation and direct comparing.
Rationality of Human Action and Preferences
Horák, Vít ; Sojka, Milan (advisor) ; Mlčoch, Lubomír (referee)
The thesis criticizes the subjectivist-teleological principals of economics. Economics intended to work with the individual preferences without normative, or any other, bias. The neutrality is, however, distorted by deep assumption of the economic thought - the a priori causality between the preferences and action. The teleological perspective as it was introduced by Karel Engliš was sharply delimitated with respect to causality. Neoclassical and Austrian school, however, do mix causality and finality in their conceptions of action and preferences. My thesis strives to describe this mistake. It is also possible to formulate the theme of the thesis as criticism of the assumption of certain a priori rationality of human action. I try to clear up the notion of rationality, show the possibilities of its meaning and point out at the radicalism of any assumed causality it may encompass. I use the critical conclusions to outline a preference framework that would not repeat the identified mistakes, which would, however, set out from the subjectivist-teleological perspective as well.
Purpose and rationality in the theory of action: Max Weber, Talcott Parsons and an outline of an alternative
Horák, Vít ; Balon, Jan (advisor) ; Urban, Jan (referee)
Submitted thesis examines the role of the notion of end (purpose) in the theory of action and how reaching an end can be considered as rational. Underlying motive is an intuition of the Frankfurt school that identified modern society as irationally rational. By supplementing the notion of end with a dimension of its latitude - the spectrum of possibilities that are open for an action - I try to diferentiate it and enable a multi-dimensional conception of purposeful action in which creative and reactive aspects of an action can be separated. Inside this conception I try to make the abovementioned oxymóron intelligible without relying on moral maxims to which would be the action subordinated. To the this goal I progress from a discussion of the hermeneutical metatheoretical principles through a critical analysis of Weber's and Parsons' theory of action. I go through Weber's concept of understanding (verstehende) sociology, the question of access into the perspective of others, the notion of meaning (purpose), end, and rationality and Parsons' discussion of the possibilitties of analytical theory in sociology and the concept of "unit act".
Worcamp Liminality, or There and Back Again (and the extraordinary experiences that happen in between)
Sedláčková, Tereza ; Grygar, Jakub (advisor) ; Horák, Vít (referee)
Bachelor thesis "Workcamp Liminality, or There and Back Again (and the extraordinary experiences that happen in between)" deals with initiation in contemporary society. It elaborates on initiation of transition between childhood and adulthood, which is made possible through the secular rituals of transition. A research on one workcamp is used to analyse this type of initiation. Three-phase concept rites de passage of Arnold van Gennep, focusing on the middle, liminal, stage and its course as described by Victor Turner is used in the analysis. The aim of this paper is to outline some examples of travelling, which may take the form of rites de passage, and through research on one specific workcamp show that it is possible to encounter the liminal and initiating characteristics of travelling there. According to the theories of Victor Turner emergence of communitas is perhaps the clearest indication of liminal stage (or rite de passage and initiation). Turner's understanding of communitas is very important especially for the empirical part of the text. Methodological work is based on participant observation in the field and semi-structured interviews with workcamp participants conducted during the workcamp. This work shows that under specific circumstances, the workcamp environment can facilitate...
"Hipster" Tote Bag Wearers and their Fashion World
Štěpánková, Tereza ; Horák, Vít (advisor) ; Kotík, Michal (referee)
Tereza Štěpánková "Hipster" tote bag wearers and their fashion world Abstract This bachelor thesis deals with the "hipster" tote bag wearers, their fashion world and the role of the terms hipster and style in their life. The goal of the thesis is to find out, if the wearers of the tote bag can be compared to expert definitions of hipster or if there are any special regularities to describe at all. The thesis is composed of four parts, the theoretical part is an introduction to sociology of fashion, style, selfpresentation with citation of Georg Simmel, Erving Goffman and others. For the reason, that hipster is in some definitions considered a subculture, the term subculture is defined, as are the terms related to it. In the second chapter the term hipster itself and its problematic definition are argued with support of contemporary literature. The methodological part is a description of the research process and data collection. The content of the analytical part is formed by interview data interpreted in context of chosen theoretical theses. Three subchapters were formed in the analytical part based on the data, which present the outcome and answers to the research questions. These subchapters are Common elements between the hipster tote bag wearers and its noncoincidental character, The bag wearers' style...
