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Patient education nurse anesthetist
Kloubcová, Lenka ; Hošťálková, Monika (advisor) ; Heczková, Jana (referee)
Bachelor thesis is focused on assessing the quality of patient education nurse anesthetist. Patient education is considered from the perspective of nurse anesthesia. The theoretical part of this work is devoted to general anesthesia characteristics, definitions and history of anesthesia. The following section deals with different types of anesthesia, complications of anesthesia and drugs used in anesthesia. Furthermore, the work focuses on the characteristics of the patient before, during and after anesthesia, and the specifics of the individual parts of anesthesia from the viewpoint of anesthesia nurses. The last chapter includes the very concept of education and the importance of good communication with the patient throughout the preparation of the patient for anesthesia. The basis of this work is a quantitative research ideas anesthesia nurses by anonymous questionnaires. Here the sisters reflect the stated objectives of work. The stated goal of the work is to identify the knowledge of anesthesia nursing Educational process, whether anesthesiology nurses involved in patient education before elective surgery and anesthesia nurses whether they have created suitable conditions for patient education. These objectives were met. As a possible solution for improving the efficiency of education could...
Effect of sporting activity on the risk of burnout in nurses working in intensive care
Fialová, Zdeňka ; Heczková, Jana (advisor) ; Strnadová, Alice (referee)
Master thesis is dealing with the influence of sport activity at burnout among nurses working in intensive care and resuscitation. The thesis is divided into the theoretical and the empirical part. In the theoretical part we deal with burnout, its risk factors, symptoms and preventive measures. Other chapters are devoted to sports, primarily focused on the influence of sports activities on psychological stress and burnout. We also describe the possibilities of introducing sport activities to the workplaces. The main goal of our work is to determine whether there exists a relationship between sport activity and the risk of burnout. The research was carried out with the use of a quantitative questionnaire survey, which consisted of two parts. The first part contained questions related to burnout and was conducted using a validated MBI (Maslach Burnout Inventory) questionnaire. The second part contained questions related to the leisure sports activities of nurses. Within Všeobecná fakultní nemocnice in Prague, Malvazinky rehabilitation clinic, hospital Mělník, Tanvald, Sedlčany and Neratovice were distributed 298 questionnaires to the nurses working on the resuscitation or intensive care departments. The final testing sample consisted of 233 questionnaires (78% of surveyed nurses). It was found out...
The role of a nurse in the pharmacotherapy team from the point of view of a pharmacist
Vilímová, Petra ; Heczková, Jana (advisor) ; Jeřábková, Lenka (referee)
A general nurse may, without clinical supervision, administer medicinal products with the exception of intravenous injections (IV) or infusions in newborns and children under 3 years of age and with the exception of radiopharmaceuticals. This activity is regulated in Decree No. 55/2011 Coll. by Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic. The preparation and administration of the medicinal product is an integral part of the everyday practice of a l nurse; however, the dimensions of this procedure are very broad, and it does not start and end with the administration of the prescribed medicinal product. In the wider context, this is a multi-disciplinary process, in which other health professionals can participate with their well-founded roles. Determining individual roles and collaboration in the multi-disciplinary team composed of a doctor, a nurse and a clinical pharmacist has an effect on the correct pharmacological treatment of the patient. Of all professions, nurses spend time with patients. 40 % of their time administering medications; therefore, they play a key role in the reduction of medication errors. (Miller et all, 2016). The aim of the research is to analyze the current role of the nurse in the administration of medicinal products from the perspective of a clinical pharmacist. The research...
Nursing care of vascular access focused to prevention of catheter sepsis
Prošková, Michaela ; Heczková, Jana (advisor) ; Chvojková, Kateřina (referee)
Ensuring the bloodstream is one of the most frequently indicated invasive procedures, especially in the pre-hospital emergency and intensive care. All invasive inputs are nowadays an integral part of intensive care. Despite careful daily care, vascular accesses are at risk of complications, which annually effects many patients institutionalized at intensive care units. Catheter sepsis is undoubtedly one of the most serious. Although a significant proportion of these infections are considered highly preventable, they still contribute to high morbidity and mortality among these patients. The aim of this diploma thesis is to analyse nursing care for vascular inputs. One of the partial goals is to evaluate and compare the relevance of the nursing standard of a medical facility with scientific knowledge and current recommendations of professional societies. The research method is a quantitative questionnaire survey focused on nursing staff working in the Department of Anesthesiology and Reanimation. The analysis of the vascular inputs re-dressings was performed in patients hospitalized in the same ward, where the research itself took place. The results of the research survey show a discrepancy between the given procedure in the nursing standard and common practice in the ward. In view of the...
Influence of bariatric surgery on the physical and mental condition of the patient
Fořtová, Tereza ; Heczková, Jana (advisor) ; Chvojková, Kateřina (referee)
INTRODUCTION TO THE ISSUE: Obesity together with possible occurrence of many difficulties carries with it negative effect on physical and mental health. Many patients with severe obesity (class 3) cannot do physical activities or usual daily activities. These patients suffer from feelings of inferiority, decreased self-esteem and other mental issues. It could be classified as a vicious cycle for patients, but the bariatric surgery offers a way out. A gastric bypass is one of the bariatric procedures which is very helpful to reduce the weight of the patients who belongs into class 3 obesity. OBJECTIVES, METHODOLOGY: The main goal of this study was to find out if applying the gastric bypass to patients has positive or negative effect for their obesity level, quality of life, physical and mental state. The research sample was consisted of patients who were about to undergo gastric bypass. The patient's weight, BMI and body fat ratio were monitored to obtain data related to the assessment of the severity of obesity. The quality of life was evaluated using the SF-36 questionnaire (Short form 36). The standardized MAF (Multidimensional Assessment of Fatigue Scale) was used to review of patient's fatigue. The mental state of patients was subjectively assessed using the standardized HADS scale (Hospital...
