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Dental caries prevention in children with cleft lip and palate
Sýkorová, Jana ; Gojišová, Eva (advisor)
The study deals with the problematics of dental caries prevention in the children with cleft lip and palate. It structured in a three parts. In the theoretical one deals with a speciality of the stomatologic care of the patients with cleft and of the prevention of such diseases. In the following chapters it is spoken about the various possibilities of the caries prevention in the childhood. It informs us about the necessity of the preventive programs for the pre-school children, especially in the area of oral hygiene and healthy lifestyle. It also deals with the speciality of the dental caries in the 12years old children, who have the mixed denture, but the permanent teeth are usually already affected by the caries or treated by the filling. Therefore the World Health Organisation proposed the specific parameters for oral health of the 12years old in the Czech Republic. These should be complied till 2010. There were 38 children with 8 cleft lip and palate examined, who were born in 1994 or 1995. The research took place at the Clinic of the Plastic Surgery - University Hospital Kralovske Vinohrady, in the dentistry practice of Dr. Olga Jiroutova, who is a specialist in the orthodontic care of the cleft patients. I have examined the oral health of these children using special hygienic indexes-DMF index (teeth...
Contemporary methods of treatment of injuries and their complications in immature permanent teeth in children
Tzigkounakis, Vasileios ; Merglová, Vlasta (advisor) ; Nováková, Květoslava (referee) ; Gojišová, Eva (referee)
This study deals with the evaluation of endodontic treatment using calcium hydroxide materials in immature permanent teeth that have sustained traumas, especially after severe periodontal tissue injuries. - The aim of this work was: a. to analyze the factors that contribute to occurrence of post-traumatic complications, especially after avulsion injuries in immature permanent teeth , b. to investigate the effectiveness of endodontic therapy of these complications with the use of calcium hydroxide materials in immature permanent teeth, c. to evaluate various calcium hydroxide materials, d. to compare our results with other studies in literature concerning calcium hydroxide properties in cases that it is used as an intra-canal medicament. - The pre-clinical and clinical parts of this thesis are divided in 3 parts: 1. Evaluation of primary schools teachers` knowledge on providing first aid in cases of tooth avulsion injuries: immediate and proper first aid and fast transfer of children to dental practitioner are determining factors for prognosis of the injured tooth and for future occurrence of post-traumatic complications. 300 teachers were asked to fill questionnaires about avulsion of permanent teeth. 69 % of the respondents had never been informed about providing first aid in dental trauma situations, 34 %...
Diagnosis and treatment of the injuries to the permanent teeth
Hecová, Hana ; Kilian, Jan (advisor) ; Nováková, Květoslava (referee) ; Gojišová, Eva (referee)
Injuries of the permanent teeth represent extensive and serious problems of dentistry. With the exception of the hard dental tissues, gingiva, periodoncium, dental pulp and alveolar bone are offen affected. The healing of injured teeth depends upon different factors, such as the stage of root development, the presence of bacterial infection in oral cavity and the possible penetration of bacteria or their toxins through the dentinal wall. These factors as well as incorrect treatment can cause posttraumatic complication, which appear immediately after dental trauma or up to several years lato. In this study the evaluation of 384 patients with injuries of the permanent teeth was performed. All these patients were treated in the Dentistry Department of the Faculty Hospital in Pilsen. The aim of the clinical part of the study was the analysis of the epidemiologic data and of the occurrence of posttraumatic consequences in every group of dental injuries. The investigated dates were compared with the dates in the literature. The relation between patient' age, stage of root development, treatment of dental trauma and occurrences of posttraumatic complications has been investigated. The main findings of this study agree with the data in the literature. Dental injuries occur more frequently in children at the...
Cleft patient and oral health
Hanáčková, Jitka ; Gojišová, Eva (advisor)
Inborn defects also include cleft palate and lip. They occur relatively often. In Czech Republic 1 out of 520 born children will suffer from certain type of cleft disorder. They are due to internal and external causes and their combinations. The exact cause of these defects is still unknown. They are probably due to increased susceptibility (genetical predisposition} to various factors resposible for the cleft defects. Nowadays, with high specialties in medical field, plastic surgeon cannot alone succesfully treat defect, which affects so many organs and functions. It is needed to have a coorporation with specialists from other medical fields such as pediatrician, phoniatric specialist, speech therapist, stomatologist, ortodentist, genetic counseler and psychologist. Plastic surgeon carries out series of operations to close the defect, corrects deformities in surrounding tissue and can in coorporation with odontonist help to correct jaw deformities in adulthood. THIS GROUP OF PATIENTS needs more frequent check-ups and more vigorous care from stomatologists than healthy population- at least once in two months. Than the state of each tooth, their erruption and condition of the soft tissue is examined. Number of children with this condition is not small. Due to communication betwen nasal and oral cavity,...
Preventive stomatology
Kubíčková, Silvie ; Gojišová, Eva (advisor)
Many of comprehensive papers in the area of preventive stomatology show, that the level of mouth hygiene is from the majority given by the knowledge of right dental prevention. In my thesis I am trying to verify this fact and to find out, up to witch level the condition of human denture relates to his/her knowledge about the preventive impact of the mouth hygiene. To verify this I have chosen a group of children at the age from 12 to 15 who made up my statistical sample. The children from 12 to 15 are the most in need of the preventive and systematical dental care. The children were checked for their dental condition, they had to fill in the form and at the end a statistical analysis of learned results have been carried out. The results are also compared against the statistical data acquired in 2003.

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