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Specificity of midwife care in children gynecology
Children{\crq}s gynecology is mainly focused on preventive care, as timely treatment of gynecological diseases, determining congenital defects and promoting healthy physical and sexual maturity contribute towards healthy woman population. Girl clients is a very specific group od gynecological patients and a midwife nurse is supposed to consider all the specifics during the medical examination. The theoretical part of the thesis contains all information concerning the history of children{\crq}s gynecology, the development of female genital organs, examination in children{\crq}s gynecology, nurse care for gynecological girl patient and sexual abuse and rape. Some more information dealing with intimate hygiene, contraception and sex education are also included. To fulfil the aims of the bachelor{\crq}s work, both quantitative and qualitative research strategies were used. A questionnaire as a method of the quantitative research for collecting data was prepared. It consisted of 26 questions. The research was completed in March 2008 when the questionnaires were sent to children{\crq}s gynecological outpatient departments in the Czech Republic. Forty questionnaires were handed out to midwife nurses working in these departments. About 92.9 % questionnaires were sent back. Within the qualitative research were used the techniques of observing girl clients and a guided interview with girl parents present in the department. This qualitative research was realised in children{\crq}s outpatient department in Děčín in June 2008. Six girl patients and six mothers were interviewed there. The main aim of the thesis was to identify gynecological disorders of girl patients. The other aim was to set up and verify the nurse diagnoses within the NANDA TAXONOMY II. The third aim was to find out how much the midwife nurses know about the specifics of girl patients. The fourth aim consisted in detecting needs of life-long education for midwife nurses working in children{\crq}s gynecological outpatient departments. All aims were accomplished. The following hypotheses were stated in the practical part of the thesis. Hypothesis 1: Mothers (or other people accompanying the girls) are not informed enough to prepare girls for gynecological examination. This hypothesis was proved. Hypothesis 2: Midwife nurses know all specifics of gynecological girl clients. This hypothesis was proved. Hypothesis 3: children{\crq}s gynecology midwife nurses need lifelong education. This hypothesis was proved. The research findings can be applied into practice. The work will help midwife students and nurses in all gynecological departments. They will find here basic principal attitudes to girl clients and learn more about nurse diagnoses which occur within children{\crq}s gynecology. Midwife nurses can also use it as a source of information for their nursing care.

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1 Hamerníková, Pavla
2 Hamerníková, Petra
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