Factors influencing turnover of nurses in the Czech Republic
Sedešova, Julie ; Heczková, Jana (advisor) ; Jeřábková, Lenka (referee)
Introduction: The shortage of nurses is a global problem of a multifactorial nature, to which demographic change in the world's population contributes greatly. In the future, a growing imbalance in the supply and demand of nursing staff can be expected, and according to WHO estimates (2015), the deficit of nurses and midwives will reach 7.6 million in 2030. The lack of nurses is largely due to their turnover, which is influenced by a number of interrelated factors and has a negative impact on the quality and safety of health care, the economy, health systems and the nurses themselves. The first step in solving this issue is to examine the causes of institutional and professional turnover of nurses and then create stabilization measures. Aim: Identify, characterize and analyse the factors that influenced the decision to change the current job position of general nurses with more than two years of experience. Methodology: Qualitative research was carried out through individual semi-structured interviews, phenomenological approach and method of purposeful selection was methodologically chosen. The research survey was attended by 14 general nurses from Prague hospitals aged 30 to 52 years. Data collection was terminated by reaching theoretical saturation. Data analysis was performed using open coding...
The role of preceptor nurse in the transition period at the selected workplace
Polidarová, Zuzana ; Heczková, Jana (advisor) ; Jeřábková, Lenka (referee)
Introduction: A nurse preceptorship is essential in the transition period (TP) of novice nurses. Especially in intensive care workplaces, where training for highly specialized and demanding care is provided. TP thus becomes a sensitive period in which the employee decides whether to remain in the workplace or even in the profession. Methodology: This is qualitative study with the main focus of the survey on the specific experience of preceptors with TP management. Data collection was performed using semi-structured interviews with preceptor nurses in one selected workplace of intensive care. Data analysis was performed in 4 steps, open coding and sorting of data into categories and subcategories were used. Results: Six main topics were identified: Preceptors' experience from their own transition, TP organization attributes, Evaluation and feedback, The role of the preceptor nurse, Critical moments and Factors influencing the TP. The experience of trainers from their own TP is a significant predictor for their individual way of training and leading novice nurses. Evaluation and feedback have a culture and should be performed regularly in cycles to achieve the purpose. The preceptor has many roles, participates in the creation of social relationships with the novice, he himself strives to establish...
Decision to leave workplace in non-medical healthcare workers
Picmausová, Ivana ; Heczková, Jana (advisor) ; Jeřábková, Lenka (referee)
The fluctuation of nursing staff in the medical facilities is not just current problem in the Czech Republic. Aging population will present higher demand for number of nursing staff. It is assumed that the insufficient number of nursing staff will remain and even rise (also due to aging of the staff) if appropriate actions are not taken (Simoens et al., 2005). This thesis discusses the decision to migrate amongst the nursing staff - general nurses, practical nurses, midwives, and emergency paramedics within the medical facility. It analyses the reasons for changing their workplace. The investigation was executed using the questionnaire method. It was conducted in January and February of 2020 in the selected medical facility in the Czech Republic. Total of 701 questionnaires were distributed to all inpatient wards, outpatient departments and intensive care units. The investigation targeted nursing medical staff. A statistical analysis of the results was performed Mann-Whitney U test was used to monitor the differences for decision to migrate based on various characteristics and responses. Total of 415 completed questionnaires were analysed in this investigation. 61/415 (14.7 %) responders consider the change of workplace. The most common nursing staff members to consider the change were general...
The trasition period of anesthesiologist nurses from the point of view of mentor
Husová, Veronika ; Heczková, Jana (advisor) ; Hocková, Jana (referee)
Introduction: The transitional process is completed by all new employees with a view to the fastest and the most effective involvement in a complete work process of an organization. Also new employees, who start working in the anesthesiology department, go through specific adaptation. The research of this diploma thesis is focused on the anesthesiology department and brings a view of mentors - anesthesiologist nurses on the adaptation transition of new employees. Methodology: This is a qualitative study, data collection was conducted by semi-structured interviews with anesthesiologist nurses and mentors from various fields of anesthesia. Data analysis was performed in open coding steps followed by categorization. A total of 9 anesthesiologist nurses had participated in the research survey. Results: Findings of this research shows important aspects of successful adaptation transition of anesthesiologist nurses. These important aspects are mentor's experiences from both of their transitional process and his previous workplace, also mentoring that is represented by an experienced trainer, as well as cooperative and helpful work environment and collective, and at last, it is a quality feedback for mentor as well as new employer. Conclusion and recommendations: It was proven that for successful...
The role of nurse in the pharmacotherapy team
Hašková, Martina ; Heczková, Jana (advisor) ; Jeřábková, Lenka (referee)
This diploma thesis deals with current pharmacotherapeutic care with a focus on activities that nurses take part in. The aim was to collect and evaluate the views and experiences of selected nurses regarding their role in pharmacotherapy team, particularly what activities they perform in such team and how their pharmacotherapy teams work in general. SWOT analysis was then used firstly to evaluate the current role of nurses and secondly to suggest a way of implementation of possible extension of nurses' competencies in pharmacotherapy. In order to collect the required data, semi-structured interviews were conducted. These were recorded, so they could be easily processed afterwards. During transcription of the interviews into written text, all the collected data was briefly analysed. The data was further analysed using the open coding method, when three main categories with specific subcategories and subcodes were identified. All the selected men and women, which were asked for cooperation, are people working as a nurse without supervision and mentoring. Based on their career history all of them were expected to have a more specific experience with the issue. The respondents were mainly nurses with long-term working experience, often working in middle or senior management. When selecting the future...

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