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Pythagoras numbers of orders in number fields
Hájková, Veronika ; Kala, Vítězslav (advisor) ; Krásenský, Jakub (referee)
This thesis deals with the investigation of Pythagoras numbers of orders in number fields. After a short introduction, where I repeat and define new concepts important for understanding this work, I deal with the necessary characteristics of the trace. The thesis further proves the existence of orders in totally real number fields whose Pythagoras numbers are arbitrarily large and ends with a proof that for any N ∈ N, there is a totally real number field whose maximum order has a Pythagoras number of at least N. 1
Business plan "Opening ot the fish restaurant"
Hájková, Veronika ; Fuchs, Jan (advisor) ; Cimler, Petr (referee)
The aim of this work is to create a business plan for opening a fish restaurant and to find out whether this restaurant will be competitive in the Czech environment and whether it will generate profit.
Reading comprehension of digital versus printed texts at ninth grade students at primary schools
Hájková, Veronika ; Slussareff, Michaela (advisor) ; Lorenz, Michal (referee)
v anglickém jazyce Title: How the students of the 9th grades of elementary schools understand the digital versions of texts comparing to the printed ones. Goal: The dissertation aims at drawing the comparaison between the digital and the printed versions of the identical materials. The research was held in a number of selected schools. The materials were presented via personal computers, tablet personal computers and in printed versions. Our goal is to determine the differences among all the three kinds of media in terms of understanding the presented texts. Procedure: The essay is primarily based on the historical and the present days research of comprehensive reading. It also follows the bachelor essay written in 2014. Output: The theoretical processing of basic terms and the review of both the previous and the latest outcomes of the scientific literature. The most important part of the essay were focus on the research and the subsequent assessment of the findings. The research itself was preceded by a pre - research. The essay included the qualitative research which was reached through one of the comprehension test methods. The students were provided with the questionnaire comprising questions. The text was distributed both in the digital and in the printed versions.
Labour costs and perks in an organization
Hájková, Veronika ; Šišková, Jitka (advisor) ; Pavla, Pavla (referee)
The dissertation Labour costs and perks in an organization occupies with analysis of wages and labour costs, which nowadays forms an inseparable part of policy in each organization.The dissertation is divided into 2 main parts.The theoretical part is focused mainly on the theory of wages and labour costs. Then it defines employee benefits, their kinds , classification (or structure) and trends, the large part is devoted to the sytem of providing constituent employee benefits and follow up tax-deductibility of interest on the side of employees and employers. The practical part is concerned with analysis of the present-day system of remuneration and providing benefits in a selected company. The great attention was paid to height of costs, which a selected company must spend on the provided benefits. The overall level of satisfaction/unsatisfaction with provided benefits was investigated by means of questionnaire survey among employees in a selected company. The structure of up to now provided benefits was evaluated on the basis of information collected during the survey and created a dissertation conclusion. At the same time there was a proposal for integration of new kinds of benefits into the overall remuneration system.
The comparison in system of education of the subject accounting in the Czech Republic and in France
Hájková, Veronika ; Dvořáček, Jiří (advisor) ; Fišerová, Marie (referee)
The content of this thesis is to find the difference between the system of secondary education of the subject accounting in the Czech Republic and in France. The main focus is on the first year of study of this subject. There is seperately described the system of teaching in business schools in the Czech Republic and on the other side the system of teaching in vocational schools in France. There are identified their differences, advantages and disadvantages using the comparison of both systems as well assuggested recommendations that could help to improve the established educational system.
Position of Ceska pojistovna in the Czech insurance market
Hájková, Veronika ; Daňhel, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Zetek, Pavel (referee)
This thesis is dedicated to the largest insurance company in the Czech insurance market, Ceska pojistovna, which also has the longest tradition. Position is evaluated from different perspectives. It takes into account the historical context, position in Generali PPF Holding and rating. The new strategy of Ceska pojistovna and some innovations in the insurance products are described. The analysis is performed on indicators such as premium written and market share, as well as profit and different ratios of the financial statements. At the end, it tries to estimate the future development.
Gender differences of interactive styles in the process of class management
HÁJKOVÁ, Veronika
The thesis has a theoretical and empirical nature. It focuses on issues of gender´s differences in interactive styles of Primary school´s teachers during teaching. The theoretical part describes three topical circuits: gender, communication and leading of the class. The first part is focused on gender, describes individual theories of gender, socialization of gender, gender differences and gender in the society and at school. In the second part, focused on the communication, is attention devoted the theories of communication, communication in teaching, communication according to transactional analysis and conception of games. At the close of theoretical part are defined interactive styles of teacher and it is described the operating of the class with intent on authority, discipline, motivation and evaluation. The practical part presents the results of quantitative research based on theory, where was used the method of involved observation. The obtained data bring out connection between gender and interactive style.
Funding and economy of allowance organizations on the concrete example - kindergarten in Prague 10
Hájková, Veronika ; Nováková, Štěpánka (advisor)
The substance of this bachelor work is the question of funding and accountig of allowance organizations. In theoretical part is described general characteristic of allowance organization, the technique of funding and specifics of forming funds. The practical part include analyse of management on the concrete allowance organization -- kindergarten for the past three accounting periods

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