Tattooed and Non-tattooed as a Different World
Horáková, Lucie ; Kandert, Josef (advisor) ; Horák, Vít (referee)
This bachelor thesis concerns the differences between the world of tattooed and non-tattooed. The text is divided into three parts, in the theoretical part the author explains the term tattoo and presents its brief history, and other terms and theories, which relate to the following empirical part. The second part is methodology, which describes the qualitative research which took place in terms of exploration of the topic, the third part is the analysis of the data itself, which is supported with extracts of the interviews. In this part, the author separately explores the view of the people on themselves and on the society and compares it with expert literature.
Comparartion of L. Feuerbach and D. Durkheim in Relation to Religion
Kašpar, Oldřich ; Šanderová, Jadwiga (advisor) ; Horák, Vít (referee)
This dissertation is a comparison of L. Feuerbach and E. Durkheim and their approach to religion. Specifically, it describes their books, "The Essence of Christianity", and "Elementary Forms of Religious Life". My aim is to discover topics across both authors who study religious systems agree in spite of differing theoretical background. Initially, both authors are analyzed separately, and later they are brought together in the converging section. The main issues discussed in the converging part are the approach to the origins of god and faith, the approach to soul, and the approach to the interconnection of religion and society. This comparison shows that through completely different arguments the authors are able to come to an agreement about the influence of religion on an individual or a social group. Furthermore, it discusses the fusing of religious systems and society. Durkheim thinks this interconnectedness is functional and it may lead to cohesion of small social groups. Feuerbach argues that the redirection of faith from man to god can lead to alienation, yet still he agrees with Durkheim that it is an important social phenomenon that bounds together individuals and society. Feuerbach represents philosophical investigation, while Durkheim's approach is more sociological, resembling partly...
The Role of Non-human Actors in the Construction of Scientific Fact in Bruno Latour's Conception
Patáková, Markéta ; Horák, Vít (advisor) ; Hlaváček, Karel (referee)
The main topic of this thesis is the construction of a scientific fact as a special case of construction of reality. Bruno Latour is connected to this in several perspectives through which will this thesis capture his position. It describes his concept of science, originating from his laboratory studies, and its later embedding under the actor-network theory. In both cases, the emphasis lays on withdrawal from explanation through complex invisible forces, used by contemporary sociology. Latour refuses to explain a scientific fact through reference to outside world and society. According to him, attention should shift to the local and empirically approachable level. On this level there are collectives of human and non-human actors, who act together. Latour's conception of the construction of a scientific fact is put to test by the critique from sociology of knowledge. The strong program of sociology of knowledge understands the scientific fact as a joint product of reality and society. Non-humans (principally laboratory technology) play a key role in this dispute. Sociology of knowledge does not include them in their analysis, because they are not taken as social actors. Technology is on the other hand a core element in the construction of scientific fact in Latour's conception. Readers of this thesis will...
Current practise and representation of Argentine tango in Latin America and the Czech Republic
Erhart, Daniel ; Brenišínová, Monika (advisor) ; Horák, Vít (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with Argentine tango from the perspective of Czech dancers. I am trying to find out what impact tango has on the Czech dance scene and whether it still maintains its dominance in the competition of modern dances. At the same time, I will try to create a certain generic profile of a typical Czech tanguero, or tango dancer. In conclusion, I argue with similar research which was conducted in 2004 and then four years later carried out. The work is divided into two parts - theoretical and practical. In the first, theoretical part, I deal with the history of tango not only in Argentina, but also in the Czech Republic. I will find out how and to what extent the Czech authors are engaged in tango and what stereotypical features they worked with. In the second, practical part, I work with questionnaires, thanks to which I analyse the answers of Czech tangueros to this Argentine dance. I am interested in the views associated with tango and the personal characteristics of the respondents, such as their age, gender, occupation and last but not least their own dance experience. At the end of the thesis, I refer to a similar sociological research from the past and I argue with its results. Key words Tango, passion, intimacy, traditional dance, women, dance history, Argentina, Latin...

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