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Teacher's intervention as a determinant of motivation of pupils with ADHD at a lower secondary school
Cibulková, Andrea ; Bartoňová, Miroslava (advisor) ; Vítková, Marie (referee) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
The dissertation brings a perspective on the education of students with ADHD in a regular elementary school. Educating this group of pupils is a challenge for teachers. A good level of knowledge of the issues of this spectrum neurodevelopmental disorder, the possibilities of pupil support and effective strategies of motivation for schoolwork is a prerequisite for the school success of a pupil with ADHD. The aim of the research was to specify the level of knowledge of teachers about the problem of ADHD and to shed light on what strategies they choose in the context of motivation for school work among this group of pupils. A mixed research design provided scope for a combination of research methods. The KADDS scale was used to identify teachers' knowledge and misconceptions about ADHD. The analysis of the research data yielded information about the average level of knowledge and helped to specify specific topics for in-service teacher education. As part of the implementation of focus groups with a lower secondary school teachers who have experience in teaching pupils with ADHD, we found that for motivation to work at school they choose mainly educational procedures and interventions recommended by school counseling facilities, which mainly consist in adjusting the organization of teaching and...
The viewpoint of pupils with special education needs in support of teacher's assistant, in inclusive middle school
Amerová, Linda ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
This bachelor's thesis focuses on the viewpoint of pupils with specific educational needs on the presence of a teacher's assistant in the process of teaching at the first level of primary school. Its goal is to find out what advantages pupils with specific educational needs see in the presence of a teaching assistant in the classroom, what supports a positive relationship between the teaching assistant and the pupil, and what are the differences between the views of intact pupils and pupils with specific educational needs. The theoretical part of the thesis defines the terms - inclusion, support measures for pupils with specific educational needs, and describes the history of inclusive education. It also focuses on the definition of the teaching assistant profession, its legislative anchoring, work content and competences. Furthermore, the theoretical part is focused on working with pupils with special needs and on the cooperation of the teaching assistant with other pedagogues, legal representatives, and pupils. The practical part presents the results of the research investigation. The aim of the research was to find out how especially pupils with special educational needs, but also intact pupils, perceive the presence of a teaching assistant in the classroom at the first grade of an inclusive...
Quality of life people with muscular dystrophy at different stages of their lives
Krčilová, Radka ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Zakouřilová, Hana (referee)
Muscular dystrophy is a serious congenital disease that is currently incurable. There are many types of this disease, and one of its forms is Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which mainly affects boys and shortens their lives to a few decades. The absence of dystrophin in the muscles is manifested by the weakening of the muscles and their gradual loss. Boys soon lose the ability to walk and other momentum. At the same time, heart function, breathing, and bone quality are compromised. Such a life is not easy for a boy. Fatigue, lethargy, frustration come along with puberty. They have to get used to frequent medical examinations and checks, stretching exercises, various rehabilitations and stays in the spa. He needs to start asking for help and gradually asking for it more often and in many ways, eventually in almost all of them. Not only he needs psychological support, but also the caring family. The work seeks an answer to the question of what the quality of life with this disease can be, how it is experienced by the young person himself, and how it is seen by someone involved in the care. It describes this quality of life in different time periods gradually. Answers were also sought to the question of whether more could be done for the quality of life of these boys, e.g. through greater awareness of...
Influencing the challenging behaviour by implementing the PBIS system at elementary school
Norková, Šárka ; Felcmanová, Lenka (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
The thesis Influencing Challenging Behaviour of Pupils by Implementing PBIS in elementary schools aims to provide the reader with a theoretical summary of the link between wellbeing support and its impact on challenging behaviour, and at the same time to introduce evidence-based system the Positive Behaviour Intervention and Support (PBIS). The thesis research, which aims to find out the opinion of pupils and teachers on the introduction of PBIS and its impact on challenging behaviour, was conducted in cooperation with three elementary schools in the Czech Republic which use elements of PBIS in their teaching from 2020. Data for the research was collected using two hundred and eighty-eight questionnaires from second grade elementary school students and three interviews with representatives of the school PBIS teams. Data collection was conducted online, the survey was administered in February 2023, and the interviews were conducted in April 2023. The thesis research revealed that the impact of school-wide PBIS on challenging behavior is perceived by teachers, primarily in the ability to create a safe environment for students and provide positive behavior support that leads to minimizing challenging behavior. According to the data, the opinion of educational stakeholders towards the implementation of...
