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Asistant roles in education of students with multiple disabilites.
Skokanová, Michaela ; Hájková, Vanda (referee) ; Vágnerová, Marie (advisor)
This thesis deals with the issues related to education and upbringing of children with combined disabilities. It maps the special support needed for these children and their families and it outlines the potential of using an assistant. Theoretical part of this work is dedicated to cerebral palsy and possible associated disabilities. There are chapters dedicated to families of children with combined disabilities, education and upbringing of such children, including potential challenges. The practical part is a case study of a boy with combined disabilities I have been working with for a couple of years. The results of this case study prove benefits of cooperation with an assistant.
Psychosocial situation of the hospitalized child with posttraumatic renal tissue integrity
Marková, Pavla ; Hádková, Kateřina (referee) ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor)
The goal of my thesis is to summarize findings of a special education pedagogue at the burns medicine clinic in Prague. In the academic part of the thesis the questions of bums are defined, as well as the history of their treatment and approaches to the prevention of such injuries. Further on, the author defines notions such as illness and its psychological impacts on a child, hospitalism, etc. The last part of the academic part deals with education of children in health care institutions; especially operation of an elementary school and a kindergarten in the Královské Vinohrady faculty hospital in Prague, where the research for this thesis had been carried out. The practical part of the thesis is based on the execution and evaluation of a questionnaire and describes 6 case studies of children after the burn shock caused in various ways. Key words: Burn shock, post-traumatic disorder, hospitalism, children education in medical institutions, family
Support scope for multiple-sclerosis patients
Hrubá, Marta ; Strnadová, Iva (referee) ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor)
Tendency of this dissertation is to map patients therapy, working and sociable habilitation, ways of education and the social possibilities that patiens with multiple-sclerosis have. To record activities of patiens and others organizations, whic are merging patients or are supporting patients another way and compare their quotations. To find out, if this quotation is enough for patients and if they have the same opportunity from each location in Czech Republic.
Aspects of the Study of People with Serious Physical Disabilities at Universities in the Czech Republic
Kalivodová, Pavlína ; Hájková, Vanda (referee) ; Titzl, Boris (advisor)
In my dissertation called The aspects of study of persons with serious somal disability, I explore factors that affect studying at universities in the Czech republic. I have five main aims in my work: 1. to summarize all possible aspects that impact both studying of the watched group and making decision about their possible studies; 2. to integrate this data into context of current technical a financial possibilities of society; 3. to find out the real occurence of described aspects in the chosen group of students with serious somal disability; 4. to outline possible changes that would improve current situation 5. to describe this issue in the Slovak republic. The theoretical part consists of: Introduction into the problem; definition of target group of my degree work; a short list of the most frequent causes of serious physical disabilities; description of difficulties affecting study; indication of the ways to improve the situation; description the situation in foreign countries. In the practical part I focused on research of interest of handicapped students in studying at universities and I mapped out their specific needs related to their possible university studies.
Concept of basal stimulation concerning people with severe disability
Vránová, Tamara ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Šumníková, Pavlína (referee)
My Diploma work focuses on the concept of Basal stimulation® and its practical application in the treatment of people with disabilities. The theoretical part briefly introduces the basic concept of Basal stimulation®, describes the history of its beginning and development, then deals with the way people accept individuals with several disabilities, as well as those with mild forms of disability. The following part of my work analyses the characteristics of each part of the stimulation: somatic, vibratory, vestibular, optical, acoustic, oral, realted to smell, tactile.The practical part describes the use of basal stimulation for people with disabilities. This part includes the results of a research questionnaire on the use of the stimulation for pupils with several disabilities case history.
Role of family in the process of autonomization of adolescent with physical disability
Uzdařová, Lucie ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Chrzová, Dušana (referee)
The thesis is focused on following psychosocial problems within the process of gaining independence in adolescents with physical disability, the main focus being the shift in relationship towards parents after the adolescent begins his/her weekly stays in a boarding house. The aim is to show that this separation from family facilitates the process of gaining independence of the adolescent and supports his/her participation in and identification with his/her peer-group. The thesis is based on defining fundamental terms as autonomy, adolescent, family with emphasis on describing the specifics of adolescents with physical disability. It also informs about the basic protective legislation, statistical data and services offered by Jedlička's istitute. The theoretical base is supported by the results of a qualitative research - analysis of interviews with adolescents and their parents, which show how these two groups perceive the period of emancipation, how they describe its course, its consequences on family and peer relationships, how it influences their life goals and views of future.
