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Value Added Tax in the Czech Republic, EU comparison
Pelikánová, Radka ; Kemény, Irena (advisor) ; Hollmannová, Monika (referee)
This diploma thesis focuses on value added tax which is an important part of the tax systems of many countries around the world. In the countries of European Union is this tax compulsory. The main target of this work is to describe the origin of value added tax, the principle of its functioning and its legislation not only in the Czech Republic but also in the European Union. Furthermore, this thesis focuses on the harmonization of value added tax in the European Union, its development and differences in the use of value added tax between the Member States. Finally, this work deals with tax fraud, which threaten the value added tax in particular so-called Carousel Fraud. It describes the factors that enable the creation of tax fraud and tries to answer the question whether the reverse charge mechanism could eliminate the tax fraud. It also makes efforts to find appropriate solutions to the problem of tax fraud.
Prediction of Stock Returns using Financial Statement
Hájková, Petra ; Jakubík, Petr (advisor) ; Hollmannová, Monika (referee)
This thesis should contribute to research in the area of fundamental analysis. Its aim is to study whether financial statement data of Czech non-financial companies capture information that is not reflected in prices. Therefore, the question is whether investment strategy based on financial statement analysis could earn excess returns. In order to test this hypothesis, a three-step estimation procedure based on a logit model is used to identify financial ratios relevant for prediction of future earnings. The final estimated model includes four financial ratios and is then used to set a one-year investment strategy. Although the performance of the estimated model is not too sound, this investment strategy brings positive abnormal returns during the monitored period of time. Despite the fact that results were influenced by several factors, they could indicate that financial statement analysis of companies listed on the Prague Stock Exchange is able to predict stock returns.
Specifics of Economic Development in Modern Russia
Glebova, Margarita ; Cahlík, Tomáš (advisor) ; Hollmannová, Monika (referee)
This master thesis is dedicated to Russian development and determinants of its growth. Just two decades ago Russia experienced a total change in the political and economic structure of the country. USSR fall, together will all its successes and failures. Russia went to the path of building a market economy, while the rest of the developed world was already living in such economy and using its benefits. With the heritage of the USSR, Russia had a huge potential to be successful in that road. The goal of this work is to answer the question, whether or not we were able to use it. In order to answer this question two-stage analysis was performed, combining theoretical and quantitative parts. Theoretical part contains the overall analysis of the areas of economic and social development. Quantitative part contains analysis of the main GDP drivers and endogenous powers of industrial production. Powered by TCPDF (
Company's valuation of importance on the market
Krejčí, Martin ; Hollmannová, Monika (advisor) ; Šolc, Jan (referee)
This modern 21th century is mainly dependent on various kinds of valuations. These are made by different ways of economical counting and models. Most of the counting is being done by various professional external rating agencies. Eg. rating agencies with their bonity asset valuation, national rating agencies, tax rating agencies, etc. Also different types of the best company charts by prestigious magazines are found in this category. These types of ratings are constructed by really complex systems of algorithms and many statistical calculations are made. For my bachelor thesis I have been inspirited by web page ranking called "page rank". This is used for web page comparison and recognition which one is better to be used for example. Final rating result is very useful instrument for marketing agencies. Eg. to decide on which web page use their banners and advertisement. In my work, I would like to define a hypothesis that there is a countable validate index set which might generate some kind of authenticable company's index to describe its authenticity, solvency or even durability. Let's call it "Firm-rating". Main aim of this thesis is to describe and rationalize these indexes. Anyway, at the close, I would like to describe system of counting such an index and I will try to find a way how to...
Securing a worthwhile retirement despite the state's social system
Drozd, Zdeněk ; Hollmannová, Monika (advisor) ; Schneider, Ondřej (referee)
The goal of this thesis is to analyze the opportunities available to each individual who decides to assure sufficient sources for financing his old age expenditures by himself. The development of thi pension systems across the world and in the Czech Republic with respect to the current problems caused by worsening of the demographic situation is described in the first part. The main part of the thesis focues on the individual instruments of financial and capital markets that are able to increase the value of funds saved in the course of life of an individual and help with the preparation of sources for retirement. The above alternatives are, thereafter, applied on the case of an average individual who is at the beginning of his career and who will probably be most affected by the potential crisis of the pension system.
Audit quality in the Czech Republic
Pěkná, Martina ; Havel, Jiří (advisor) ; Hollmannová, Monika (referee)
Audit of statutory financial statements is mandatory for major part of big companies. Auditor ascertains the validity and reliability of information in the financial statements. Since stakeholders use financial statements for their decisions, quality of audit services is important for all users of financial statements. This thesis concerns about the quality of audit services in the Czech Republic. We focus on suppliers concentration on audit market using market concentration measures and based on these data we outline structure of audit market. Our findings suggest significant heterogeneity of supply side of audit market. We also examine the relationship between audit quality and cost of capital of audited companies when we expect that higher quality audit may decrease cost of capital of audited companies. For this purposes we build up unique data set of non- financial companies and design a model respecting the specifics of Czech financial market. Surprisingly, results are not consistent with those of existing research based on US and Chinese data when they suggest that there is no significant relationship between audit quality and cost of capital.
Microeconomic analysis of 2008 tax reform impac t on Czech Republic from the income tax' perspective
Murková, Viera ; Hollmannová, Monika (advisor) ; Štiková, Radka (referee)
Master's Thesis describes changes that occurred to the income tax in general, but the main focus is on change, that came through in recent years in the Czech Republic. Particularly tax reform, which is valid from 1.1.2008. The paper is divided into three parts. The first part is split into two sections: natural and legal persons. In this part there are theoretically described mainly characteristics of these persons. This is essential for studying particular impacts of the tax reform changes, which are described in detail in the following chapters. The second part is also divided into two parts, and each section discusses the tax reform from the point of view of natural and legal persons. This part was enriched by short examples always calculated for years 2007, 2008 and 2009, so that we can see the impact of the reform in these particular years both practically and in numbers. In third part there is a description of microeconomic analysis of income tax for natural as well as for legal persons. This part deals with the advantages and disadvantages of the existence of the income tax and also why this tax is divided into two parts. The conclusion of this paper summarizes the impact of the tax reform on individuals and also there are balanced the advantages and disadvantages of this reform. Powered by TCPDF...

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