Causes Of unfinished secondary school studies of socialy disadvantaged female students
Kochová, Veronika ; Němec, Zbyněk (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
The topic of this thesis is the causes of non-completion of secondary school studies of socially disadvantaged students. The focus is on mapping the causes of three major areas that contribute to the dropout of female students with social disadvantages, namely school, family and leisure time. The thesis is devided in five main chapters, of which the first two chapters are theoretical, while the following chapters are devoted to the empirical part. The first chapter focuses on secondary education and selected specifics of adolescence. This chapter describes the adolescence period, secondary education and subsequently academic failure. The second chapter is devoted to the specificities of education of pupils with social disadvantages, focusing on the causes and problem areas of social exclusion and on systemic support for pupils with social disadvantages. The main aim of the thesis is to find out the reasons for the non- completion of secondary education of girls with social disadvantages. Based on the main objective, sub-objectives and research questions were set. The empirical part of the thesis is conducted in the form of a qualitative research investigation and is divided into three main chapters. Structured interview with open-ended questions was chosen as the method of data collection and the...
Action of school special education teacher in inclusion support of pupils with specific learning disabilities in primary school
Sejkorová, Soňa ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Felcmanová, Lenka (referee)
The diploma thesis deals with the activities od a school special pedagogue at a primary school focused od the re-educational support od pupils with specific leasing disabilities. The theoretical part focuses on the definitiv od the profession of a school special pedagogue, its legislative definition and qualifications. The activities of the school special pedagogue, legislative definition and qualifications. The activities of the school special pedagogue in the framework of inklusive education, inklusive education and procedures for its implementation in elementary schools are described. The individual activities of a school special pedagogue falling within the copetences resulting from profession are defined with a focus on re-education procedures for pupils with specific learning disorders with a focus on pupils with dyslexia. The practical part in the form of empirical research dealt with the creation of a re- education procedure inspired by the methods used for the development of cognitive functions of persons with disabilities especially for persons with hearing a visual impairments. By comparing the pretest and posttest of cognitive funcions using a non- standardized test created for this research. Effectiveness of the set reeducation measure was finding out. The research is intended to help...
Perceived quality of life of people with post-stroke communication disorder
Suchá, Marie ; Hájková, Vanda (advisor) ; Klenková, Jiřina (referee)
The bachelor's thesis, whose main aim of the research is to analyse the subjectively perceived quality of life of people with post-stroke aphasia in selected areas, is divided into four main chapters. The first three chapters present theoretical findings on stroke and post-stroke communication disorders. The following topic is the presentation of the issue of quality of life. The last chapter includes the research as such, which has been focused on retirement-age individuals diagnosed with post-stroke aphasia. The qualitative survey was done using the triangulation method, which contained a questionnaire method supplemented by a semi-structured interview. The obtained data were analysed and subsequently interpreted in the thesis text. Research questions concerning selected areas of quality of life were answered in the following part of the work. The impact of communication disorder on the social relationships of persons with post-stroke aphasia could be considered one of the most problematic areas of quality of life. These relationships are often limited or discontinued. This is also reflected in another researched area of the survey, the issue of self-concept, which is negatively affected after a stroke. The other investigated areas, such as independent movement, self-care and family...
Towards school inclusion
Marques, Karin ; Straková, Jana (advisor) ; Lazarová, Bohumíra (referee) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
Towards School Inclusion Abstract Since September 2016, the so-called inclusive amendment, i.e. Decree No. 27/2016 Coll., on the education of pupils with special educational needs, has been in force in Czech schools. The multiple-case study of three schools describes the process of change in different contexts prior to 2016. Three inclusive schools were selected based on measuring the level of inclusion and their public declaration of striving for inclusion. The data research sources were narrative interviews with current and former principals of the selected schools, their deputies, some teachers, assistants, parents and/or representatives of the municipality. IPA was used to analyze the data. The inclusive school is a product of a principal's vision and their transformative leadership. The key for a successful transformation was to change not only processes and structures but mainly the culture, thus common understanding of the goals. The central concept was communication and collaboration. The respondents perceived themselves as pioneers and communities sharing the same values. Creating conditions for respecting the needs and differences of each child and gaining community trust were the necessary steps for this transformation. It was important to raise sufficient funds, to work hard and to improve...
Use of a Snoezelen space for education of children with multiple handicaps at a special school
Kejdanová, Eliška ; Šumníková, Pavlína (advisor) ; Hájková, Vanda (referee)
This bachelor's thesis explores the use of a Snoezelen space in the education of students with multiple disabilities at a special elementary school (a school specialized for students with disabilities). The goal of the work is to observe how a special elementary school uses the Snoezelen space to educate students with multiple disabilities within the theme of the seasons. The theoretical section presents the theory of the Snoezelen concept, the possibilities of its use, and relevant scientific studies that have been carried out. It also describes the education of students with multiple disabilities and explains how the Snoezelen concept can be used within this education. The practical section presents qualitative research, which was carried out in the form of observation of visitors to the Snoezelen space, interviews with teachers, and analysis of documents from three students. The research investigation section provides insight into how the special elementary school uses this space. In research, it was found that the school uses the space for education, focusing mainly on sensory, intellectual, and speech education, and for relaxation, using elements of the concept for basal stimulation. The results of this bachelor's thesis conclude that the Snoezelen concept is used within the special elementary...

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