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Scenery of products of nature and nature structures
Kolaříková, Ivana ; Dvořák, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Hůla, Zdenek (referee)
The theme of the thesis is how products or forms found in nature are viewed and interpreted in both natural and social contexts. The natural context sees the various forms individually, as well as intertwined with surrounding forms, composing scenery, vistas, and the environment, including microcosms. It illustrates that their appearance - structure, shape and attributes - are the result of activities of various natural processes and elements. The thesis focuses on stone as a lifeless product of nature and wood (tree) as a living product of nature. It also points to the importance of products of nature in human life and their reflection in art. The practical part of the thesis analyzes a cycle of oil paintings that capture varying sceneries of stone and wood, inspired by nature's cycle of creation and destruction. The thesis also proposes some approaches, and possible aplications, of the theme of nature in art education.
Public and privat personal space
Marušková, Marie ; Sedlák, Michal (advisor) ; Hůla, Zdenek (referee)
The theme of the work is space. Theses is the authors research and thaughts about he themes public, privat and personal space. Where are the borders betwen such a spaces. Text focuses on the topics as public space in city, space of architecture, landscape and also traveling as an movement in a space. The education part deals with a space as an education topic for the lectures of Art. Is also showing Artistic suggestions from partially realized projects in Elementary School Na Chodovci and their refl ection. The last part of the thesis describes a draft of author's own art works Key words: space, public space, privat space, personal space, city, architektura, landscpe, moving, travels, art educatin, art.
Costume, ritual - metamorphoses
Osvaldová, Božena ; Skarlantová, Jana (referee) ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor)
This dissertation explores costume and ritual as individual categories and then adds the theory about the role of costume in ritual acts. The dissertation explores the significance of costume and its' essentiality. Further it introduces the relationship between costume and ritual and sets both of them as parts of a complex system where change of one component leads to subsequent changes of other components and can result in a change of the whole structure.
Changes in the Presentation of the Human Shape in Creative Works
Novotná, Štěpánka ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor) ; Cikánová, Karla (referee)
This work is divided into the three parts - the teoretic, the art and the didactic, which is presented art - educational project and its reflection. The teoretic part is sighted into the changes of the prezentation in the human looks in the fine arts since the end of the 19,h century (till present.)- nemusí to tam být). These changes were studied in their realation to make-up, costume and mask. Each part approached the autor individually and as a feature that reflect the society situation. The art work is presented by drawings, paintings, pictures, masks and faces accesories, that are sighted into the changes of the human looks.
Clothing as an identity Game
Brožová, Marie ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor) ; Skarlantová, Jana (referee)
This is a theoretical study, topics presented here are reflected and expanded in a didactic project, an art project and an artwork. The study looks into the topic of clothing in relation to corporeality and social identity of an individual and its role in today's both Czech and (more widely) Euro-American majority society. The influence of mass media on an individual and the society is fundamental to understanding of current social role and changing symbolism of clothing. An insight into cultural history (changing value system and transforming attitude to the appearance care) is necessary to get an overall view of the problem.
Cycle - metamorphoses of stone
Kavalírová, Martina ; Sedlák, Michal (advisor) ; Hůla, Zdenek (referee)
The thesis explains the metamorphoses of stone seen in different contexts both natural and social. The metamorphosis of stone properties and its shape is presented on the basis of the natural processes taking place in the nature. The change of the relevance and function of the stone is seen in parallels of stone perception in the past and today. The core of the whole thesis is an effort to defend the place and values of the natural forms - stones for a human being in the present world. The thesis further deals with the use of "metamorphoses of stone" in fine art. The practical part contains a collection of "stone" objects created from different materials, completed by photos of objects in natural context of the present time. The didactic part is offering a possible application of the theme in art education.
City and Periphery
Švadlenková, Zdenka ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor) ; Kornatovský, Jiří (referee)
The thesis "City and Periphery" deals with the themes of evolution of modern city (focused on the 20th and 21st centuries) and its peripheries as inseparable segments. It is searching for possibilities and changes of understanding this phenomenon in terms of sociology and culture. Changing of chosen Prague locations is described and in their contexts this thesis surveys artistic denotation tightly connected with the city culture.
The Cave of Shadows
Tuláčková, Lucie ; Hůla, Zdenek (advisor) ; Roeselová, Věra (referee)
Summary: a theoretical study, a didactical project, an artwork (appendix) This dissertation deals with reality, the recognition of reality, the effect of cognition on the interpretation of reality, the methods of dealing with the visual information in the arts and advertising. Key words: reality, perception, cognition, interpretation, art, media, advertising, information, manipulation.
The Phenomenon of the Countryside
Hejduková, Eliška ; Kornatovský, Jiří (advisor) ; Hůla, Zdenek (referee)
Moje diplomová práce krystalizovala velmi dlouho a prošla mnohými proměnami. Avšak cítím, že se mi podařilo nalézt cestu, jak propojit výtvarné umění se vztahováním se k přírodě. Navíc je to cesta, která ač komentuje destruktivní dopady lidské činnosti na přírodu, není zcela negativní, dokonce dalo by se říci, že je v jádru optimistická. Musím se přiznat, že právě beznaděj při pohledu na mizení přírodních míst, bylo to, co mě často ochromovalo a zabraňovalo mi se radovat z toho že jsem člověk. Naštěstí jsem došla k poznání, že je nutné se postavit k životu a ke světu kladně. Ačkoliv tuším, že mé snažení nezachrání svět, zachrání alespoň mě.

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