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Economic socialization: psychological aspects of money for children and adolescents
Přibilová, Kateřina ; Höschlová, Eva (advisor) ; Komárek, Tomáš (referee)
The aim of the bachelor thesis is not to present the viewpoint of developmental psychologists on the whole economy, but only to provide the readers with an excursion into some important passages of economic socialization of children and adolescents. The bachelor thesis contains a number of up-to-date research on the subject. Functional literacy and financial literacy are described in detail, as well as the question of pocket money and the ability to defer gratification. The proposal of qualitative research is based on the theoretical part and focuses on the perception of economic concepts and patterns of children in the Czech Republic aged 8 to 12 years Powered by TCPDF (
Psychological Aspects of Teleworking
Táborská, Pavla ; Rymeš, Milan (advisor) ; Höschlová, Eva (referee)
The theses Psychological aspects of teleworking is dedicated to actual theme of a teleworking from the perspective of psychological aspects and teleworkers. In the theses a concept of teleworking is introduced in the current social context with its historical development. The main focus is on introduction a teleworking in relation with personal characteristics of a teleworker, well-being, work-life balance and social dimension of teleworking. In the empirical part there is introduced a mixed methods research - a combination of mapping study and case study. The theme of the empirical part is teamwork and psychological safety of specific group of teleworkers - lectors from the non-profit organization. In the quantitative part got involved both teleworkers and their managers, in the qualitative part evaluated the teamwork and psychological safety in the team only managers of the teams. Keywords Teleworking, telecommuting, personal characteristics, well-being, work-life balance
Leadership and health: Diagnostic Potentialities
Muhrová, Barbora ; Höschlová, Eva (advisor) ; Rymeš, Milan (referee)
The master thesis deals with connection of two important themes in a labour environment - leadership and health. The theoretical part is about defining the two concepts. In case of leadership, the main objective is to describe current roles, expected competencies of a leader and also a brief presentation of the main theoretical approaches to the leadership styles. Within health theme, working conditions usually mentioned in specialized literature as a risk to our health are described in detail. The outcome of these two chapters is to provide insight into the health-oriented leadership overlapping to describe abroad developed method Health-oriented leadership (HoL). Empirical part verifies basic psychometric data of the HoL method. The results of the research which was conducted on a sample of 76 followers and 17 leaders show that each version of the HoL method (StaffCare for leaders, StaffCare for followers, SelfCare) provides satisfactory item quality and sufficient reliability (Cronbach's alpha ranged from 0.494 to 0.958). Goal of the validation research questions was to assess construct and criterion validity - the results are diverse and offers a number of correlations between versions of this method and different variables (e.g. a lifestyle, working conditions, health status, etc.). The...
Football performance and its determinants
Macháček, Martin ; Höschlová, Eva (advisor) ; Baláková, Veronika (referee)
This thesis focuses on enumeration of the essential psychosocial determinants affecting performance of the footballers. These determinants are divided into three sections. Personality of athlete as a key factor influencing his performance is discussed in the chapter one. Social and cultural environment are the subjects of the second chapter. Specifics and partial aspects of sports environments are presented in the third chapter. Definition of performance in football and the possibility of its measurement are defined in a separate section. Relationship between the pre- match emotional state of footballers and their performance in the match are verified in the empirical part of thesis. Comparison of footballers with general population is particular part of analysis. The study results showes significant but weak correlations between emotional state of football players and their performance in the match. Difference was found between certain emotions and personalities of football players and the general population. Keywords: personality of athlete, emotional state, football performance, psychological preparation in sport
Less is sometimes more: study of decision - making in the context of cognition, intuition and well-being
Schautová, Nina ; Bahbouh, Radvan (advisor) ; Höschlová, Eva (referee) ; Buriánek, Jiří (referee)
This dissertation presents results from three research projects, which extend available findings in the area of psychology of decision-making. It focuses on intuitive decision-making, the role of context and its relationship to decisional satisfaction and well-being. First research project addressed the possibility of generalisation of selected intuitive heuristics on non-financial decisions. Despite some methodological issues, results show that we invest time more easily than money, and intuitive heuristics cannot be automatically generalized to time decisions. Second research project focuses on context and its impact on decisional satisfaction. It shows decisional satisfaction can be influenced through decisional context. Eliminating escalation of commitment impacted resulting satisfaction on an experiential level, although cognitive level remained intact. Last research project focused on interindividual differences in relation to decisional satisfaction and well-being. Results show that higher competence influences decisional style, but it only higher self-confidence, perceived decisiveness, comes with higher decisional satisfaction and well-being. Data from this study do not allow to make judgment as to the direction of a causal relationship. Nevertheless, it opens many new questions in the...
