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Potravní ekologie koní v kontextu ochranářského managementu krajiny
HÁJKOVÁ, Pavlína
This thesis provides a review of knowledge available on wild and feral horse feeding ecology, habitat preferences, competition overlap with other herbivores and their impact on vegetation. In summary, horses appear valuable for management of grasslands, but less suitable for regulation of shrubs and trees, especially when they are compared to cattle and cervids, which are more able to eliminate woody plants. Together with a tabular overview of literature on feeding ecology and plant taxa eaten by horses in the Holarctic realm, an optimalized protocol is provided to facilitate proper field collection of data about the feeding ecology and behavioral repertoire in large ungulates.
International transport of dangerous goods in air and road transportation
HÁJKOVÁ, Pavlína
The aim of the diploma thesis is analysis of air and road transport of dangerous goods and subsequent comparison of IATA DGR conditions for the air transport of dangerous goods with ADR conditions for the transport of dangerous goods by road and their application on a particular business case. Another aim of the thesis is to carry out a price calculation of road and air transport of a sample lithium battery consignment, to evaluate both types of transport with regard to their price and time efficiency and to make the final recommendations regarding the choice of more efficient mode of transport.
Methods of Improvement in a Chosen Company
HÁJKOVÁ, Pavlína
The content of this diploma thesis includes description of different methods of improvement in business. It focuses on incremental improvements over time and also on breakthrough improvement - so called radical innovation. On the basis of knowledge gained while studying literature for the theoretical part, I have analyzed in the practical part the states of three selected improvement methods in the company Robert Bosch Ltd. Chosen areas were: the application of the 5S method in the company, the conduct of regular satisfaction surveys and the process of submission and evaluation of improvement. The 3rd mentioned area - the area of improvement proposals, is characterized in detail in the practical part and gradually leads to the application of my own improvement proposal into practice which is considered as the main contribution of this thesis. My own proposal deals with the optimization of warehouse management. It is focused on the external warehouse of Robert Bosch Ltd. in order to supply material to the company's production lines more efficiently. It concerns the rearranging of the storage of key material items and their transfer to more suitable rack positions within the warehouse. The calculations are based on the number of stock removals per quarter for each item. Due to the outputs of the data analysis processed in my own improvement proposal, it was possible to decide in which rack positions it would be appropriate to store individual material items so that their subsequent transfer into production would be as efficient as possible in terms of time and, therefore, in terms of financial costs. The amount of time taken to transfer material items into production was crucial for the results of this thesis because their more efficient placement reduces the handling time so that it is possible to quantify the time and therefore financial savings of the project. The data analysis was focused on material items placed on unsuitable rack positions due to their number of stock removals per quarter. The aim was to suggest which materials would be better to transfer to a more appropriate type of rack positions, with an emphasis on the key items that affect the process of removal into production the most and represent a considerable financial costs.
The clinical application of the Functional Independence Measure (version 5.2) for patients with brain trauma
Hájková, Pavlína ; Svěcená, Kateřina (advisor) ; Angerová, Yvona (referee)
Bachelor's dissertation Abstract: The focus of this Bachelor's dissertation is on the evaluation of Functional Independence Measure (FIM, version 5.2) and its clinical application for patients with brain trauma. This dissertation includes theoretical and practical section. The theoretical section focuses on the basic information about causes and consequences of brain trauma, and about methods and different measures of independence. Further chapters of the theoretical section describe the establishment and history of FIM, target population of FIM, its clinical use, and psychometrical measures of this tool. The practical section is based on the clinical application of FIM used with patients with brain trauma. The main focus of this dissertation is to analyze the advantages and the disadvantages of using FIM tool to measure functional independence of patients with brain trauma. Key words: Functional Independence Measure, Functional Independence Testing, functional independence, independence, personal activities of daily living, measuring independence, standardized testing methods for measuring independence, brain trauma, consequences of brain trauma
International Trade with Protected Species of Plants and Animals
HÁJKOVÁ, Pavlína
The aim of the bachelor thesis is an analysis of international trade with endangered species of plants and animals protected by CITES convention and following elaboration of the case studies concerning real trade cases.
Creating a Business Plan
HÁJKOVÁ, Pavlína
This bachelor thesis deals with creating a business plan and its structure. The aim of the thesis is to create a business plan for a dance studio in Strakonice and decide whether is possible to open it and start running a business. The starting point of the business plan is a general guideline elaborated in the theoretical part of this bachelor thesis.

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