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Echinoids, their evolution and response to the Cretaceous paleoenvironmental events
Hedánková, Karolína ; Košťák, Martin (advisor) ; Nohejlová, Martina (referee)
The bachelor thesis briefly summarizes knowledges about the evolution of sea urchins (Echinoidea; Echinodermata) with a focus on the successful order Spatangoida and their diversification in the dynamic Mesozoic environment. Attention is paid in particular to significant palaeoceanic changes, such as anoxic events (OAE = Oceanic Anoxic Event) and extinctions. Responses to OAE1-OAE3, as well as the last mass extinction (within the "Big Five") at the Cretaceous-Paleogene (K-Pg) boundary, are briefly discussed. Sea urchins, as an important part of benthic communities, prove to be a suitable model group not only for understanding the dynamics of evolution, but also successful strategies for surviving crisis events and new adaptations. Key words: Mesozoic, echinoids, evolution, events

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