The Instruction and Education of a Person with a Serious Physical Disability in Adolescence
Švácha, Petr ; Titzl, Boris (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
In My thesis called "Pedagogy and education of adolescent with major handicap" I would like to deal with the determination and comparison of aim in life, values, orientation and perspective of adolescents with progressive muscular Dystrophy. I presume that these adolescents have deficiencies of living the aim of their life and therefore low life satisfaction. To elaborate my dissertation I will use the qualitative research, to be specific - the structure interview method, Schedule for The Evaluation of Individual Quality of Life - SEIQoL and LOGO-TEST of Elizabeth S. Lucas. The outcome will be the research report. I suppose that outcomes of my dissertation will be useful not only for me, but also for the future special pedagogy graduates. These could continue with their research and in that way assist to develop the information sources for educators in practice. I select this theme as I have been working for twelve years as educator in Jedlička Institute and Schools ( with the handicapped adolescents. Since 1994 - 1997 I was the basic educator. After three years I started the substitute army service which I passed at the Health department as ambulance attendant. After my "army service" I returned to the education sector where I became, after some time, the tutor team leader and now I have been...
Employment of Persons with Mental Disabilities and Sponsored Employment as a Tool for an Active Employment Policy
Klingohr, Jakub ; Hájková, Vanda (referee) ; Šiška, Jan (advisor)
The aim of my work is to introduce to the readers the programme of employment support. This service is helping handicapped people to find their own place in the open employment market. The text is divided into several parts. The first two are theoretical and the remaining ones are more focused on the practise of employment support. In the first chapter I define the term of mental retardation and I list the methods of its classification. This part should answer the question of what method is suitable to be applied in the area on employment of people with metal retardation. The next part is devoted to a handicapped person's position in a society and his integration into the society in the field of employment. In the third chapter I focused on the issue of employment of the handicapped people. Here I list the important changes in the legislature designed to support those who are disadvantaged on the employment market. I also enclose the employment support programme with its aims and principles and case studies supplement. Powered by TCPDF (
Specific speech development of autistic children and development of communication capabilities of autistic children
Trávníková, Věra ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
The objective of the final work is analysis of logopedie intervention in autistic children in the Vysočina region. The work offers an overall view of the care in the region, its possibilities, conditions as well as deficiencies. The whole work is divided into the theoretical and practical part and five chapters. In the first chapter I am dealing with defining the term of autism, terminology, etiology, occurrence and diagnostics. In the second chapter I am summarizing the knowledge related to the problem of communication with autistic children. The information was obtained by studying specialized literature and using practical experience. Problems are analyzed here as well as the basic forms of communication and its development. In the third chapter I am describing the system oflogopedic care of autistic children in the Vysočina region. The thesis further gives an outline of individual facilities that provide the care. I concentrated on special pedagogy centres and the data about clients with autistic spectrum disorders. In the fourth chapter I am presenting the research, its objectives, proposed hypothesis, used methodology, place of investigation and characteristics of the research sample. The investigation itself is described in the fifth chapter where I am analyzing the anamnestic data. In the following...
Transition Programmes to Support an Independent Life for Individuals with Physical Disabilities
Žišková, Jana ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Ohlídková, Blanka (referee)
The aim of my diploma work is to present summary of transit programs in the Czech Republic and to map their contribution to quality of life of handicapped people. My work will consist of fínding out how transit programs facilitate handicapped people their integration into usual life, how they help them to realize their plans and organize their leisure time. In short, what kind of services these programs offer to their clients. The integrál part of my work will be a description of the situation of handicapped people in the Czech Republic (the description of their needs, current legislative) and drawing up case studies which will illustrate obtained knowledge.

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