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There used to be written Anno Uhui
Thesis named There used to be written Anno Uhui, The club Schlaraffia in Czech countries in 1859-1939 tries to introduce a men?s society called Schlaraffia and founded in 1859 in Prague. This society was named after an enchanting land of cornucopia from German fairy tales. This almost unknown German speaking, but included outside of Germans Czechs and Jews, society tried to protect and support arts, humor and friendship. It has expanded from Prague step by step to whole world and still exists in many places. This thesis is limited by the territory of current Czech Republic and for the period 1859 ? 1939. Between these two years there were many Schlaraffias in the area. The period is limited by founding of the first ?empires? of Schlaraffia and by their dissolving after the occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1939. This club presented itself as many castles all around the world, which were full of knights ? its members. Every knight had a special funny name and many ceremonies simulating the medieval and early modern times rituals accompanied their meetings. There were included even dubbing members to knights and tournaments with glasses full of beer instead weapons. Besides Schlaraffia organized many cultural events and charitable collections to help especially to the children, but also to support its own members. Schlaraffia represented an unusual possibility to amuse with the friends for well-off citizens in the second part of 19th and first half of the 20th century. There would be nearly impossible to find such type of society among the Czech amusing or charitable associations in that time.
Schlaraffia Budovicia 1882 - 1917
This bachelor thesis, named Schlaraffia Budovicia 1882 {--} 1917, is engaged in one of many local parts of a global extended German speaking cultural-humorous associations called Schlaraffia and founded in 1882 in České Budějovice. Here this club existed until its prohibition and annihilation in 1939. The thesis wants to present almost unknown strictly male khighthood club and its curiosities, because there weren´t too small of them. The work is constructed on the basis of literature, list of articles and chronicles, which were made mostly by member of Schlaraffia themselves. The work is constructed on the basis of origines predominantly from resources Šlarafie in State District Archive in České Budějovice too. These resources are represented with many kinds of papers like meeting protocols, prepared speeches, poems and letters. So on the basis of this the ordinary life of Schlaraffia association is approached including a few of unusual events, which had interfered with it. Schlaraffia of České Budějovice is demonstrated by description of its meetings, its members and the place, where did they usually meet.

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