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Students at Risk of Dropout in Upper Secondary Professional and Vocational Education
Příhodová, Vladimíra ; Dvořák, Dominik (advisor) ; Straková, Jana (referee)
The thesis is primarily focused on the study of professional/vocational upper secondary school students who are at risk of incomplete education. The introductory part of the text describes the school in which they study, and possible general reasons for leaving, such as absenteeism and failure in final exams. The empirical part of the thesis presents the case studies of students with increased risk of drop-out during their studies at a professional upper secondary school within the framework of qualitative research. The results show several factors, which can influence the student's educational trajectory, including a good choice of school and real teacher's interest in the students. This thesis also presents findings about distance learning in the time of covid- 19 and its effect on the case students. KEYWORDS professional and vocational school, dropout, on-line learning, covid-19 pandemic
Alternative class in a public school
Janďourková, Zuzana ; Straková, Jana (advisor) ; Dvořák, Dominik (referee)
The aim of this thesis is to examine the founding principles and function of two alternative classes in two public schools in small towns. These conditions are analysed in context of differentiation of primary school and potential impact of alternative classes in public schools on equal chances. The first chapter will briefly describe common features of alternative schools, and I will list the characteristics of some alternative movements in the Czech Republic. I will then focus in more detail on the 'Step by Step' programme, which is used in one of the schools I examine, and its bases. The second school in my study follows a programme stemming from this, which is also influenced by 'Natural schools' and other alternative methods. The next chapter of this thesis will look at the differences and unequal access to education. The empirical section of this thesis presents two case studies of alternative classes in public schools. For the purposes of this study, a qualitative method has been applied. I try to find out the reasons for establishment of these classes and refusal of the classic education by observing the classes during teaching, and through interviews with all participants. I focus on the admission process of pupils to these classes and whether the conditions of the studies in these classes...
Impacts of distance learning on education in the field of chef-waiter
Poustecká, Petra ; Straková, Jana (advisor) ; Dvořák, Dominik (referee)
TITLE: Impacts of distance learning on education in the field of chef- waiter ABSTRACT Diplom thesis deals with the distance learning of the practical training on the secondary vocational schools in the extraordinary epidemiological time between year 2020 - 2021. Thesis responds to the situation in the Czech schools during the Covid 19 pandemic, when it was introduced the online learning not only in the Elementary and High Schools but also at the Universities. The reason for that was the limitation of spreading the disease. Thesis has two parts, the theoretical part and the practical part. In the theoretical part are described the anti - epidemic measures, which have been put into praxis on the basis of government regulations. Furthermore, the teoretical part sumarizes the results of available research dealing with distance learning. One of the main topics will be focused on the course of the final examinations in the branch chef - waiter, this topic was much discussed because of the absence the educational practice. In the theoretical part, therefore, I also focus on practical training and final exams. In the practical part I focus myself on the teacher's experiences of the practical training in the pandemic time, how was the way of teaching the professional training, which platforms were used during the...
Clients of Residential Youth Care at Risk of Dropout from Upper Secondary Education
Bílá, Pavlína ; Dvořák, Dominik (advisor) ; Straková, Jana (referee)
Early school leaving represents a serious problem in the European and recently also in the Czech context. The aim of this thesis is to research the dropout risks at clients of the Youth Diagnostic Facility using qualitative methods. The subject of the research is a group of six boys aged 15- 17 years. The goal of the research is to map the causes of educational issues through case studies and identify the reasons for dropout among the facility's clients; to explore the approach of schools and their staff to the education of these individuals; to describe the education conditions provided by the diagnostic facility; and to find out how the clients themselves see their education process and whether their attitude and approach to education changed during their stay at the facility. The results show that in some cases placement in a diagnostic or educational facility can increase, by providing suitable conditions, the chances of obtaining secondary education. KEYWORDS school dropout, early school leaving, upper secondary education, adolescent boys, residential care, COVID-19 pandemic
Bridge for the transfer of nets, cyclists and pedestrians across the river Svitava in Brno
Dvořák, Dominik ; Šoukalová, Gabriela (referee) ; Kožik, Libor (advisor)
The aim of this thesis is the design and assessment of a footbridge for pedestrians and cyclists over the Svitava River near Tomkovo náměstí. S355 steel was chosen as the material and S235 steel for selected elements. In the introductory part of the thesis, possible solutions for changing the cross-sections of the main load-bearing elements and their subsequent comparison are presented. Then only the selected most disadvantageous variant is discussed. The design with circular hollow sections was chosen as the final option. The span of the footbridge is 43,05 m.
