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Prevalence and incidence of alcohol tobacco and cannabis use in the cohort of primary school students in 6th, 7th and 8th grade
Jurystová, Lucie ; Gabrhelík, Roman (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
Background The period of adolescence is typical for first experiments and initiation of substance use. The onset of experiments emerges between 11 and 15 years of age according to different authors. Although many adolescents end with experiments, there is still a group of those who proceed to regular use. Frequent, regular and especially heavy substance use represents various risks in many aspects of individual's life. According to various studies earlier onset of substance use may predict serious difficulties in adult stages of life. Important and currently widely discussed question is differences in substance use between boys and girls. Aims To identify the age of cigarette, alcohol and cannabis use onset according to gender. To find out prevalence of use among boys and girls. To find out whether incidence of substance use is higher during school year or summer holidays. Methods The ESPAD questionnaire was used for data collection, which was realized in the period of 34 months from August 2007 until June 2010. Indicators were defined for categories of cigarette smoking, alcohol drinking and experience with cannabis. For clarification of the given hypothesis statistical analyses in Microsoft Office Excel 2007 were used - descriptive statistics, contingency tables, Fisher's F-test and (Student)...
Evaluation of leaflet campaign about internet-based prevention targeted on parents of elementary schools students in Prague 15 city district
Venzara, Pavel ; Gabrhelík, Roman (advisor) ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee)
My bachelor's work engages in finding out the level of interest of parents of elemntary school childern in the Prague 15 city district about internet-based prevention. This web contained program Prevention Smart Parents which incuded 10 chapters with infromation about prevention and how to applicate this information in daily life. In the theoretic part I clarify terms which are connected with the name of the work mainly therms like primary prevention, risk behaviour and evaluation. This part contains also information about prevention in schools, prevention in families and preventive programs for parents. The main goal of whole work was to find the effectiveness of whole campaign which was realized at schools in Prague 15 city district. The secondary goal was to find the level of interest of parents in preventive website. The research was made thanks to questionnaires. As the most important result of whole work I consider detection of effectiveness of campaign. This effectiveness was very low- according to answers in questionnaires only 17 % of parents visited the website. And according to counter on website it was only 5 %. Next important results are the level of interest in website and satisfaction of parents with it. The level of the interest was below-average. But parents who visited the website...
The Prevalence of Cannabis Use 16 Years Old Students : Effect of Cannabis Use on the Social Status of Students in a Classroom
Šafránková, Magdalena ; Vacek, Jaroslav (advisor) ; Gabrhelík, Roman (referee)
The aim of this work vas to confirm or disprove existence of the relationship between social status of student in class and using cannabis. For research was chosen file containing 21 students of the apprentice training centre, specialization cook - waiter. This was chosen from reason, that especially young people, which have selected apprentice training centre in this time, are considered the most problematic group in all starting students of second schools. This research was realized by connection of three methods - sociometric research, chosen questions from questionary ESPAD and interview with chosen students. On base of the research, included in practical part of this work, was demonstrated, that connection between social status of student in class and using cannabis exists and its influence is cardinal. Despite the research was realized in one class, this is typical part of czech school system, which is quite criticised by public. There is no purpose to evaluate this view, whether is good or no. But within our choise was thought like exactly fact. In theoretical part was explained using of three mentioned methods, effect and influence of cannabis to human. Practical part demonstrated the unequivocal connection between social status of student and using cannabis in this class. There will be an asset in...
Combination of prescript opiate analgetics with alcohol or another addictive substance
Lávičková, Jana ; Vacek, Jaroslav (referee) ; Gabrhelík, Roman (advisor)
Background Researches SAMSHA done in the years 2006 and 2009 aim to suggest the evidence of the trends in abusing prescribed opioid analgesics. The pilot study was aimed on an application of the data from the above said researches in the conditions of the Centers and Policlinics for pain treatment in the Czech republic. Methods Data collected in the survey October 2009 to February 2010 on the study sample in age group of 18 to 64 years. The study sample was chosen from the chronic pain pioidn attending the Centers and Policlinics for pain treatment who were using the prescribed opioid analgesics for at least two years. During the January and March 2010 was set up a subresearch for doctors and nurses working at the Centers and Policlinics for pain treatment. Results Based on the collected data in the group of 83 participients in the pilot study was pointed out to the lack of collected data so we could not explicitly manifest the known information about the trend of abusing prescribed opioid analgesics in combination with alcohol or other illegal drugs. Due to the low amount of the participients the output of the questionnaire couldn't be used as reliable results. Conclusions Recommendations refering to the next proceeding in case of continuing in this study. Choose of another method for qualifying data and...
The amotivational syndrome and the description of the lifestyle of heavy cannabis drug users
Gabrhelík, Roman
The so-called "amotivational syndrome" in cannabis users is said to represent changes on behavioural level and in cognitive sytle as a result of long-term, heavy use of cannabis drugs. We give a brief overview of knowledge in the course of study of the amotivational syndrome. The aim of this conference paper is to present basic information about the procedures and methods used during our study on the heavy cannabis users and analysis of their life-style. The means that we do not focus primarily on the results of our study, but we only want to present one way of how to handle this phenomenon with the qualitative research methods.

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