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The Problematic of Czech Parliamentarians’ Remuneration
Eberle, Jan ; Civínová, Denisa (advisor) ; Pikola, Pavel (referee)
This bachelor thesis focuses on the issue of the salary of Czech deputies and senators, i.e. members of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. For the purposes of the thesis, the following hypothesis was posed: If the legislators are remunerated according to their average attendance at the sessions of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, the expenses on their salaries including compensations will be lower by at least one third. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the Parliament of the Czech Republic, focusing on its history, the division into the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, and selected bodies of the two chambers. The aim is to acquire background knowledge of the environment and agenda of deputies and senators. The theoretical part further describes the legislators right to impunity, as well as the entitlements to salary and various compensations, which are then analysed in detail. The practical part is devoted to the analysis of data and is limited only to the Chamber of Deputies, because of the restrictions on the dissemination, publication and further use of data obtained from the Senate. The analysis is first conducted for individual political parties and, subsequently, for the Chamber as a whole. The methods used in this part are those of establishing medium values mean, modus and median.

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1 Eberle, Jakub