Design of production technology for a component of a rotary shape
Dvořák, Dominik ; Fiala, Zdeněk (referee) ; Kalivoda, Milan (advisor)
For the design of the interlocking shaft production technology, this component was first described and after defining the limiting conditions of production, three variants of its implementation were selected. The technologies used were characterized and subsequently the most economically efficient variant was chosen, which also met the specified criteria. A production process with a tool sheet was compiled for this variant. Furthermore, the NC code was created in the control system of the production machine, followed by its verification during the simulations. Two prototypes were made. The first of them was used to optimize the design of production technology, the second was produced after simulations to verify the correctness of the proposed solution. This was followed by a technical and economic evaluation, used to predict the production costs of the entire production volume and compare them with the estimate.
Pupils' conceptions of science and scientists and possibilities of influencing them
Šmídová, Petra ; Dvořák, Dominik (advisor) ; Stará, Jana (referee)
The aim of the diploma thesis was to describe pupils' conceptions of science and scientists and also to suggest some possibilities to influence them. In the theoretical part of the thesis common knowledge of pupils' conceptions of science and scientists is described. It also summarises researches following up these issues, and conceptions of science education at primary school in the Czech Republic and other chosen states. In the empirical part a research focused on getting information about pupils' knowledge of science and scientists and their approach is presented. The results show, that pupils' conceptions of science and scientists are heterogeneous and the role of out-of-school activities of chosen pupils was more significant than influence of school. In the final part of the thesis there are appropriate ways how to influence pupils' conceptions of the area of science at school are outlined
LGBT topics in Czech and international curricular materials
Jírová, Dominika ; Dvořák, Dominik (advisor) ; Straková, Jana (referee)
The paper is a review of contemporary theoretical and curricular approaches to sexual minorities in education. It analyses the curricula documents, the theoretical bases of access to (sexual) minorities in education in the Czech Republic and relevant documents available in English-speaking countries on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender-related (LGBT). Document analysis was performed using the "snowball" method. The aim is to analyse the situation in the Czech Republic and compare it with results from abroad, then there are the proposed recommendations for the curriculum revision. The conclusion brings a list of materials and their contents in the Czech Republic and a comparison with foreign materials written in English. KEYWORDS curriculum analysis, minorities, LBGT, Czech Republic
University Exam as a Pedagogical Issue
Poórová, Edita ; Dvořák, Dominik (advisor) ; Šebková, Helena (referee) ; Urbánek, Petr (referee)
The thesis deals with an examination in the context of student assessment in higher education. This process is researched in terms of the institutional frame of student assessment at universities and within a real educational process. We would like to point at the topicality of this theme in pedagogical theory, practice and research. Despite the fact that examination and assessment of students at university belongs to the duties of a university teacher this theme has neither been researched nor discussed in Slovakia a lot. The aim of our thesis was to find out how the university students are examined and assessed during a semester in Slovakia and what external factors influence this process. In our theoretical part we concentrate on important aspects of the university student assessment process as they are presented in literature. In the empirical part we describe the research which we have conducted at different faculties of three universities in Slovakia. By means of the qualitative research methods (document analysis, interview, observation) we have elaborated a multiple case study which brings an analysis of the assessment strategies of eight ESP teachers in different study programs. The results of our research show that studied university teachers act in the student assessment process very...
The Science in Intended Curriculum and Framework Documents in Selected Countries
Holec, Jakub ; Dvořák, Dominik (advisor) ; Knecht, Petr (referee) ; Žák, Vojtěch (referee)
The main aim of this study is to enrich the discourse on developing an intended form of the science curriculum in different country contexts. A multi-case study research design uses methods of content and comparative analysis to find answers to the research questions. The empirical part of the thesis consists of single case studies of England, Finland, Scotland and the United States of America containing contexts of the current curriculum development, description and interpretation of analysed structural and content phenomena in the curriculum of primary (ISCED 1) and secondary education (ISCED 2). Based on the single case studies of curricula, a comparative multi-case study is conducted, which focuses on the identification and interpretation of common and different features in the structure and content of the curricula to be compared. The studied documents can be divided into competency- oriented and subject-oriented curricula, nevertheless, each curriculum contains elements of both approaches. The subject content of the contemporary curricula seems to be more elaborated or at least more detailed than in documents of the previous decade. It is possible that even in the field of curriculum development there is political influence of neoconservative forces or an intellectual influence of so-called...

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