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Ergonomics at work in the Dental Office
Geročová, Lucia ; Jiroutová, Olga (advisor) ; Křížová, Petra (referee)
Introduction: Ergonomics affects everyday life. It is the same in stomatology. You can find ergonomics problematics in everyday work in stomatological surgery. Although the ergonomics has become common in stomatology, issues with the pains due to bad habits are still high. Based on the high occurrence of the problems with the pains due to the wrong ergonomics, it is very important to know the right foundations of ergonomics. Object: To gather information about knowledge of the experts in stomatology. Identification of the pains and problems, which occur in respondents during work in the surgery. A proposal of preventive steps for decreasing the aftermath of wrong ergonomics. Material and methodology: The chosen method is a questionnaire survey for finding necessary information. A survey has been made for dental hygienists, dentists and dental instrumentations. Students of the dental hygiene and dentistry should fill the survey in too. 250 respondents have filled the survey. An important part of the survey were the questions on the topic of pain occurrence during work. Results: The results of the survey have showed that 98.4 % (246) of the respondents knew the principles of correct ergonomics and 91.5 % (225) of them also followed the ergonomic principles. However, these results are not entirely...
Ekonomické souvislosti vývoje mlékárenství v ČR
Geročová, Lucia
GEROČOVÁ, L.: Economic context of development of the dairy industry in CR. Mendel University in Brno, 2014. Master thesis. This diploma thesis deals with the development of economic relations in the dairy sector in Czech Republic. Text contributes to a deeper understanding of the factors that shape the business environment of agribusiness in a globalizing context and assesses these general trends in the dairy industry. Generally, milk production has decreased, as well as there was a significant reduction in the number of dairy cows. Consumption of dairy products in recent years is slightly increasing. Analysis of the demand-oriented approach shows insufficient adaptation of domestic production with consumer requirements. This creates space for the import of processed products with higher added value. There is a growing positive balance of international trade in milk and the negative balance in cheese and butter. The development of price levels shows that dairy producers is within the verticals in difficult position, when the price margin is pushed by power position of retailers. Economic analysis of the sample firms indicates a positive development of the dairy industry. Comparison of findings through interviews with representatives of Madeta and Moravia Lacto suggests conclusions from the view of the similarities and differences in orientations and business strategies. Analysis of sector and companies economic indicators shows considerable volatility in the last decade. The future development will be crucial by using opportunities, ability to respond to global changes in population and demand, changes in the market price and, ultimately, the focus and instruments of the Common Agricultural Policy.

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