Verification of psychometric characteristics of the Multiple Errands Test method in patients with brain damage
Jarošová, Kateřina ; Krámská, Lenka (advisor) ; Höschlová, Eva (referee)
The thesis deals with the issue of executive functions in patients with acquired brain injury and possibilies of executive deficit detection in real life circumstances. The thesis is divided into theoretical and empirical part.The theoretical part consists of three chapters. In the first chapterthe definition, localization and different disorders of executive functions are mentioned. The second chapter presents some neuropsychological methods suitable for executive functions assessment and their limits. In the final chapter the Multiple Errands Test method and its various modifications are introduced. The main purpose of the empirical part was to evaluate the ability of the Multiple Errands Test method - hospital version (MET - HV) to detect deficits in executive functions related to daily life functioning. The research group consisted of patients with acquired brain injury (N = 20) and neurologically healthy adults (N = 20) hospitalized in the Rehabilitation Center Kladruby. The results proved the ability of the method MET - HV to distinguish well between patients with acquired brain damage and healthy adults. The second hypothesis concerning the ability of the method to distinguish between patients with frontal and nonfrontal injury wasn't confirmed. Another purpose of the empirical part was to...
Options of measurement of coping with stress
Pustina, Jaroslav ; Höschlová, Eva (advisor) ; Niederlová, Markéta (referee)
This work investigates various methods for measurement of stress coping. Theoretical part introduces basic theoretical constructs that deal with stress coping which are also related to the presented Stress coping questionnaire inventory. Other methods for measurement of stress coping are also discussed. The end of the theoretical part introduces the Stress coping questionnaire itself. Empirical part establishes the basic psychometric characteristics of the inventory and analyses suitability of implementation of specific norms for various demographic groups. Se- cond study within the empirical part investigates convergent validity of the method against other inventories. The results indicate that the inventory is a valid method for measurement of stress coping, although some of its scales are affected by social desirability. Recommendations for improvements of the method are mentioned in the end of the work. Keywords: stress, stress coping, psychodiagnostics
Psychological aspects of honesty and cheating
Tefelnerová, Pavla ; Höschlová, Eva (advisor) ; Trojanová, Hana (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on psychological aspects of honesty and cheating linking the pieces of knowledge based on not only psychological, but also economical and pedagogical research. The attention of the first chapter is devoted to introduction of the issue outlining the borders between honest and dishonest behaviour and defining several streams of opinions maintaining the attitudes of particular researchers. The studies provided prove that cheating is not regarded as pathology of few individuals, but rather the way of behaviour typical of every single human throughout even more tense circumstances. Furthermore, the second chapter of the thesis deals with personal, situational and demographical factors influencingthe circumstances under which people incline to dishonest behaviour as well as its extent and the ways of cheating. The insight into the mechanism of cheating and its possible ways of influencing is proposed. Hence the results presented in this part of the thesis are based on different methods of survey (questionnaires and experiments), the third chapter is concerned with discussions of their both advantages and limits relating to the particular focus of the entire thesis. The theoretical part is enclosed with overview of the ethical aspects of the survey of honesty and cheating....
Psychological aspects of games in teambuilding
Řežábková, Marika ; Čáp, David (advisor) ; Höschlová, Eva (referee)
This thesis is focused on topic of games used in teambuilding while presenting knowledge from theory and proposal of effectiveness verification in practice. The theoretical part is devoted to defining teambuilding and method of games and further analyzes psychological aspects involved in the process. The psychological aspects are categorized chronologically in three phases - psychological aspects entering the process before its beginning (team composition, motivation and expectation of team members), psychological aspects occurring during the teambuilding (the role of lecturer, atmosphere of psychological safety, debriefing etc.) and finally psychological aspects, which could be observed after teambuilding (effectiveness, possibilities and limits). The project of research deals with verification of teambuilding program effectiveness in the area of proclaimed objectives. I decided to compare two forms of teambuilding - with or without debriefing because of opinion of some experts that debriefing is a key component which distinguish effective and ineffective teambuilding.
Gender and work in the armed forces from a psychological perspective
Krejčová, Alžběta ; Höschlová, Eva (advisor) ; Boukalová, Hedvika (referee)
The aim of this bachelor thesis is to explore current position of women in army and combat roles. In the exordium, we define the term armed forces and add a short summary of gender, gender stereotypes and roles. This leads us to the teoretical part, where we firstly address the common gender differences. We investigate relevant physical differences, motivation of men and women, social perception of gender roles, stereotype of woman as a weaker worker and influence of women on team. Then we confront gender stereotypes, army requirements and research data. Finally, we address big issues of women working in army, like sexual harrasment, motherhood and marriage of soldiers. Here we study problems like harrasement by a superior or effect of long period absence on a child. We inquire into how women in army are percieved by their male counterparts, gender roles in army and dilemma of double perception of female combatants - as women and as soldiers. Keywords: Gender, army, sex differences, psychology, work, ocupation

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